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User Blog

Pre-Season Predictions

Thought this might be a fun way for us to pass some time before the season gets here, so let's give it a go. What I'm looking for is a couple of things (I'll list them below,) feel free to offer...

Can the Celtics beat "the spread?"

Will the Celtics shoot well enough from 3 point land to justify shooting more threes?


Unsexy trades for a Center

Was daydreaming this evening of ways to acquire another Center while clearing up logjams at the PF or SG. Here's a few ideas. Boston Gets: S...


Moral Victory Numbah' Three!

"I think this was perfect. I think Stevens has the game plan down cold. He is, as advertised, one smart dude. What you saw from the Celtics last night is what you need from the Celtics this season....


NBA Comparison: MarShon Brooks

Now, this may be a long shot, but statistics seem to say differently. I know a lot of people aren't very high on Mayo, he's often referred to as a "shot jacker" and that reputation is probably well...

NBA Comparison: Jared Sullinger

I know, not the Kevin Love or LeMarcus Aldridge we were all hoping for, but DeJuan Blair is quite comparable to our young Celtic for several reasons. For starters, let's look at Blair's per 36...


Don't know if any of you saw this...... Bleacher Report just posted their summer power rankings.... look where the Celtics sit..... 29!!!!!! I've...


What if trading Fab meant more?

Call it boredom, call it conspiracy, call it just plain wanting the season to get here; but I've found myself playing a lot of "what if" of late, and I'd like to address one of these topics here....

The lies we tell ourselves: The Rebuttal

This was supposed to be the next post in my series, but due to the overwhelming response I received from my first post, I'd say a rebuttal is due.


The lies we tell ourselves

As I've read this blog and others, it's become clear to me that as fans we tell ourselves some real whoppers from time to time just to make ourselves "believe." Well I'm here to kill some of that.

Bring Back Shavlik!

It's been well documented that the Celtics are currently over the 15 man roster limit, and will need to trim the roster down over the coming weeks. One landmark date on Danny Ainge's calendar is...


Yes We Can! Tank you very much

So after reading several Fanposts about how the Celtics are "too good" to tank, I've decided to write my own discouraging this myth.

The Writing on the Wall

Over the past couple of weeks we've debated on this site the direction Danny Ainge was going to take this team in the future. As I've been thinking about it recently, I've come to some conclusions...


Question from a curious Celtics fan.....

I'll admit, I don't know a lot about the Pelicans roster or coaching, but I've got a question, and was hoping I could get your guys' opinion. So after stalking you're blog here for a couple of...

How to move the Vets?

One of the main ideas that seemed to turn up over my recent post "The case FOR tanking" was that the Celtics roster as it will stand on July 10th is too good to tank. In fact it may even been a...


The case FOR tanking: A Response

So here I'd like to make the case FOR the Celtic's tanking in the upcoming season.

What are we REALLY getting from Brooklyn?

I'd like to take a moment and piece out exactly what we're really getting in the Brooklyn trade. I've seen a lot of people hating on the players, but personally I have no problem with them, so let...



Soooooooo watching the draft, and ESPN just mentioned something that I haven't read anywhere else..... The Brooklyn pick we get in 2014 for the KG/PP trade..... The Hawks have rights to that and...


Ainges' Auctions: Part 2

Welcome again to Ainge's Auctions "Where the deals are always square, and even the coaches are for sale." Here's some more offers we're running right now: Special 1: h...

Ainges' Auctions: Where the deals are always square, and even the coaches are for sale.

Welcome to Ainges' Auctions! "Where the deals are always square, and even the coaches are for sale." So it seems obvious that Danny is willing to make moves with the teams roster as long as it...

Questions and Answers: What did we learn from the Clippers deal?

Questions: Something that has seemingly gone under the radar sense the deal seems to have fallen through, what happens to Paul Pierce? The general consensus during the trade talks was that...

Why Bledsoe?

This is a question that I've been wondering ever since the "Cliptics" chatter broke out. Why do the Celtics want Eric Bledsoe so badly? I hope to discuss this briefly here, and get your opinions


Celtics, Kings trade.

There have been a lot of rumors in Boston surrounding trades for both Evans and DMC (probably not well-founded I should add.) I'm curious if there is any interest on Sacramento's side of things,...


Clippers, Celtics: Let's make a deal?

So, as is the way of the offseason, we're already beginning to get rumors of "big" moves with the Celtics. The rumor mill is turning, and the flavor of today is a Clippers/Celtics trade.......


The Decision: My Version

So I am a Celtic's fan, always have been, always will be. But lately I've been thinking about taking on a West Coast team to root for. The Celtic's are a great team to watch but I think it's time...

If I were to believe the hype....

So as I've been reading about the KG/PP/Doc drama, I've been wondering what a Celtic's team would look like if all the hype were true. to be honest, not only is this a difficult concept to fathom,...


One Pick, One Trade, One Free Agent... Let's Play!

Right, so this is a game that some friends and I were playing the other day, and I think it might be fun on here. So allow me to explain the rules. A lot of times Offseason's aren't the big,...


Five Trade Ideas

So the offseason is here, and it's time for the trade ideas to come rolling out (they have been for weeks.) So here's a couple from me. Before you read them, please note, that all of these were...


It's time to pull our head out of our Bass.

Dare I? Yes I believe I do..... Alright, lets have it out, one big post on everyone's favorite player.... Brandon Bass! What do you think, I want to know, do we keep him, trade him, amnesty him,...

Personal Opinion: C's need a SHOOTING Guard

I've thought this for a while, but have yet to see it be expressed by anybody else on here, so might as well get my hands dirty, and say it myself. With Rondo returning next season, that means...

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