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Personal life:

Born and raised in Boise.
Graduated from Centennial HS, class of 2004
Graduated from Washington State University, BS in Computer Engineering, class of 2008
Married in March 2011

Sports life:

Simply put... I'm not a bandwagon fan. I've been a Bronco fan since I knew what a football was.

The earliest memories I can recall were when I was around 6 and my grandfather took me to Bronco football games. Good times!

I was a fan when the Broncos were still in D1-AA, won the Big Sky in 1994, but lost to Youngstown State in the playoffs.

I remember the years when the Boise State vs Idaho games were nail-bitters.

I was there when the Broncos made the jump to D1-A.

I watched them win the Big West in 1999 and win their first ever bowl (H-Bowl) against Louisville.

I remember the years of playing Appalachian State, Weber State, and Eastern Washington and not knowing whether we were going to win or not.

I was at both of Dan Hawkins ONLY TWO home losses (Washington State, 2001 and Boston College, 2005).

I went to Arizona for our first BCS game (Fiesta Bowl) and witness one of the (if not, the) greatest college football game ever played.

I remember the years of DaWuan Miller and Tony Hilde.

Simply put... I've been a fan since the Broncos were a small, unknown school where an undefeated season and bowl appearance and a spot in the Top 25 rankings were a huge feat to the present where a win over conference opponents seems to be not only expected, but some aren't always satisfied with a three touchdown win.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
  • NBA Utah Jazz
  • NFL Green Bay Packers
  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
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