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Thibs Market Value?

Interesting quote from this ESPN article: "Sources say the Clippers and Celtics, to push the trade through, will have to convince the league office that the deals were not contingent upon each...


Cap Situation for all 30 NBA Teams

Like some people on this site, I sometimes spent my free time putting "fake trades" together. I'm getting tired of having to flip through Sham's website to see who has cap space so I'm putting this...

Open Court: Derrick Rose


Watching the Grant Hill highlights really made an impression on me...I'd only would want to see him back if there's 0% chance of hurting his knee again.

Jared Sullinger Can't Put The Team On His Back


If he drops down to #29, is he worth the risk?

"Listen, as an entire nation, not basketball lovers, but as an entire nation we have to look into...


"Listen, as an entire nation, not basketball lovers, but as an entire nation we have to look into voter fraud," Van Gundy said. "We have to look into making a mockery of our system. Because he wouldn't make second team All-Defense on the Bulls, let alone in the whole NBA. And I even think Carlos Boozer, sitting at home, got a good chuckle out of that one."

"On a lighter note, Van Gundy, who publicly called out Carlos Boozer's vote to the All-Defensive team on national television, reiterated his disdain for whomever voted for the Bulls' forward to be on the team. "

Greg Oden Waived By the Blazers


IMHO, I'd like the idea of Chicago signing him for the vets min with a team option for next year (like JLIII's contract) ...I mean it's all upside with him, right?

Scoop Jackson on Joakim Noah


It sucks when a writer you don't respect has a cogent argument.

Derrick Rose 'reactivated' Turf Toe Tuesday night

[Not the ankle as figured during the game, though it's possible Rose is lying -ed.] Yeah, that's not chill.

Expectations for Jimmy Butler

I've never been a keen follower of the Big East so I never had a chance to watch Jimmy Butler play in college. The only things I know about him can be boiled down to this Chad Ford article and his n...


Everybody Love Everybody

I feel like people our nitpicking at our awesome team because we're Bulls fans and we have high expectations. We're fucking awesome so lets celebrate our awesomeness. Let's not bring us down...

Hollinger on Chicago's Championship Chances (Insider)


Basically, he believes that the Bulls are the favorite to win it all but plays devil's advocate. Mentions that Bulls have little playoff experience and have overachieved in the regular season. He also mentions we have trouble with "euro" style offenses (drive and kick stuff) like PHX or TOR.

Bethleham Shoales on Derrick Rose (again)


Sunday's game made me happy, and sorry, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon. It was brilliant basketball, where a player was substantially challenged and thus had to fight for his comfort zone, or pull off nearly impossible feats of toughness and flight to get the two that usually comes so easy to him. Even that playmaking stuff ... Rose showed that, somewhere between trying to run an offense and dishing at the last-second, he can set the table for others without leaving them on pins and needles.

Mike Bibby agrees to buyout; Going to Heat?


That's not chill. Even though he sucks, he sucks less than Mario Chalmers.

Bulls Free-Throw Shooting


jay (northbrook): whats up with this teams free throw shooting? 28th in the league isn't going to get it done. if they don't improve in this areaisn't it going to start costing them at the end of close games. I mean D Rose should know all about what free throws can mean at the end of a game, right? Nick Friedell (1:31 PM): They shoot free throws constantly after practice. Every single day. I think it's just a mental block with this team.

Ronnie Brewer's Defensive Rating


The perception of Ronnie Brewer is that he's an overrated defender, which has held true for the majority of his career. But I've been looking over his Drtg and it's WAY lower this year than year's past. I don't know too much about Drtg but a 98 is really good, right? Another reason to start him over Bogans?


2010-11 Game Preview #31: Bulls vs. New Jersey Neyts

Ah yes, the New Jersey "Neyts", the only team that is more interesting off the court than on the court. Sorry I'm writing this preview so early, but I won't have time to write it tomorrow or...

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