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I'm a huge Colorado homer. Whether it's Broncos, Rockies, Nugs, or Avs I'm all about it.

I've been a Bronco fan my entire life and a Rockies fan since the day EY hit that opening day home run. As the powers that be would have it, I married a beautiful woman who also happens to be a Raiders fan. We are a house divided and as such I have two goals in life.

1. To train up my children to become Bronco fans because it would be a tough pill to swallow, bringing more Raider fans into this world. We got the Rockies/Avs angle covered.

2. Learn how to cook teriyaki chicken. Because that chicken is delicious.

I've greatly enjoyed getting to know the MHR community over the past two years and look forward to watching this new Broncos team enter a new era... an era where we dominate our division again.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Texas A&M Aggies
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
User Blog

The Path To Peyton

Over the past three seasons there doesn't seem to be much of a dull moment in Broncos football does there? What a great time to be a Broncos fan. With reports surfacing all over the news world that...


The Exciting Perspective on Backup QB's to Challenge Tebow

First of all, this is not a mock draft. I didn't even sneak a mini mock in the middle. Mocks aren't really my thing. They are kind of like turtlenecks. Some people really rock them but I just don't...

Just Quinn, Brady: The Blog of Denver's Best (Looking) QB


I'm not the first one to find this and post it here and many of you have already read this masterpiece. With all the Mike Silver stuff going down sometimes a good laugh is just necessary. This was my favorite article of the past year. I enjoy it every single time I read it.


A MHR Reflection of the 2011 Denver Bronco Season

MHR friends, here we are at the tail end of a wonderful season. The official 2012-2013 year is about to start and I wanted to send this last year off with one final post. Thank you to everyone that...


2011: MHR I Need Your Help With An Upcoming Post

Last year I tried to gather some feedback from the staffers and contributors here at MHR to put together a montage of the past season. I had a such a great time putting the post together, and I...


The Magic of Tebow and his Miracle Men

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a Yankees fan, or the fan of any team that has created a dynasty in their particular sport. I wonder what it would be like to approach every season...


On Tebow, the Broncos, and Asking the Right Questions

Aaron Sorkin is one of my favorite writers of all time. I find his style, substance, humor, and prose to be touched by a sense of genius, seriousness, and hilarity that both astounds me and grips...


A Case of Mistaken Identity

There is something changing in Bronco Country. There is something changing and it doesn't look like Bronco fans were ready for it, or if they were ready for it nobody expected it to be like this....

I don't always drink to the demise of a QB, but when I do, I prefer a crushing IPA.


I don't always drink to the demise of a QB, but when I do, I prefer a crushing IPA.


Selling Tebow Soduku for the Price of a Chalupa... Plus S&H

Think back to the beginning of the NFL season, the end of the NFL Lockout, and the renewing of hope springs eternal that we wouldn't be forced to spend an entire fall dejectedly walking the aisles...



Ugly. Lucky. Improbable. Historical. Amazing. If you had to describe what just happened in one word, what would you choose? I'm no Thesaurus expert and as such I have no single word to describe...

Tebow Bot From The Drive


I heard this on our local radio station a couple of days ago and I nearly crashed my car it was so funny. There are three sound bites, the first is original sound taken from what I assume is an after-practice Tebow presser. They then take the sound clip and edit it. Definitely listen to the entire first clip first. The second is a goofy Christmas Tebow Bot spoof. The third is playing the Tebow Bot for Wesley Woodyard during a phone interview and his reaction is classic. In all things, humor is the best medicine. This ranks right up there with that B-Quiddy article in my opinion.


The Anti-Tebow Article: The One You Never Wanted To Read

A couple of days ago Nate Jackson, former Broncos WR/TE, wrote an article that has been well received all across the state of Colorado. For those of you that do not live here, Nate has been on...


Question for Sayre and other College Football Fans as Broncos Move Forward

I will be the first to admit that I am not as knowledgeable about the ins and outs of college football as I'd like to be. With so many teams and in so many different conferences it's hard to...

Josina Anderson Reports Tebow Named Starting QB


In other news could someone comment me some directions on how-to-post a tweet as a fanshot?

Follow The Money


Interesting read in regards to the Tebow contract debate.


The Broncos Picking up the Pieces and Moving On

3-0. That was the benchmark. Didn't we say going into this season that the Broncos had to start 3-0? We had what looked like three easy games, well, easy compared to the rest of our schedule and if...


Broncos Week 1 - Worse Than Advertised and Better Than Credited

What if I told you that both the Broncos total defense was better than Oakland's total defense on Monday? Probably wouldn't surprise you. But what if I told you that the Denver Broncos were better...


Tebow Under Fire: A Different Kind of Criticism

I learned two important lessons in college. #1. Never go to Meatloaf Fridays in the cafeteria. They are worse than Gunther Toody's Tuesday Tots special. #2. Never write when you are either a) Upset...

I know it's basketball but it's good stuff. Something to consider before jumping to conclusions...


I know it's basketball but it's good stuff. Something to consider before jumping to conclusions regarding practice and Training Camp. A.I. brought it in this rant. I mean, he seriously brought it. Consider what he's saying. The GAME is where it matters. I can't wait for that day.

Hey Merril....'ppreciate that. - Tim Tebow


There's Something Wrong with Kyle Orton and the "Good Enough" Mentality

I've been to camp. I've watched the team. I've read the reports. I've listened to the non-stop coverage on our local sports radio stations. I've read most of the articles here on MHR. I've done...


League, Players Seek To Understand New CBA In Their Own Way

As the eve of our new season begins, the final touches on a 10 year mammoth deal are being fleshed out and put together by two of the most powerful men in the NFL, and by association, the world....


On Tebow's Book, A Rant, and Captain Geech

Rodney's latest post got me thinking. There have been plenty of posts I've begun but then scrapped just because I wasn't too thrilled with them or they had become old news too quickly. Part of this...


The Case For Clutch: Part 2 - The Gut Check

Think back over your sports experience and consider the teams that have won championships. Would you agree that for the vast majority of them they had players who could perform in the clutch?...


The Case For Clutch: Part 1 - The Primer

Statistics are always, and have always been, extremely tricky. Often times in a debate the side with the most stats to support their theory is considered the winner by sheer volume (a strategy I... Broncos Send Message That Tebow Is In Team's Plans


More of the same but I really enjoyed the breakdown of Tebow's game winning drive vs. the Texans in the video.


A Silent Tragedy: The Financial Doomsday of the NFL Player

August 9th, 1985 I was born in Mobile, Alabama to a poor family. Mobile, a strange place and a football mecca. I wanted nothing more than to play football. For a poor black kid in Mobile, is there...

ESPN on Tebow's New Underwear Campaign


I thought this article was actually kind of interesting (as opposed to the constant re-hash of Tebow related articles we've been seeing over the past month or two).


Rated R for (R)ant: It's Time To Bring It Back

MHR, it's been a little while. I feel like I've been away from one of my lifelines a little too long. With everything that has been going on in the world of sports I've been doing my best to keep...

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