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I'm a huge Colorado homer. Whether it's Broncos, Rockies, Nugs, or Avs I'm all about it.

I've been a Bronco fan my entire life and a Rockies fan since the day EY hit that opening day home run. As the powers that be would have it, I married a beautiful woman who also happens to be a Raiders fan. We are a house divided and as such I have two goals in life.

1. To train up my children to become Bronco fans because it would be a tough pill to swallow, bringing more Raider fans into this world. We got the Rockies/Avs angle covered.

2. Learn how to cook teriyaki chicken. Because that chicken is delicious.

I've greatly enjoyed getting to know the MHR community over the past two years and look forward to watching this new Broncos team enter a new era... an era where we dominate our division again.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Texas A&M Aggies
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
User Blog

Dumervil: An Embarrassing End To A Good Run

"Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence." - Hanlon's Razor I said early this month that the notion the Broncos would simply cut Dumervil was ridiculous. It...

New Broncos tempting karma


Some of the newest Denver Broncos seem to have forgotten where this team just came from and are acting like we've been the dominant team in the AFC for years.

Denver Broncos Put The Fear In the NFL


After taking care of the Saints the Denver Broncos have established themselves as a legitimate playoff contender.

A Must Win For The Broncos In Week 4? Absolutely.


The Broncos attempt to undo four years of losing at home to the hated Raiders and begin their fight back to the top of the AFC West.

The Broncos need to play the Peyton Way


Peyton Manning is playing John Fox Football. For the Broncos to be successful they need to start playing Peyton Manning football.

AFC West Opponents Review - Week 2


I have to come clean here. I really thought the AFC West had better teams heading into the 2012 season than they have shown so far. To say that the Sunday games weren't a great showing for the...

AFC West Opponents Preview - Week 2

A short preview of Denver Broncos AFC West opponents and their Week 2 matchups.

AFC West Opponents Review - Week 1


Reviewing the AFC West Games from Week 1.

Broncos Vs. Cardinals: Five Non-Starters To Watch


Five Denver Bronco players looking to save their jobs against the Arizona Cardinals.

Broncos Vs. 49ers: Five Non-Starters To Watch

5 Near-Starters to watch as the Broncos welcome the 49ers to the MIle High City.

Broncos Roster: Five Non-Starters Who Increased Their Stock And A Tribute To the Greatest Post I've Ever Written


5 Non-Starters who stood out during a blowout and increased their stock on this Bronco's roster. Also, a short tribute to the greatest post I've ever written and why Russell Wilson made sure it was never meant to be.

Denver Broncos 53-Man Roster Projection

Preseason 1 Final Roster Prediction: Peyton Manning and Von Miller top the untouchables but where do the current Broncos fall after that? Building a roster McKayla Maroney would be impressed by.

Denver, Colorado: The Comeback Town


I don't know why Colorado has been chosen to go through all this tragedy. The summer of 2012 will forever be remembered with a sense of loss, of sorrow and ultimately redemption. The Fort Collins,...

For Knowshon Moreno The Time Is Now


Can Peyton Manning help turn Knowshon Moreno's career around before it's officially over in Denver?

2012 Denver Broncos: Is Peyton The Answer To Everything?


Is Peyton Manning the answer to all the Broncos problems? The general consensus in Denver is abso-freaking-lutely.

2012 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Final Draft Roster and Instant Impressions


Instant reaction to the 2012 Denver Broncos draft class.

2012 NFL Draft: Derek Wolfe Scouting Reports


Want the lowdown on Broncos' second round, first pick in the 2012 Draft? It's all right here.

2012 NFL Draft: Minnesota Trades #3 Pick to Cleveland Browns


Cleveland and Minnesota Trade Picks

Final Pre-Draft Thoughts: The Draft Isn't For Window Shoppers


Are the Broncos ready to do what it takes to turn their draft woes around? It's time for them to assert their will.

Denver Broncos History: The 2000-2011 Draft Report Card


Final MHR recap of the past decade of Broncos drafts. How did the fans grade the Broncos from DJ Williams to Tim Tebow to Von Miller?

Broncos Draft Prospects: CB Stephon Gilmore


Will the Broncos make a move to get elite CB prospect Stephon Gilmore? A player profile and possible draft scenario that would bring Gilmore to the Broncos.

Denver Broncos History: The 2005 Draft


Connecting Tupac to Jim Tressel via Maurice Clarett in two degrees of separation. The Broncos 2005 Draft Story.

Denver Broncos History: The 2004 Draft


A look back at the Denver Broncos draft class of 2004

Ranking the Running Backs of the AFC West


Breaking down the Running Backs of the AFC West

Ranking The Wide Receivers Of The AFC West


How do the WR's in the AFC West stack up? Is Peyton Manning the ultimate game changer?

Ranking The Quarterbacks Of The AFC West


The AFC West is changing. Here's how the QB rankings are shaking out.


Rated R For (R)ant: One Final Thanks To Tim Tebow

I know for some of you here the topic of Tebow is becoming as appealing as your ex-girlfriends three day old macaroni salad. I get it. You are done. Another bite and you are spending your evening...

Peyton's got a little Tebow in him


Peyton's got a little Tebow in him


Tempering Expectations: The Tebow Fallout

Great Expectations - "Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule."- C. Dickens In his career, Peyton Manning has scored an average of 26 points per game. The D...

WSJ on Tebow Revenge


Some of you are really going to enjoy this perspective. I'll admit, I did a little bit too.

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