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"Cascadia Cup" TM is Actually Quite Messy

Sounder at Heart reader add some insight to the fight over who owns the Cascadia Cup trademark.


The Sounders continue to lack a "playoff gear"

I left the game Friday mad as hell, ready to fire Sigi but could not clearly articulate the specific reasons why at that time. I fumed over the weekend and twice re-watched the game. Then it...

Oh no, there goes Flaco...


The twitterverse is alive with the rumor that our El Flaco has been dealt to Deportivo Cali in Colombia. No confirmation yet. If true, the pieces of the team are moving here late in the window.


The Friendly Confines of the Clink

While many proclaim that MLS teams are pumped up when they come here to play to the Clink crowd such that it nullifies our home advantage, the numbers don't bear that out. For the Sounders MLS...

Problems with Violence to Soccer Players in Eastern Europe and Russia


SSFC should make the best out of the bad situation with soccer in Eastern Europe and Russia and scout more there. The problem appears especially acute in Greece, where 2/3 of the players are not paid on time and 1/3 are regularly subjected to violent acts. Players from Central and South America have given the same reasons about coming to play in MLS from their leagues, e.g. consistent pay, safety, etc. While Eastern Europe is heavily scouted by Western European teams, that player pool is so large that I'll bet there are some gems to be had. Here is the FIFPro report with all the facts and figures on Eastern Europe.

Premier League may allow artificial turf pitches


If the EPL lifts its ban of artificial turf, then the argument that the Clink must have natural grass to compete for the elite gets a lot weaker. Note that in the article the US is not listed among the "other countries" that use artificial pitches.


Clink moving the Brougham End Jumbotron?

I stare into Centurylink field every day from my office. In fact, yesterday they started to tear up the old turf. Puzzling however is that it looks like they have removed the big screen from the...

Will SSFC be out of shape for the Santos Laguna game?


Klinsy would sure think so: "For every week you don't train, you have to have two weeks of training to get back to equalize that," he said. "Now, if you have a player that didn't train for eight weeks like the MLS offseason, you basically have four months to get back on track...This is reality." If this is correct, the Sounders should have been in camp by now. I get that some players still train off-season, but some haven't. We are going to take on a top Mexican club in 7 weeks, and our last game was over 11 weeks ago and we are just getting into camp. 2 friendlies isn't going to overcome fitness issues. Color me a little more worried.

Sounders hired new Brit to replace Arlo?


Alexi Lalas tweeted that "So @soundersfc have hired a British voice for TV play-by-play alongside Kasey Keller. Think he's a ginger? #ArloClone" Hope he plays well with Keller.


Perhaps the MLS salary cap (or at least a low cap) is not long for this world

For my fun reading during this offseason, I read up on the case that MLS won against the players, Fraser v. MLS (http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F3/284/47/495459/). *I will...

For those who want to dream about transfers during the offseason


While the FO has shown that they are so far the Scrooges of the transfer season, at least we can look in the window at the toys and drool.

Seamon now on DL


Wonder if this portends a roster move. Now OBW, Zak, Boss and Seamon are all out for season.

"Transfer Window: The Big Name Players Still Without a Club"


We are in that weird window now where the European doors are shut to the out-of-contracts but the MLS is open for business until 9/15. Right now, the Sounders don't appear to need any help, but there are a few interesting names out there that either have to wait until January to play EU first team soccer, or they can jump here. We can add names like Adriano and El Hadji Diouf to the list. As the Rave Green can offer a push for trophies, I wonder if a few of them will knock.

Blackburn make bid for George John


Way to go local product and former Husky George John. This can only help the MLS (and our chances this season too).


Still many decent international players out of contract

A quick read of the Professional Football Association site (http://www.givemefootball.com/pfa-transfer-list) shows that there are plenty of forwards still available to us right now, e.g. Marcus...

"Seasoned internationals among those struggling to find new club"


To those who say its hard to find talent right now, I refute it thus. "There are some very, very good players out there who still don't have anything lined up - it's unbelievable." And its BBC, not the Sun or Mirror. :P

FIFA confirm Qatar could lose 2022 World Cup


Interesting this comes out on the same day with Bradley. US in 2022 again?

Hahnemann hunted by three Prem clubs


Article says he wants to stay in EPL--any why wouldn't he if could?


Rumor of 1st African DP signing in MLS

There is a rumor going around the blogosphere about the impending announcement of the first African DP being signed by MLS.  Of course, most people are speculating its Prince Tagoe to the...

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