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I will say that I like all the Colorado college teams, with Air Force being my favorite and CU a close second. Lived throughout the western US in Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oregon and now back in Colorado

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Hard chocies for the offseason (how to fix what is broken)

I haven’t made a post for awhile and I had planned this post to be a victorious affirmation of John Elway and his leadership of the Broncos. While I had my doubts that the Broncos would beat the S...


I have the Solution for the Ryan Clady Situation

Time for John Elway to come to the rescue and save this season. I am sorry but without Ryan Clady, this team will have a very hard time even making a SB let alone winning one. This is an all or...


Broncoman's Likes and Dislikes on the Ravens Game

While this was a terrific win for the Broncos, it still only mildly soothes the sting from last year’s playoff loss in my mind, and while there were plenty of positives about the game, there were...


Sylvester Williams Senior Bowl

While I know everyone wants to say beacuse of the sports science this guy will be a stud, well watching this I am not sold. I count two plays he makes the entire game while he is in and basically...


Would you welcome Manti Te'o as a Bronco?

As we get towards the Super Bowl and the Manti Te'o story/scandal/whatever keeps chugging along. I am wondering what the general sense is regarding Te'o. His draft stock has appeared to plummet...


The way too early mock draft

Yes it begins, I am over the blame game. I gave my reasons why I thought we lost, but the only answer now is how do the Broncos improve for next year. So lets begin the newest installment of the...


Pride and Arrogance Doomed the Broncos

After what I would say ranks up there as one of the worst losses in Broncos history, I like so many others in Bronco Country are searching for the answers to why we lost. There are plenty of...


The Counter Puncher's Problem

Having seen the past 6 Broncos games, I truly think the thing that is holding us back is what I call the John Fox Counter Puncher Syndrome. This team is not built like last year's team, yet the...


Thank you John Elway

Let me say, John, Please keep doing what you are doing, don't let the critics get to you. You are showing to be one of the best GM's in the league. If you don't think he knows what he is doing,...


Like / unlike this draft

While I am sure most fans will be critical because their players weren't taken, the fact is no one knows if this will be looked back as a great, good, average, fair or poor draft until at least a...


The Duke has become the King

For those of you worried that we traded out of the 1st, take a chill pill, Elway is showing he has gained a great deal of knowledge this past year. Every scout has said the value in this draft...



As the mock is a week away, something will happen, beacuse it happens every year, and that is at least 1/3 of the 1st rounders will likely be considered busts in their NFL career, and as the draft...


Broncoman Mock Draft - Post Tebow Trade

While I am unsure what the deal is with our 5th rounder, I saw we had a conditional to Cleveland as part of the Quinn trade, but since Quinn didn't start or even throw a pass, I am not sure if we...

Vegas Odds


What Vegas knows and doesn't know, current odds for the Broncos to win the SB 10-1 (up from 50-1 before Manning), odds for the Jets 25-1 (down from 20-1 before Tebow trade. While I take odds with a grain of salt, Las vegas isn't in the game to lose money, maybe Elway knows what he is doing.


Why I love the Broncos

Today is a day that will live forever in Broncos history, you will always remember where you were today and yesterday when you learned that Peyton Manning will be a Bronco. While I know some will...


Mock Draft Version 2 - The Manning Factor

So with Manning on board, the time is now for the Broncos. While I appreciate what Tim Tebow has done, I can't see the Broncos keeping him or him wanting to stay here, likely relegated to 3rd...

Plan Delta Bravo


What is getting lost in the Manning sweepstakes is the posibility that Manning decides to retire. I really can't think that it would take this long to decide unless the retirement option is floating in his mind. I didn't want to put this as a post, but I have a very serious belief that is the true option that isn't being mentioned yet. Don't be shocked if no one wins this and Manning leaves the game of football next week. The link is to SOD music download site, so enjoy some ballads.


Time to play Hardball

Enough is enough already, look I support trying Manning to bring in Manning, this is no disrespect towards Tebow and what he has done, this is about bringing in a 4 time league MVP, 1 SB champ to...


Broncoman plays GM for 2012

Ok so the off season is still more than a couple of months away. Here is my two cents on what the Broncos should do or try to do in the offseason:

Another Reason to be Happy to be a Bronco Fan


Yes, that's right, the Raiders canned their HC again, at this rate, Dan Hawkins will be their HC next season. Must suck to be a Raider fan.


Broncos Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I know it is getting late in the season to ask for presents, but I thought I might submit a late list with hopes of seeing these presents in April or May next year. I have to thank...


What is the fuel for the detractors?

I have been pondering the polarizing effect Tebow has had on the media, pundits, and so called experts. What has me confused is I have never seen an athlete who has shown or proven to be...


How far we have come

After another crazy comeback, a 1st place rank in the AFC West, I thought it might be a good time to reflect where this team has come from. A year ago, last Monday, Josh McDaniels was fired,...

Orton Remains a True Bronco


Looks like Orton doesn't want to go to the Chiefs, which I find too funny. Not sure if that is because he hates the chiefs as a Bronco, loves the Bears, or doesn't want to play for a loser franchise like the Chiefs. Or that he would have to play for Todd Haley and get to face Von Miller and Elvis the last week.


Broncoman Eats Crow and time for the MSM to do the same

I will admit I had my doubts on how successful Tebow would be this year, I had the over under on wins being 3 or 4, well, Mr. Tebow I am glad you are making my prediction look foolish.  I will not...


Mike McCoy offensive mastermind or just lucky?

I have seen the comments regarding the unrest for the lack of passing attempts in the KC game, and I really have no idea why you would complain, if you are a Bronco fan or even just a Tebow fan.  I...


Enough Tebow talk - It's Freaking Raider Week

In a plea to all of us who are Broncos fans first and foremost, let me say it's time to take the discussion back to what matters, and that is next week's game against the hated Raiders.   For one...


B. Lloyd, don't let the door hit you on the way out

I am puzzled at the angst of letting B. Lloyd go. Look, the guy had one godd season for a piss poor team.  This is not a Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey type player, hell I wouldn't even say he is as good...


You want Tebow, then you need to blame Tebow

For all those who will point at the latest Broncos effort and scream it's Tebow time.  For all those who wanted Tebow starting from preseason.  And for all of us that want something more from the...

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