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I'm a huge Colorado homer. Whether it's Broncos, Rockies, Nugs, or Avs I'm all about it.

I've been a Bronco fan my entire life and a Rockies fan since the day EY hit that opening day home run. As the powers that be would have it, I married a beautiful woman who also happens to be a Raiders fan. We are a house divided and as such I have two goals in life.

1. To train up my children to become Bronco fans because it would be a tough pill to swallow, bringing more Raider fans into this world. We got the Rockies/Avs angle covered.

2. Learn how to cook teriyaki chicken. Because that chicken is delicious.

I've greatly enjoyed getting to know the MHR community over the past two years and look forward to watching this new Broncos team enter a new era... an era where we dominate our division again.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Texas A&M Aggies
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
User Blog

Spring Training 2011: From Salt River, to Narnia, And Back Again

I always find it difficult to get psyched for baseball after the football season ends. It's almost like there's too much time between when the football season is over and when the baseball season...


The CBA: Show Me The Money

We have finally reached the 12th hour of these CBA negotiations and after weeks of negotiations it seems as if the inability for these men to get along and get business done has doomed the NFL to a...


From The Fan Posts: A MHR Community Reflection Of The 2010 Denver Broncos

A look back at the 2010 Denver Broncos from the eyes of the fans.


MHR I Need Your Help With An Upcoming Post

A good friend of mine has done something like this for a number of years in one of my fantasy football leagues. The results are always great. With the football season behind us and nothing more...


Were McDaniel's and Tebow About To Do The Unthinkable?

This idea came to me at a bar. Well it was actually a bowling alley, but it was at the bar at the bowling alley… which sounds only slightly more lame. My friends and I were talking about how to get...


From the Fan Posts: Will the Real Jay Cutler Please Stand Up?

As a fan of the NFL, and sports in general, I find that my fascination with players is beginning to change. As a kid I used to look up to the greats because of their accomplishments, their stats....


From The Fan Posts: On Reality, John Fox, Tebow, and Broncos 2.0

A Little Dose Of Reality Never Hurts!

Great Tebow Fantasy Story


For those of us fantasy aficionados out there, this is kind of a fun article. I think the undertone of this article is that Tebow is better in fantasy than reality... but still a fun read.


Pocket Passer vs. Dual Threat QB: Which do you prefer?

I've been meaning to ask this question on MHR for awhile. I think it's a great discussion and one that really has a lot of significance not only for the Broncos but the NFL in general. Like all...


Luck vs. Orton vs. Quinn... let's leave Tebow alone for now.

Let's forget Tebow for now. Tebow and Luck are two completely different QB's and we can argue about which one is better until we are ready to physically hurt each other. Luck is a pocket passer in...


On My Top 10 Broncos Moments of 2010

I love top 10 lists. I love top 100 lists. In fact, I love 101 Jeers on SportsNation so much that I sacrificed my normal pre-boarding bathroom routine and my A-boarding ticket on a Southwest flight...


On Leadership, Tebow, Champ, and The Chuck Norris Question

It’s starting to get to the point where all of this Tebow talk is beginning to feel a little futile isn’t it? Every week we fill up the message boards with “Tebow Time” and “Play Tebow Now” and the...


From The Fan Posts: On Broncos, their fans, and Bloodlust

On Broncos, The Fans, And Bloodlust....


Quarterback Ranking Question

Hey everyone. I'm brand new to MHR and have been having a blast getting caught up on the past few days discussions. It looks like you have some really fantastic members who regularly contribute to...

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