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Ryan Clady - Franchise Tag

Let's be real: Ryan Clady is THE best LT in the NFL. The reason why the Broncos had no problem with picking up an aging and fresh-off-a-neck-injury Peyton Manning on a stunning five-year contract...


Idaho loses to FCS Eastern Washington 20-3

It's one thing to lose a game. It's quite another to lose one to an inferior opponent. And it's even quite another to be held to no touchdowns and only 3 points to said inferior opponent. Now,...

4-Team Playoff on the Horizon? Not so fast...

Apparently the BCS committee doesn't want the responsibility of making college football better (tough, I know) so they're pawning it off on the Presidential Oversight Committee with all options on the table including the ones we really don't want.

Pitt Suing BE to Leave Early, Other "Reparations"

We already knew they were leaving but it doesn't make it better that they're trying to leave before we ever step foot in the conference and take a chunk of Big East cash on their way out the door.

ESPN IS the Devil, but Apparently Sports Illustrated Loves OBNUG

When perusing the web for Boise State news, I came across a link that brought me to Under Broncos news, you'll notice a list of almost entirely OBNUG links. Way to go guys and fellow OBNUGgers!

Muscle Hamster Has Speed, Too

Unofficially (as of a few minutes after running his 40) Dougie's time was 4.47. That should become official soon. He wasn't the fastest but having all that muscle and a little bit of speed never hurt. Now onto position drills.


No Big East in 2012

There's been a lot of speculation about whether we're staying in the Mountain West or trying to make the early jump to the Big East for this coming season. Well, the question has been answered....


Do you think the BCS is taking notice?

The Super Bowl is now set. NFC champs vs. AFC champs. It's been that way since the late 60s and Super Bowl I. You'd think that it'd always be the same teams, what with only 16 teams in each...

Anybody want to hire Craig James for a speaking engagement?

Seriously? This guy is whoring himself out as a motivational and keynote speaker? The lies we tell ourselves...


LSU vs. UGA: What It Means To BroncoNation

So I was checking out the UGA blog Dawg Sports on SB Nation and came across this interesting "tale of the tape" factiod sheet from a fan post: ...


The Boise State/Wyoming game according to an 8-year old

I had the opportunity to go to the game today. I know a season ticket holder who came down to Eugene and watched the UGA season opener with me on the big screen.  And he later offered a seat at a...


Tired of the Houston/Keenum Hate

I understand where it's coming from, but it's misguided. We're hating on them because we're mad that they play an easy schedule and will very likely get a BCS bowl over us if they win out (note:...


Ahem... Your attention, please.

I do believe Boise is getting their BCS bowl. And at this point, a national title shot isn't COMPLETELY out of the question although even I will admit that's still a long shot.  Clemson lost....


To the Fiesta Bowl Committee

Dear Fiesta Bowl Committee,  Greetings from Boise State. Let me get straight to the point: Boise State is a logical choice for inclusion in your bowl.  Please hear me out.  Logically, Oklahoma...


Boise State's BCS Bowl is Probable.

In my previous fan post, I explained (perhaps a little more complexly than was actually needed in hindsight) how the Broncos can still get a BCS bowl.  Now, I'm going to post a similar explanation...


Boise Still Has A Chance At A BCS Bowl

I know most people on OBNUG seem to think Boise's BCS run is done this year. That couldn't be further from the truth. Here's what the BCS says about non-AQs going to a BCS bowl: The champion of...


I'm not a fan of former "jocks" commenting on analytical college football matters...

But this is too well-reasoned and supported by facts and statistics to completely disregard.  For the record, just because I attended a UW football camp many years ago does not make me anything...


Cheers for Toledo

Who fought hard in another shootout last night, this time pulling off the W against Western Michigan, 66-63. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win.    If only we could get NIU to lose one more and...


Big East reportedly wants to join MWC-USA SuperConfrence

Here's the link:   Seems to me Boise would just be back at square 1 in a division with Hawaii, Nevada,...


Boise State Commercials - Enjoy

I was bored and in a writing mood and so I came up with a couple of commercials to promote Boise State football. They're purely for fun unless of course we have some filmmakers in OBNUG (hint hint,...


Big East/Big 12 merger

The latest news is that the Big East and Big 12 are talking merger. It's obvious this is a move to simply salvage what's left of the ragged conferences but the real question is, will they also make...

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