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CC Road Trip: My Day at Petco

Hey guys and gals! As some of you know, I spent the weekend visiting my friend Jill and her husband Tristan in San Diego. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch a Padres game while I was...


Anyone going to Thursday's game? Meetup?

Hey folks, I'm heading to Camden Yards for Thursday's game against the Mets and for once it looks like I'll be there a bit early. Let me know if anyone's interested in meeting across the street to...


Orioles 8, Braves 4: BIRDLAND Missed You, Eric O'Flaherty.

via Okay, no one's done a game recap recently, and this one actually merits it, so let's dig in. For six and a half innings, this game followed a familiar script. After two batters,...

The Sun doesn't know the difference between Jeffrey Hammonds and Damon Buford


Nice to see that cutting 60% of your staff in 10 years does nothing to hurt the quality of your work. Seriously, guys? EDIT: I'm willing to bet that the photo comes from this game. June 25 vs. the Yankees, Damon scores the winning run in the bottom of the 10th on a walkoff walk. That took me about two minutes to find on B-R.


Adam Eaton - how low can he go?

Perhaps the past few games - really, the young season at large - have broken my brain, but I'm oddly excited about tonight. Adam Eaton starting in Yankee Stadium (2009 edition)? If Guts can give up...

Nobody Wants Teixeira


Ah, the Dugout, the Official Chat Room of MLB. How do I love thee?

Wieters Fun Facts


I know the Chuck Norris meme has been done to death, but some of these are pretty damn funny, especially the ones that are actually baseball-related. Example: "Bob Gibson admits that the inside of the plate belongs to Matt Weiters."


ZAUN: Judge, Jury, Executioner

According to the Schmucker, the Kangaroo Court is back: The Orioles are putting together a Kangaroo Court this season, with catcher Gregg Zaun set to preside as judge when it is called to order...

Josh (SF, CA): Some reports say the Marlins have the best combo of 3 prospects, and others say the...


Josh (SF, CA): Some reports say the Marlins have the best combo of 3 prospects, and others say the Giants represent well at 4 prospects. What would you take: a top heavy system with a couple really high-end guys, or a very balanced system that consistenty produces starters? Keith Law: (1:36 PM ET ) The top-heavy system. I can find average players in trades. Stars are very difficult to acquire except through the draft. So give me the Giants' system or the Orioles' rather than a system with more average prospects (grade 50s) but no 55s or 60s.

From today's KLawChat. Mildly reassuring if you're worried about the O's lack of organizational depth, no?

The 2008 Oriole SS Exodus Continues

For all of those looking for a brief, amusing distraction from the Mark Teixeira madness, Dean Jones, Jr. reports that Eider Torres (White Sox) and Freddie "Boom Boom" Bynum (Nationals) have found...


Sheehan: B-Rob to SS?

From Sports Illustrated, Joe Sheehan suggests five radical moves to shake up the offseason. It's a general list, so the only item related to the Orioles is this: 4. The Orioles move Brian...


The 2008 Yankees in a nutshell

Kei Igawa and the Famous Chicken (via brotz13) I've been meaning to post this scan since the Yankees were officially eliminated from the playoff race, but good intentions and all that. I went to...

My interview with John O'Donoghue


Hey guys, I just did an interview with John O'Donoghue, who pitched for the O's in 1993 and is the son of the other John O'Donoghue, who pitched for the 1968 O's and the immortal 1969 Seattle Pilots. John's a funny guy and he really put some thought into his responses. No one-word answers. Check it out at my website!


Game-Used Jerseys

Okay, I've noticed that things are a little dead around here. Sure, the O's are showing signs of grinding toward another listless finish, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun! I just...

34 Who to Sponsor?

Hey guys, I'm checking in with a little diversion today. As I may have mentioned once or twice, I'm the guy behind the NumerOlogy site and Orioles Card "O" the Day blog. I've intended for some time...


Confirmed: Roch Leaving the Sun

Roch Kubatko has confirmed on his blog that he has accepted the Baltimore Sun's buyout package and his last day is this Friday, August 1. He says that he's still "weighing his options", and has not...


Brian Roberts Final Vote: Did You Say Over??

According to the latest tally from one hour ago, Brian Roberts is still in FOURTH for the All-Star Final Vote, with balloting ending today at 5PM. Tampa Bay's Evan Longoria still leads...

Cito's Back!


Holy crap, Toronto fired Crazy John Gibbons and replaced him with our old nemesis, Cito Gaston. That takes me back.


Bravo, ESPN.

Turned on ESPN in time to catch the O's-Stros highlights on Baseball Tonight. What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment. Anyway, that ESPNews reject Dari Nowkhah was hosting, but at least it...


Just can't help piling on Bedard

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times quotes Mariners manager John McLaren on Erik Bedard : "I think that's basically what he is,'' McLaren said. "That's the way he was in Baltimore. Basically, he's...

Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi told a Seattle newspaper that he wasn't disappointed in Beda...


Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi told a Seattle newspaper that he wasn't disappointed in Bedard yet but ... "He cannot seem to get his feet on the ground in Seattle. He cannot get his arms around it yet. You see a brilliant outing, and then you see an awful outing. Right now, I wish his wheels didn't come off so easily."

Bill Ordine in Today's Sun

Did you know that Cabrera threw at Melky?

For giggles, I scoped out some Yankee blogs this morning to see how they were coping with yesterday's pounding. Peter Abraham of the LoHud Yankees Blog actually had a rational take on the Jeter HBP...


Alex Cintron: Man of Many Numbers

Okay guys, I need some numerical assistance for my website. When Alex Cintron joined the big league club last Sunday, had him listed as #19 (I missed his appearance late in that day's...

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