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Breaking News: NLRB Accepts College Athletes Bid To Unionize

Per ESPN, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that Northwestern football players qualify as "employees" of the university and are thus able to unionize. This is huge news as it would...

UCLA Admission Decision Day 2014: Reflections

Reflections on the day we got the news from UCLA admissions.

Stuck in the Alford Hell

A refresher on Steve Alford's obscene contract with UCLA, making a mediocre loser the highest paid basketball coach in the Pac-12 conference.

Jason Brown's Brother a Hero


An article in the next ESPN: The Magazine about "Deucey" Brown, Jason Brown's brother, who died in Iraq from a mortar shell while protecting 11 others and its impact on Jason's life.

5 Game Packages Available/Single Game Sales Date Announced


Came out yesterday, but I didn't see it posted here (sorry if it was). 5 game packages are intriguing. Note that season ticket holders get first dibs on single game tickets by about a week, so buddy up to that friend with season tickets if you want to go to the opener. Also, tickets will be going on sale to the general public at the box office a whole day ahead of Ticketmaster. So if you have no friends with season tickets, hopefully you have friends with no job and live in Portland (should be about 1 out of every 9 people) that can wait in line to get tickets.

Rams Power Rankings


ESPN came out with their most recent power rankings for Week 1 this week. (Found here) ^I wish I could make a hyperlink in a fanshot This graph shows the Rams power rankings since 2002. Pretty interesting. Pretty sad. They have been in the bottom 50% since Week 8 of 2006.


Rams Apologetics

With the current discontent about QB/DT posts and the increasingly tense draft discussions, I think it would be a good idea if we all share our experiences about the one thing we have in common - R...

Why Francona Should Not Have IBB'd Torii


Interesting article. Clearly one man's opinion, but worth discussion nevertheless.


CC v. Big John

Anyone who has read an Angels/Yankees preview has witnessed the manlove expressed by Yankee fans toward CC, and we all know that Big John is an absolute beast.  So as we approach the Battle of the...


Upload Thread - ALDS Game 1

Since so many people are unable to attend an Angels playoff game, I have taken it upon myself to start a thread where those of us who were able to watch this glorious event can share our pictures...

Jepsen hits 100 mph.


Jepsen hits 100 mph.

Butcher up to bat in the bottom of the third? I think he's the only player on the team with a...


Butcher up to bat in the bottom of the third? I think he's the only player on the team with a lower BA than Jeff Mathis.

"I just don't see that playing time for Maicer Izturis, because Kendrick is going to get 800 at-bats"


ESPN Fantasy profile of Howie Kendrick. Nothing all that new, but its always interesting to see what ESPN analysts think of Halos.


Arte on CostasNOW

"I will not sign Barry Bonds." (damn right) "I was ready to cross that line..." (pertaining to voiding GMJs contract because of steroid use) "Long term we have to continue to educate our kids."...


Angels History

So after reading the article about BoSox bandwagoners, I feel a distinct shame in that despite growing up in OC and cheering at early/mid-90s Angels games, I know very little about Angels history....


Single Game Tickets

This may have been previously asked (I check pretty often and I can't recall it being asked) but when are single game tickets available? We gotta scoop up those Yankee/Sox tickets quick. It's...

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