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Media Roundup: NCAA Tournament Promises March Madness On Television

Are you ready for March Madness? The NCAA tournament returns next week, with a new look that will have March Madness airing across CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV, allowing the broadcast of every single game, live and nationwide.

Media Roundup: Another Week, Another Collection Of Changes In Boston Sports Talk Radio

The more things change, the more things change. Another week brought more lineup changes in the world of Boston sports talk radio, including the debut of WEEI's all new "Big Show." Plus, the banality of the NFL Combine.

Media Roundup: Boston's Shakeup On Sports Talk Radio Continues

Were you able to keep up with all the happenings in Boston sports radio over the last week? Bruce Allen provides a recap in his Media Roundup.

Media Roundup: WEEI Announces Afternoon Drive-Time Shake-Up

This week brought a shake-up on the Boston sports radio airwaves when WEEI announced it was dismantling its mid-day show, with Michael Holley moving to "The Big Show" to join Glenn Ordway during the afternoon drive-time.

Media Roundup: Super Bowl XLV Draws Record Ratings, Boston Remembers The Bruins

With Super Bowl XLV in the rear-view mirror, hopefully local Patriots fans can now move on and look to the future. Or at least turn their focus to the Boston Bruins, who are doing their part to make for what should an exciting spring for Boston's sports scene.

Media Roundup: Super Bowl XLV Shows How Far Big Game Has Come Since 1967

From NBC and CBS sharing cameras and the game being blacked out locally, to FOX's production of Super Bowl XLV, featuring 42 cameras and the President of the United States, Bruce Allen details just how far the Super Bowl has come since 1967.

Media Roundup: 10 Observations, From Bill Walton To The Bruins To Sports Talk Radio

After a busy week in Boston Sports Media, Bruce Allen offers his 10 observations, from the return of Bill Walton to the Bruins' television success to the Red Sox Spring Training plans to some advice for a pair of radio hosts.

Media Roundup: After Jets-Patriots, A Vain Attempt To Avoid The Sports Media

Following Sunday's Jets-Patriots Divisional game, Bruce Allen spent much of the week desperately trying to avoid the sports media as best he could. His efforts were in vain, unfortunately.

Media Roundup: Boston's Morning Sports Talk Shows Are All A-Twitter

The competition between Toucher and Rich on 98.5 The Sportshub and WEEI's Dennis and Callahan has carried over from the airwaves to Twitter, with WBZ-FM's pair tweaking their cross-dial-and-frequency competition 140 characters at a time.

Media Roundup: It's Guilty Until Proven Innocent For MLB Hall Of Fame Hopefuls

If this recent round of Baseball Hall of Fame voting showed anything, it's that the BBWAA is operating with a "guilty until proven innocent" mentality, writes Bruce Allen.

Media Roundup: Boston Sports Media Figure Of The Year

You've had your runs, Glenn Ordway and Bob Ryan. But you've been passed. Indeed, 2010 might be most remembered as the year that Michael Felger officially took over as the big man on campus on the Boston sports media scene, writes Bruce Allen in his Media Roundup.

Media Roundup: Packers-Patriots And The Curious Case Of Reporter Greg A. Bedard

The Packers coming to town to play the Patriots Sunday night has created a unique situation for Boston Globe's Greg A. Bedard, but he's handling it well, writes Bruce Allen. Plus, CSNNE and NESN make some moves while Mr. Lif "raps up" the NFL.

Media Roundup: Adrian Gonzalez Drama Would've Benefited From Old News Cycle

With the back-and-forth drama surrounding the Adrian Gonzalez trade over the weekend, Bruce Allen writes that it was a story that could've benefited from the old news cycle, where fans weren't subjected to the ups and downs.

Media Roundup: From The Childish To The Lame, Everyone's Talking About The Patriots

Bill Belichick is grumpy. Tom Brady's hair. The Patriots are a bunch of cheaters who videotape opponents. The sports world is resorting to their old standbys as New England prepares to play the Jets, writes Bruce Allen in this week's Media Roundup.

Media Roundup: Let The Hype Begin For Jets-Patriots

With both the Patriots and jets improving to 9-2 on Thanksgiving Day, Bruce Allen says we can expect 10 full days of media hype leading up to their Monday Night Football meeting Dec. 6. But in this case, the hype will be well-deserved.

Media Roundup: Where Is Deserved Outcry For The Colin Campbell Situation?

In this week's Media Roundup, Bruce Allen asks, with so many controversies contrived and labored over, where is the media pressure and legitimate outcry surrounding Colin Campbell and the NHL, an actual controversy?

Media Roundup: Inconsistent NFL Power Rankings, And Why The Red Sox Are Almost An Afterthought

In this edition of his Media Roundup, Bruce Allen examines some of the inconsistencies in the weekly NFL power rankings and explains why the Red Sox hot stove is not as hot as years past.

Media Roundup: Boston's Sports Radio Soap-Opera Drama, And The Top-Five Celtics Writers

Endless discussion about Kevin Garnett's trash talk and Randy Moss' trashing of a team buffet equals "sports talk" in Boston, writes Bruce Allen in his weekly Media Roundup. And then ranks the top-five Celtics writers in Boston.

Media Roundup: LeBron James And Brett Favre Make For Another Busy Week In Boston Sports

There's hardly ever a quiet week in the Boston sports media, and with LeBron James and the Heat, and Brett Favre and the Vikings visiting town just days apart, there was plenty to talk about.

Media Roundup: On Brandon Meriweather, His Hit And The Reaction Afterward

In this week's Media Roundup, Bruce Allen looks at the reaction following Brandon Meriweather's hit and wonders if the public outcry would be so loud if the guilty party was a different Patriots' player.

Media Roundup: A Rolling Moss Gathers ... Nevermind

Bruce Allen returns to offer a look at the week in sports and how the Boston media covered it, featuring wavering opinions on Randy Moss, Delonte West's diary and Tommy Heinsohn offering his thoughts on NBA officiating, as only Tommy can.

Media Roundup: Boston Globe, Build Up That Wall!

Following this week's announcement that the Boston Globe and will become two separate websites in 2011, Bruce Allen details how they got it right with the sports section, and then takes a look at a pair of documentaries featuring the 2004 Red Sox.

Media Roundup: Opportunity Lost For NESN

The Bruins' Tyler Seguin, the second overall pick in this year's NHL Draft, debuted Wednesday night in a preseason game. So why didn't NESN broadcast it? Bruce Allen on the network's missed opportunity, and the hyperbole over Kevin Faulk.

Media Roundup: Randy To The Rescue

The Patriots looked near dominant in their Week 1 win over the Bengals. But all anyone wanted to talk about was Randy Moss and his postgame rant, says Bruce Allen in this week's Media Watch.

Media Roundup: More About Getting It Right Than Getting It First

Tom Brady's car accident has Bruce Allen longing for the "old days" in this week's Media Roundup, when reporting focused more on getting the story right rather than getting the story first.

Media Roundup: These Games Mean Nothing, Unless They Lose

In this week's edition of his Media Roundup, Bruce Allen highlights the hypocritical stance taken by many reporters during NFL preseason, and offers his suggestion for the NBA's next reality show.

Media Roundup: About That 'NESN Daily' Program

In this week's edition of his Media Roundup, Bruce Allen offers reviews, both his own and those from readers, of NESN's new sports show, <em>NESN Daily</em>, and details Tim Cowlishaw's lesson learned.

Media Roundup: Yeah, More Critical - That's Exactly What We Need

In the latest edition of his Media Roundup, Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch examines the supposed gap in criticism of the Red Sox and Patriots, and responds to the idea that fans are more forgiving of Theo and company.

Media Roundup: Discussing The Negative Impact Of The Little League World Series ... Wait, Why?

Checking in on Glenn Ordway's obsession with the Little League World Series, and Jim Gray's obsession with himself.

Media Roundup: Shaq Will Be A Boon For Local Media

In the latest edition of Boston sports Media Roundup, Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch details the "say anything" mentality that is sports radio in Boston, and why Celtics reporters should be excited for Shaq's signing.

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