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Haden too smart for his own good

This smacks of attorney-like calculation and backroom deals. I’m not so sure such tactics are what are required here. I highly doubt Haden took the safe route only because he wanted another of...

Markeith Ambles rejoins USC football team--Becomes Trogan again


Looks like "trogan" is back in the lexicon boys... Try not to have too much fun

NCAA Coach Wooden Ad--What Do You Think?


NCAA Coach Wooden Ad--What Do You Think?

Junior Seau


I'm sort of discouraged by there not being a post on Junior Seau. I know he has problems but a little support would go a long way. So yeah, I'm not bringing his problems up to cast light on something that Trojan fans might not want to be reminded of. I'm just sort of mystified by the lack of support given that there has been considerably more support for those less deserving of it. Now my Junior Seau story: When I was a kid, I used to get signatures for sports memorabilia. I met Junior Seau in the lobby at the hotel his team was staying at. It was Miami and the Super Bowl was a few days away. I was struck by what seemed to be his down to earth manner. The hotel brought a big box to him in the lobby while I was getting his autograph. Instead of making the skinny bellboy take it up to his room, Seau picked it up and put it on his shoulder and carried it himself while politely refusing the help. I took it as an act of great humility because I'm sure he could have tipped the bellboy. I don't agree with everything he's done but I hope he is getting well.


Who is more obsessed? UCLA or u$c*?

Recently, in my cruising of the enemy's blogs, websites, and responses to MSM articles, I have noticed that, besides the usual "we didn't do it" or "woe is me" line of BS, the Trogans are decrying...


What a Trogan Believes These Days

I have an admission to make: I'm sick to death of Trogans and Trogan apologists making excuses for their crooked program. They consistently raise the following arguments: 1. Lloyd Lake and Lewis...

Seantrel Henderson has not signed LOI


Maybe this kid is more on the ball than we think? Update (P). From the linked NYT report: "According to Henderson’s father, Sean, he will wait until U.S.C. appears before an N.C.A.A. infractions committee from Feb. 19-21 to hear about possible sanctions for the program before deciding whether to sign the letter."

Fire Mike Garrett? But what about the TrOJan family?


"If you believe that Mike Garrett should no longer be entrusted with the keys to the most successful athletic program in the NCAA..." Don't know what is funnier; the outright lie or the "keys" analogy.

How Troy in the night was taken So feasted they through Troy, and in their midst Loud pealed the...


How Troy in the night was taken So feasted they through Troy, and in their midst Loud pealed the flutes and pipes: on every hand Were song and dance, laughter and cries confused Of banqueters beside the meats and wine. They, lifting in their hands the beakers brimmed, Recklessly drank, till heavy of brain they grew, Till rolled their fluctuant eyes. Now and again Some mouth would babble the drunkard's broken words. The household gear, the very roof and walls Seemed as they rocked: all things they looked on seemed Whirled in wild dance. About their eyes a veil Of mist dropped, for the drunkard's sight is dimmed, And the wit dulled, when rise the fumes to the brain: And thus a heavy-headed feaster cried: "For naught the Danaans mustered that great host Hither! Fools, they have wrought not their intent, But with hopes unaccomplished from our town Like silly boys or women have they fled." So cried a Trojan wit-befogged with wine, Fool, nor discerned destruction at the doors. When sleep had locked his fetters everywhere Through Troy on folk fulfilled of wine and meat, Then Sinon lifted high a blazing torch To show the Argive men the splendour of fire. But fearfully the while his heart beat, lest The men of Troy might see it, and the plot Be suddenly revealed. But on their beds Sleeping their last sleep lay they, heavy with wine. The host saw, and from Tenedos set sail.

Quintus Smyrnaeus: The Fall of Troy

u$c starting cornerback Shareece Wright out for season


"USC cornerback Shareece Wright has been declared academically ineligible and will be forced to sit out the upcoming season. Coach Pete Carroll made the announcement after practice Monday, saying on the school's Web site, 'Shareece didn't get it done. He didn't get the GPA he needed to get.'" AP Press


Open letter to LIDS

I had the recent displeasure of visiting your store in the Antelope Valley Mall (Palmdale, CA). This store is located in Los Angeles County. As an alumni of UCLA. I was shocked to see that there...

Cruising the blog of our great sister university in the north I have found an amusing site based on...


Cruising the blog of our great sister university in the north I have found an amusing site based on some real-life anti-meth ads. Quite amusing being that their fanshot had the Bruin related ad to which the TrOJays applauded mightily. I however chose a more appropriate picture from the collection. Enjoy!


Petey Will Discipline Wright After All!

Looks like Cheatie Petey will be disciplining starting cornerback Shareece Wright after all. As you know, Wright was arrested last week for FELONY resisting arrest. Of course, the police were out...


BYU fans talk of upcoming UCLA game

I decided to check what BYU Cougar football fans think about the upcoming game with UCLA and what better place to find out is the Salt Lake City’s Deseret News. There the BYU fans can air their...

Rent-A-USC Song Girl


NOW YOU TOO CAN RENT A USC SONG GIRL! (150 an hour? That's mighty cheap for what you get. Make sure you wear a Trojan though)


Member of Bruin Family Killed in China

Bumped. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Bruin Nation go out to the Bachmans. GO BRUINS. -N Sad new:  The parents of former UCLA volleyball player Elisabeth "Wiz" Bachman were attacked while...


USC QB Mark Sanchez Dislocates Patella

Schadenfreude indeed. According to the OCR: Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez injured his left knee during warm-ups at the start of USC’s third training-camp practice today. Furthermore, O...


More Fall Practice 8-5-2008

I was down at UCLA today so I thought I would take a walk over to the football practice to see how things are going. It was a bright sunny day but luckily there was shade by the bleachers. I showed...

1. USC-UCLA: Sure, there are big-time state rivalries, but how many legitimate national powers oc...


1. USC-UCLA: Sure, there are big-time state rivalries, but how many legitimate national powers occupy the same city? And talk about wild swings of momentum: UCLA won eight in a row from 1991-98, then USC won seven in a row from 1999-2005. New Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel's prime directive is to restore balance to the rivalry. His and Pete Carroll's frenetic energy and relentless enthusiasm -- and tendency to be glib -- figure to make for a very entertaining future.

The Pac-10's five most bitter rivalries
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