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Born and raised a Browns fan in San Jose, CA. No one can take that from me. Thank you, dad.

Mod for Dawgs By Nature.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NFL Cleveland Browns
  • NCAAF San Jose St. Spartans
  • NHL San Jose Sharks
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
  • General Stanford Cardinal
User Blog

The DBN Masters Thread

Everything Masters should be talked about here.


DBN’s NFL Season Predictions

It's time to make your annual DBN NFL season ending predictions. We do this every year and I’m proud to bring it to you again. Pick the division winners/wildcards/Super Bowl contenders. Follow the format that we have done for years.


DBN Season Predictions

Time to make your annual DBN NFL season ending predictions. Pick the division winners and wildcards. The other slots speak for themselves. We should have done this earlier but doing it after one...


I found this hilarious. Good laugh to start the day.


Dawgs By Nature Custom Member T-Shirts

If you post here then there is a reason that you do. You love the Browns. You love talking about the Browns. You love being with other people who love the Browns. DBN is the best site for Browns...

The NFL should see this.

More evidence that shows Harrison being the piece of trash that he is.


Ask Dawgs By Nature

Hey Cardinals fans. This is Robert from Dawgs By Nature. Your boy, JoeCB6942, wrote up a “ask” post on our site. So I’m here to return the favor. I have to admit. The Cards are playing...


Ask a Browns Fan - Part 2

Well done, guys. The last thread got filled up quickly. You can start new discussions here and continue with unfinished business on the first thread.    Thanks to all those who are participating....


Know Your Enemy: Ask a Browns Fan

  Hello San Francisco!!!!!   I’m here to kick off this weeks “Ask a Browns Fan” thread. As the only Dawgs by Nature member (that I know of) who was born and raised in the Bay Area, I felt...

Troy Polamalu Signs New Deal

Great. Now we have to watch this guy for a bit longer. Just send him to the NFC or something.


Off-Topic: Getting Ink Done

The lockout is coming to an end! And with an expected all-out Royal Rumble to occur during FA signings and trades this week I figured I’d get one more OT in here. Because after this week...


Off-Topic: TV Shoes

  In the second addition to our Off-Topic series, let’s concentrate on TV shows. It came up in Simmsinns' movie thread and had the potential of a "highjacking". So we’ll discuss our...


Cliff Notes on the West Coast Offence .

Mangini... "Great Lakes Offence"...What?? Did that work out? Things are changing around here. We’re going old school around this thing. We all know where the West Coast Offence came from,...

Time to Root for the Packers

The game is in a couple days and I’m getting in the mood. I’ve always rooted for the AFC in the big game. But when the Steelers are playing it’s a different story. Here’s Lil Wayne’s comeback to that stupid "Black and Yellow" song. I like it. He throws a couple jabs at Big Troll.


Our 2010 Season Predictions

Remember back in September when B19K asked for all of our predictions? I went back and read a bunch of them this morning. Funny stuff. The Bengals, Niners, Texans, Cowboys, Titans, Dolphins were...

Only 4 Games for Big Ben

We get to pound him again early.


My Joe Montana Experience

The year was 1994, exactly 1 week before I blew my ACL, MCL, and fractured the growth plates in my right knee on kick coverage (which shut down my football career at the age of 14). My friend and...

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