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Would not winning the Superbowl ruin this year? In response to Mike's excellent "Why take the Broncos or Manning for granted?"

I am loving this season! And the question is moot anyways since we are going to win the Superbowl. However I wanted to share some interesting thoughts I got from a Ted Talks presentation. It is a...



Wow I am getting spoiled. Down 21 to 10, and I did not have even a bit of nervousness about how the game would end. You know that feeling. Team is up by 14 and the bad guys score 7 and you get...



OK, just feel like I must weigh in on this... I hear that Champ is obviously done or Champ won't take a demotion to safety or this or that. What do we know about Champ right now?? Champ...


The running QBs

We are seeing more and more running QBs in the NFL. And there is no question that it puts incredible pressure on a D by adding another player to cover. Most Ds will need to change their game plan...


OMG am I stoked!

Just watched Tim Lynch's 2012 highlights and 2013 preview video. 30 minutes well spent!!! Great job and thanks tons Tim! Watching it you realize just how good we were last year, and then you...


Bay Area Fan looking for Denver Local Bronco shows

Bay Area Fan looking for Denver Local Bronco shows and Bay Area fansI live in the Bay Area and I get Denver stations using a Slingbox. My question is this. Does anyone have a list of shows during...


Contrasting 2 different offensive philosophies

OK, my first fan post, so please be gentle:)   As I watch this offense start to gel, I am struck by how vastly different it is to what we have grown used to during the Shanny era.  And not just...

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