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To put it simply, Bruce Peter is a hockey fan from Sasaktoon, Saskatchewan who has an interest in the game beyond the NHL. Since 2010, he's been covering issues surrounding the international game, European professional leagues and junior hockey for SB Nation at Puck Worlds. In early 2010, he covered IIHF World Junior Championships in Saskatoon for Puck Daddy, which gave him an added desire to cover the global outreachs of the game. In late 2012, he moved to Melbourne, Australia and continues to follow the game from one of hockey's lesser developed nations.

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2003 NHL Re-Draft: Jeff Carter's Lucky Seven


He's not too many GM's favourite player, but Jeff Carter delivered tremendous value from the time he was drafted until today. He's our seventh overall pick in the 2003 Re-Draft series.

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Seabrook Takes Tough Road To Sixth


The 6th overall pick in 2003 belonged to the San Jose Sharks, who had gone through a terrible season which would change the league's power balance for many years. However, in our NHL Re-Draft, the...

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Eric Staal, Franchise Player, Goes Fifth


Not one player has had a better career since the 2003 NHL Entry Draft than Eric Staal, the franchise centre for the Carolina Hurricanes. So why exactly is he ranked 5th in terms of value in our...

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Neon Dion Goes Fourth


Dion Phaneuf was one of the most hotly discussed players to come from the 2003 NHL Entry Draft class. In our re-draft, he moves up five spots to 4th overall, despite his well-documented defensive...

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Corey Perry Proves His Critics Wrong


In a re-evaluation of the 2003 NHL Draft class, it's become painfully obvious just how wrong Corey Perry's many critics were. The lanky, chippy, talented winger is our 3rd overall selection in the...

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Ryan Getzlaf Leapfrogs Staal For Second


We look back to the 2003 NHL Entry Draft and see where the players rank today compared to back then. With the second overall pick, Ryan Getzlaf hears his name called much earlier than the 19th pick...

Habs Throw Cap Space at Low Impact Players


Marc Bergevin spent Canada Day spending money on depth players in his first free agent frenzy as GM of the Montreal Canadiens. It was a strategy that went too far in its mission and could hamstring...

Eyes On the Prize Mock Draft Byström and Prokhorkin in 2nd Round


SB Nation's 2012 NHL Mock Draft continued through the second round, where Eyes On the Prize had to make picks at 33rd and 51st overall. With those picks, we chose Ludvig Byström and Nikolai...

Canadiens Full 2012-13 Schedule Released


The Montreal Canadiens 2012-13 regular season schedule was released today by the NHL. Here are the highlites, and the possible roadblocks to the playoffs that have been set in place for next year.

Montreal Canadiens Host Team Draft Combine


The Montreal Canadiens are holding their annual draft combine today, and the invites give us a bit of insight into their draft board. Not only does it preview who the Habs might be looking to take...

Los Angeles Kings Win the 2012 Stanley Cup


Hollywood's biggest stars this year were a group of Canadians, Americans, Slovenians and Russians who won hockey's most coveted prize for the first time in franchise history. In the process, they...

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Shea Weber Goes First Overall


With the first pick in the 2003 NHL Re-Draft, defensemen Shea Weber emerges from the pack as the player who delivered the highest accumulated value. But back on draft day, he was an afterthought,...

The 2003 NHL Draft Redone: An Introduction


The 2003 NHL Entry Draft was the deepest Entry Draft of the past generation, and played a large impact on the post-lockout success of several NHL teams. Eyes on the Prize is re-drafting the whole...

What Should We Expect from NHL Goaltenders?


Can we do a better job evaluating goaltenders using save percentage? Here's a new idea to compare goalies to their peers, as well as to standard replacement level.

Your Second Round Laugher: More Bad Playoff Predictions


I went 2-6 in Round 1, so why would you listen to my second round picks? For comedy purposes, of course.

A Brief Preview of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs


The 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tonight, and the Canadiens aren't in them. This makes us depressed, but we'll try and watch them anyways.

Pierre Gauthier Fired as Canadiens GM


The Montreal Canadiens fired Pierre Gauthier as General Manager today. It was a move that was deserved after making several colossal failures in judgment during the 2011-12 season.

Summary of Habs Draft Lotto Odds


The Canadiens slipped to 29th in the NHL and officially booked a spot in the NHL's Draft Lottery by being eliminated from the post-season this past weekend. Here are the odds of what the Habs are...

Doing Some Research: Timmins, Habs Can Draft


The Montreal Canadiens drafted better than any team in the NHL, according to a study done by the Vancouver Province. And that's with some very questionable decisions working against them.


Welcome Mount Royal Soccer to SB Nation

The Montreal Impact make their MLS debut this weekend, and we here at Eyes On the Prize are excited to see a new Montreal area blog on SB Nation. Check out Mount Royal Soccer for all your Impact...

Oilers Out-Lose Habs on MaxPac's Big Night


The Habs win a game they were supposed to try and lose, keeping themselves ahead of the Oilers in the NHL standings. But on the plus side, Max Pacioretty stole the show with two goals, including...

"p.k. always uses his keister to lay the big hit. Eventually that will take its toll on his spine,...


"p.k. always uses his keister to lay the big hit. Eventually that will take its toll on his spine, and he'll get injured." -posted on habseyesontheprize.com Subban: "Keister? I actually think I'm less likely to get injured that way because I'm using the strongest part of my body rather than my shoulder. Guys are so big and fast nowadays that you see more dislocated shoulders or sprained AC joints. When I'm using my hip and my keister, it's probably putting me at less risk of that happening."

P.K. Subban responding to a comment Kevin made last summer Chris pointed this out in a game thread recently, but I somehow missed it until now. We love you Pernell-Karl at EOTP, don't worry too much about "Dr. Van Steendelaar" :)

Your Montreal Canadiens: Post-Deadline 2012


It's been a bad year to be a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, but the trading nightmare is over for now. Here's what the Canadiens look like as they head into the final stretch of the season, and a...

Habs Failing for Nail Campaign Will Likely Fail


The 2011-12 season hasn't gone well for the Canadiens, and their fans are looking at tanking for a top draft pick. That won't be easy for the Canadiens, who statistically don't appear to belong...

"We didn’t even play a bad game. That’s the most frustrating thing about this year. If I could...


"We didn’t even play a bad game. That’s the most frustrating thing about this year. If I could explain it, we wouldn’t be where we are right now," added the veteran forward. "We were in the game, we were in control, we were playing well, but it seems like there’s always something that happens. I don’t want to blame luck, because I know luck is something you make yourself."

Mathieu Darche, trying to figure out the 2011-12 season. Every once in a while, in post-game, a player breaks a bit from the stock athlete quote and says something that really sums things up. It's been a surreal, frustrating year.

Damn the Haters


Oh yes, the lazy media is back to its old tricks of inventing myths about the past to deride the present and future Habs. But in the spirit of Twisted Sister, us at Eyes on the Prize are just not...

The Losingest Losers Who Ever Lost


The Canadiens are actively trying to lose hockey games for the reaminder of the 2011-12 season. And because of this, it's time to stop caring as a fan.

Lazy Draft Analysis at the Globe & Mail


The Globe & Mail seems to think that the Canadiens not having a draft pick playing in the NHL from the past four drafts is a sign of relative weakness. Here's why that thinking is completely...

The Sheer Ridiculousness of the Injury Situation


The Montreal Canadiens injury woes continue, and its not just a problem that the NHL team has had to deal with. Here's a look at the total scale of the injury problem that has crippled the...

Frederic St. Denis Set to Join Rare Club


With all the various maladies hitting the Montreal Canadiens blueline, take solace in the story of recent call-up Frederic St. Denis. He will join a rare group of former CIS players making it to...

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