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Mock Drafts, are we sick of them yet?

Of course we are! Only 5 days left until we can be done with them. Until we know who will really be a Bronco and can then start analyzing they why behind the picks, how they will contribute, who...

Ryan Shazier blazes at Pro day


This is the guy I want to man the middle of our defense.

Broncos moving on from DJ?


I wouldn't mind at all if we got a 3rd or 4th for DJ. Better than cutting him for nothing.


Our possible future at MLB?

Much has been said about our need for a MLB. Joe Mays has proven that he is at best a two down LB who is not worth his current salary and not a good fit for what we need at the position. Keith...


Some offseason talk and potential draft prospects

So we are at the end of our season and hopefully everyone has been able to find some consolation in the fact that our tragic playoff loss came to a team that deserves to be, and is, in the SB. ...

Pro Bowl Sham


They have Tracy Porter on the Pro Bowl Ballot but not Harris or Carter. Just more proof that it is a popularity contest and not truly based on merit. That said, I voted for Peyton, Von, Doom, Wood, Clady, Franklin, DT and Bruton. I was torn not voting for Decker but I didn't. I can't believe we have so many pro bowl eligible players. It is a good feeling.

Broncos also sign Longhorn S Blake Gideon to PS


Anyone seen this kid play? He seems to have decent size and speed for the position but is he instinctual? Could he crack the roster next year?

Chiefs add talent, coverage skills with Routt | National Football Post


Looks like Chiefs signed Routt. To me this means they'll us the franchise tag on Bowe and let Carr go. I'd love to have Carr on the Broncos. Doubt it will happen but I'd love it.

Vincent Jackson to hit open market.


I'm not advocating going after him because he'll probably be too expensive but this is good news if he leaves the division. I'm sure Phyllis won't be too happy to see him go.

Briggs and Bears talking crap about Tebow and our offense


Good locker room material. I hope we destroy them and serve them up some humble pie.

Kyle Orton most likely will not be traded


Mike Klis is dumb but I trust what Schefter says. If Orton is here he will most likely be the starter. The Tebow era will most likely have to wait until Orton walks or totally sucks. I see it being the former. I know this isn't what a lot of us want but we need to support our QBs. I hope I hear more cheers for Orton (or whoever is starting) than boos for sure.

Eagles land Cullen Jenkins


Darn, I was really hoping we'd grab him. Let the "EFX doesn't know what the hell they're doing" talk commence.

Vince Young almost a certainty to join Eagles


This is great news for us. If Vince joins the Eagles then Miami will really have Orton as their only option. Maybe they'll end up paying what we want.

Orton in camp trade not imminent.


The Broncos are playing this right. The more time he misses Dolphins camp the less time they have to get him up to speed. So if they are playing hardball let's at least let him continue to compete for the job. Hopefully Miami will cave and make the trade. Orton is way more valuable than a 4th or 5th.


Broncos trying for Mebane

I put this in a Fanshot already but thought it would get more views here.  Looks like the Broncos are bidding heavily for Mebane.  I hope we can snag him.  Hit the link below for the story.   This...

Glad we passed on drafting this guy


I know there were a lot of people who really wanted this guy on the Broncos. I'm glad we passed on him. I know DT was a big need but it reinforces to me that our FO wants to bring in the right players and not reach for need. I decided to post this just because there is a dearth on football news due to the lockout.

Tebow inspires Von Miller


I love reading things like this

Schefter on Labor situation and top 3 picks in the draft


Interesting take from Schefter on the labor situation on Mike and Mike in the morning today. He also outlines how he thinks the top 3 will fall. In all of his scenarios he has Newton, Miller and Dareus going top 3. He has Denver taking Miller all 3 times. While I would scratch my head if the Broncos pick Miller at #2 it could see it happening. I give Schefter the benefit of the doubt on a lot of these types of things because he is usually more correct than most. Still, nobody really knows anything until Thurs at 6pm. I'm excited to have something to look forward to.

Texans want Miller or Peterson


They could definitely be a trade partner. I'm not sold on moving back to 11 but I think I would be open to it if the price is right. I really want Dareus but if we got their 1st, 3rd, 4th and maybe some picks next year (since they can't trade Okoye) I'd be down. We might still be in play for Robert Quinn at 11 and if not him maybe Prince who is just a very small step below Peterson. The fact that trading Okoye is even mentioned in the article makes me think it is purely speculation and not based on any credible sources since a credible source would know that players can't be traded.

Elway says QB interest isn't smokescreen


Of course he would say that publicly. What a dumb question to ask. Still it is concerning when he says he doesn't know if we have a franchise QB on the roster. The article makes a good point about possibly alienating the current QBs on the roster. My question is this: He says that he is looking to see if there is a franchise QB in the draft. How will he know if there is or not? What characteristics will this franchise QB have and how decide that the prospect is a franchise QB based on his college tape. And if college tape and interviews are all it takes to determine a franchise QB then did you already make up your mind that Orton, Tebow and Quinn are not franchise material since you have more than college tape to view of them? That whole statement of Elways leads me to believe that it is surely either a smokescreen or that Elway and Fox are for sure non-believers in Tebow and Orton and looking for their replacements. I'm not sure there is a middle ground. Discuss.

Dareus visiting Broncos


I thought it odd that none of the top teams had Dareus scheduled for a visit but it looks as if that is being rectified now. I'm excited for this prospect.

Fan sues Browns and other teams


Man I wish more fans would do this. File lawsuits against the league and the NFLPA for misusing our tax dollars to get their stadiums built and then not delivering on the product. I bet if more and more fans joined in this a deal would really get done. Then they would have to stop fighting each other for a second and actually start listening to who matters....US.

Pat Bowlen health issues


I think many of us knew Bowlen is suffering from some health issues but nobody seems to know the extent. While the tweet seems a tad disrespectful I hope it is nothing serious and I hope he can recover quickly. Keep Pat in your prayers.

Once league source glad union didn't take deal


This really shows the true colors of the NFLPA IMO. This was a good deal and they were dumb not to take it. I really hope this bites the union in the butt but that we still get a deal done and get to play football soon.

Panthers use tag on Kalil not Johnson


This is good news for a possible Fox Johnson reunion. I don't know how much money he would be but if we grabbed him then maybe we pass on Bowers and take the best DT available?

Peter King predicts Broncos to beat the Chargers 38-31. Why? Tim Tebow


I thought this was great. Do I think it will happen? No but I sure as hell hope so.

Bailey Sold on Tebow


I don't know if this got fanshotted already but it is a good read by MaxDenver. I hope this means Champ will resign with us and finish his career as a Bronco.

Saccomano on Tebow


The quotes that stood out to me are these and I think they say it all. Tebow had just one three-and-out series against Houston (Denver had 54 three-and-out series this season entering the game, averaging nearly four per contest). Tebow’s third down passer rating of 139.1 (6-of-9 for 96 yards and one TD, with no interceptions) vs. Houston was the highest third-down passer rating by a rookie quarterback this year in the entire NFL (minimum nine attempts).

Tebow Quote


"I do not know necessarily what I showed, except I am someone that is going to play until the end and I love this game and I am going to play it with all my heart," Tebow said. "Any time I get the opportunity, I am going to play every second that I get, as hard as I possibly can."

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