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Agents just do what players tell them to do?


"He asked Condon how much Tom Brady made, and when Condon told him the Patriots' signal-caller banked $18 million a year, Manning said that would suffice. "I don’t want to make a penny more than that," Manning said. The Broncos offered $19.4 million, and when Condon told Manning the quarterback wasn't too happy. "I told you I didn’t want to make more than Brady!" Manning chirped. Condon apologized and asked to speak with Manning's wife, who ultimately coaxed him into accepting the deal. "

Joe Mays Contract on Spotrac


Just saw Spotrac posted some details on Mays. 2 million signing bonus, 3 million guaranteed.


Marqise Lee Gets Tubed

In which an average Fan-On-A-Couch becomes a Chiefs Scout through the Power of YouTube. There are some really fine iso videos on YouTube which show the plays, not highlights but all the plays,...

Todd Christensen Passes Away


I just saw this in the news. Didn't see a mention of it on AP yet, and I knew a lot of Chiefs fans would remember this great player. Complications from surgery, according to the USA Today story. He was 57 years old.

CBS has us drafting at #30!


The projected draft position is the exciting part to me. The players that they actually predict us to draft, and the reasons why, are...amusing :)


A few delirious notes from Sunday's practice

AP user brskr attended Sunday's Chiefs practice and shared his observations.

Chiefs camp weekend No. 1

AP user Brskr recaps his weekend at KC Chiefs training camp.


146 Views of Mount Joeckel

This post is not a story or an opinion piece. It is a descriptive list of every play that Luke Joeckel ran against Florida and LSU in 2012. Therefore, proceed at your own risk (of becoming...


Friday Practice Random Sightings and Thoughts

OK, this started as a comment about an hour ago, and then it got really long. So I decided to save MN some trouble, and discard my treasured non-posting streak. 20k comments without any posts has...

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