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Been a Bronco fan since I was brought into this world in 84'. I am a musician and teacher.

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What makes a Super Bowl winning quarterback?


What kind of performance does it take for a QB to lead his team to Championship Glory? Judging by history, it really is a mixed bag.

Suh on Manning: "I want to sack him"


"My soul, is as open as the sky. Often time, it's just as blue. People tell me, I need to keep on dreamin."

Terrance Knighton GIF's the world

Happy Birthday Pot Roast!

Horse Tracks: Hurry Hurry Training Camp!


The sports world exists in Baseball and Soccer at the moment. Though the Broncos don't start Training Camp for several weeks, what are some of the storylines going in?

The journey for cohesion


noun....the action or fact of forming a united whole...unity, togetherness, solidarity, bond, coherence

Horse Tracks: Something to talk about?


Good Morning Broncos Country!

Horse Tracks: Finkle is Einhorn


Good Morning Broncos fans!

To the victor belong the spoils...


That's what success looks like Broncos Country. One more year, one more grind, that's what they play for and that's what we watch for. Who will be the best in 2014? Our Broncos have as good a shot as any. Let the dog days of summer commence!

Horse Tracks: Who stood out on Monday?


The third and final week of OTAs kicked off Monday, and a forgotten Bronco made an impact.

Horse Tracks: Happy Fathers Day!


To all you dads out there thank you for all you do to make the world a great place for your sons and daughters to live! Later on Ian Henson will put together a post from the staffers to their...

What's trending? Broncos positional battles


After the conclusion of mini-camp yesterday, what are some of the trends we see from the limited information out there?

Young duo holds keys to making the secondary elite


Both these young players are in unique positions to make an impact in 2014, albeit through reserve roles.

Horse Tracks: Very Superstitious


Happy Friday the 13th Broncos Country! Are you a superstitious person when it comes to sports? If your team is on a winning streak, do you look to give your team some help by not showering, not...

Top Broncos Plays of '13: Atonement begins at home

38-35. Ray Lewis retires a hero. Joe Flacco more gold than fools. They stole our rings.

Horse Tracks: Best plays of 2013


Good Morning Broncos Country!

Contract details on Broncos 2014 draft picks


Just in case you have not been keeping track...

HT: Harris brings Sherman's play w/o bad attitude


We all know Chris Harris Jr. is a special talent. Year after year we have seen him lock down that slot while growing into his own on the outside. But where does his production pit him against...

HT: Select the 1st and 2nd All-Time Broncos team


Good morning Broncos Country!

Horse Tracks: Peyton not a "rah-rah" leader


Good Morning Broncos Country!

Horse Tracks: Are you ready for some GIFS?


Good Morning Broncos Country! Happy Memorial Day and a Mile High Salute to all those who have served our country in the Armed Forces!

Brady, Elway, Manning, Montana vs. top-5 defenses


Piggy-backing on the great discussion that has been going on regarding "who is the greatest QB of all time," I've decided to add a new discussion point. Just how have these quarterbacks performed...

Projecting the 53-man roster: A stable perspective


In Part 1, I treated the depth chart as if I were the one pulling the strings. The result was a team I molded from all available players on the current roster. Today I'm going to approach the...

Horse Tracks: Quinton Carter on the mend?


While tabled for this year, it looks like the NFL is looking to expand the playoff pool to seven teams per conference in 2015. I hear a lot of resistance to this idea, but why?

Projecting the Broncos 53-man roster: Part 1


This is an interesting exercise especially with Training Camp so far away. I will project the final 53-man roster through two different filters: 1) What I would do if I were in charge (today) 2)...

Horse Tracks: Will an UDFA make the 53-man roster?


Ten straight years a player has made the Broncos roster from the undrafted rookie ranks.

HT: Rookie Minicamp nears a close


Only one day remains in Denver Broncos rookie minicamp.

Bring back the orange pants!


Subtle changes from a concept artist out there, but I love the orange lettering on the white jersey, and would be thrilled to see orange pants on the road, what do you think Broncos Country?

This 'Best offenses in 2014' ranking is silly


According to a Bleacher Report, the Philadelphia Eagles will pass the Denver Broncos when it comes to testicular fortitude on the offensive side of the ball.

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