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Visited a lot when my brother attended, plus I was there for 13-9. Been hooked ever since.

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Trap games?


First thing I noticed was the $c game, but then I saw us on the list.

Top 2014 QB match ups


Glad to see how many feature UCLA. Also noticed there was no mention of $uc.

SEC offended by underhanded recruiting?


Did they hear about LSU stalker (ahem) coach?

UCLA & Drones


write up at tWWL about the 'growing' use of drones...

Neuheisel v. Neuheisel


Entertaining to say the least...

72,000 at Penn "Blue & White" game


Wouldn't it be nice to have that many at the Spring Game?

Bruin friendly Commercial


Has anyone else seen this? I've seen several times during the tourney. UCLA very prominently displayed in commercial

Mora on NFL Pro Day


another p.o.v. on UCLA and Pro Day...

Put the Brakes on USC


1. Let me stipulate that Steve Sarkisian is a talented coach who didn’t get sufficient credit for the resurrection of Washington football. But the expectations that Sark will pick up USC and deposit it into the top 10 are shortsighted. The coach might be new, but the Trojans are still operating under NCAA scholarship reductions. USC still has fewer players than the other contenders, and more of the Trojans are young and inexperienced. A team with one quarterback who has taken a college snap (sophomore Cody Kessler) is headed for the playoffs? USC’s margin of error remains too thin.

From Ivan Maisel 3 Point Stance on tWWL

Cheatey Petey still crying in his beer


Apparently, Mr. Ego hasn't let it go...

Barr at the Combine


from the NFL network, not BSPN...rejoice!

Love to L.A.?


Saw this and figured everybody would like to know

Rule to slow down Up-tempo teams?


Has anyone else heard about this? This seems like the biggest gift to slow ball teams (Stanford & most of the SEC)!! Thoughts? Complaints? Leave them in the comment section...

7 win Sark rejected again


Wittek to skip spring ball/graduate and transfer out...hahahahahahahaha!

Sark seen as worst new coach hire at Senior Bowl


and the Rose Bowl blows away all other bowls

Zumwalt and Evans physical at Senior Bowl practice


The brief mention of them is nice to read…#BruinRevolution

4* Recruit decommits from just$c


and it's not like he's going to better school either!!!

Hearing impaired child writes to Derrick Coleman


With his commercial catching the attention of the country I guess a story like this was inevitable. Heartwarming read...worth the minutes it takes

Recruiting changes


Read article: discuss amongst yourselves. I'm very verklempt...

$c rejected again


bet you won't find this posted on conquest comicals...

Bama hates Kiffen


As you probably know, Alabama's OC got hired by Michigan, prompting many Bama fans to speculate who the new OC at Bama will be...

Mora Stays


Hope this gets tweeted out by Mora himself

Where to go from here


Thoughts on going farther, not a bad read, but nothing that hasn't been said here previously

Slimer dumps on $c?


Don't know if anyone saw this...but Slimer bad mouths his favorite team. Has hell frozen over?

Barr on tWWL College Front page


see for yourself, hope this link works...

Boise's Loss, Our Gain?


Reading the reaction to Boise as they lost their touchdown jesus, I saw this list of recruits. oh my gato, there are a LOT of Ca kids. I don't know how many stars they just makes me wonder: a) are these poachable recruits? (good for us) b) how will his future recruiting affect us? (bad for us)

Good advice for Hundley


Normally stay away from Rantsports, but wanted to read another source on our win over $c. Read the scenario at the bottom...

Kiffy thinks $uc will win...


...and doesn't know why people were shocked they beat Stanford, apparently he hasn't heard about trap games...

Nice breakdown of $c v OSU


ps: two more trogans are out for the year...

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