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User Blog

Assessing Kaepernick's Contract

I'm listening to the NFL network this morning and I am hearing the radio broadcasters discuss how Colin's agents' lack of experience lead to Colin taking a team friendly deal. I don't believe this...

One user's eaaaaarly look at camp competition

Fooch's Note: As Brother Girth points out below, we'll be going into a lot more detail on each training camp battle. But for now, feel free to list your winners. If you think this is missing roster...

Trade Up or Trade Down?

This is a follow up to a "Draft 101" post I did awhile back. For the sake of brevity, I am going to assume you read the first post. If not, here is a link: Draft 101 First, thanks everyone for...


Why our offense is what it is (part 2): First Down

This is meant to be a series of posts that looks at our offense and tries to better understand it. We got a lot of time to kill before the draft, and I can only read so many mocks, so let's mix it...

NFL Draft 101: Intermediate edition

Breaking down various draft strategies for trading picks.


Why our offense is what it is (part 1): Greg Roman

I started writing this in the fall when our offense was plodding along. I never finished it, but hey, we got time to kill before the draft, so here it goes. I'd like this to be the start of a...


Roster Space for 2014

How many draft picks can we realistically add to our roster? Let's take a look. First, let's look at the locks for our roster: Offense (18): QB: Colin Kaepernick/Blaine Gabbert RB: F...


Colin's done, now Crabtree or Frank Gore?

Last year's result, and this off-season, has really got me looking at the future of our team. In previous fanposts, we talked about how much other QB's in the league are making, and what would be...


Your 2017 49ers

With all the angst regarding our coach these past few day, a few people have asserted that our dynasty is over. It's been fun, see you at the draft. I think Jim Harbaugh is a great coach, but...


Colin Kaepernick's Next Contract (Warning: Numbers)

Colin Kaepernick's comments in one of his recent interviews intrigues me: "I think it's a balance. You want to be paid fairly for what you feel like you're doing in comparison to your peers...and...


Getting a #1 Receiver

I am sooooo tired of hearing about how we should have gotten Josh Gordon. Would we be better off with someone of his caliber? Of course, but at what cost? That is the part of the conversation...


A Case for Frank Gore being in the Hall of Fame

Frank Gore deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Why? Because his ability and leadership, duh. The thing is, basic statistics don't do a good job of highlighting what Frank does best. He is a...


Cap Casualties?

The niners are finalizing the roster this week. We currently have over 7M in cap space, but there is a provision that allows teams to roll-over unused cap space to the next year. They have to...


The Ecomomics of AJ Jenkins

I've been in the "pretty critical of AJ Jenkins" camp. Of course I want him to do well. I don't know him personally and it helps the team. As I've looked into AJ, however, I haven't seen a guy...

PFF best ILB seasons of the last 5 years


Willis is 1, 2, 5, 6, and 11. Bowman is in there once too. Nothing new, but still feels good to read.


How Lawrence Okoye Makes the 53 Man Roster

Lawrence Okoye may end up being a phenom, but right now all he is is the start witness of a potential assault charge. He is going to need playing time to learn the how to play Defensive...


Will Colin Kaepernick throw for 4000 yards this year? Let's hope not.

Up until recently, a 4000 yard season was a standard of excellence for a quarterback. It comes out to 250 yards per game. It doesn't seem like that much, but history suggests otherwise. Few...


Resigning 2014 Free Agents (warning: long, and numbers, but its worth it)

I am energized by what Harbaalke has been able to do putting together the 49ers roster, and I am interested in what it will take to keep the nucleus together. We have a number players becoming...


Next Contract: Aldon Smith

One thing that excites me about our current 49ers team is the potential dynasty implications. We've had two great years, but how long can it last? Pundits will say we are setup for the next...


What will Colin Kaepernick's next contract be worth?

We will be eligible to renegotiate a new contract with Colin after this season. If we can't come to an agreement, he is under contract in 2014 and then we could franchise tag him in 2015, and...


Calling all Special Teamers

Hi Nation, I've searched and searched (ok, googled), but I can't seem to find a published lineup for special teams. We've got at least 5 different basic formations: Kick-Off Kick Return Punt...

You just have to watch for yourself


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah...I could do this forever. You get the point.

A three-year plan for the 49ers

Looking at the 49ers roster over the next three years.


Cap and Roster Casualties?

Our draft success (Grade = A) got me thinking about who are the odd men out from the current roster. Players with the largest potential cap savings if they do not make the 53 man. Numbers are...


Recent draft history

Hey. I've been trying to develop a trade strategy, and am looking at previous drafts to better understand our management team's success rate. I am sharing here for your info and feedback on how...


What are realistic draft expectations for 2013?

I've heard and read comments all over the board regarding what the Niners can and will do with this draft. With 13 picks, we can't be stopped! It's made me re-ask the question, what is an "A"...


CJ Spillman for President (or FS)

As the draft approaches, there's been a lot of speculating about how the 49ers MUST draft a Safety, or two, and that the draft will be a huge bust if we don't. My problem with this is that the...


Is AJ Jenkins too laid back?

A few posts now have mentioned the 49ers looking at Tavon Austin. Whether it's real or not, it would be quite an indicator of what management really thinks of AJ Jenkins.Up until now, I've...

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