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Incurable UCLA Bruins fan, and proud alumnus

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The Pyramid of Sliza

As readers of Bruins Nation know, Coach Wooden's priceless Pyramid of Success has been exploited and personalized by some. Steve Lavin and Ben Howland did it, as did the $coundrels across town. W...

Little Things: Treating Imposters the Same

Foreword To my great regret, circumstances have diminished the time that I have to spend on Bruins Nation these days, as poster, as commenter, and even as reader. Over and above my missing out on...

Classic Vin Scully


Some people are "unflappable," but only because they’re out of it. Vinny, on the other hand, is the dictionary definition of unflappable. He mentions a 5.3 "tremor" in stride, and never wavers from calling the game. He weaves anecdotes about the '89 SF quake into his commentary, but never loses control of the game. Vinny is the Captain Sully of baseball broadcasting. What a gem he is.

What's In A Name?

Here are some anagrams of UCLA Athletics' current leadership, with possible interpretations in brackets.

Warning: This link will make your eyes burn


Fox, do not read. So, I get this email from Google+, trying to get me to plus my google or to google my plus, or something. It was an example of all the exciting and great things that are happening over there. Start with the fact that the link is purportedly trying to promote a day given to proper language usage. "Happy National Grammer Day! Time to correct all you're friend's G+ posts. Dont worry, they'll appreciate it!" The first comment is "I'm to nice to do that."

Quintessential Dan

"It's high time that we give overdue props to none other than Dan Guerrero."

What Might Have Been

What might have been if UCLA had a competent AD who hired a legitimate basketball coach.


It Was A Dark And Stormy Year

With apologies to Paul McCartney, When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Humor calls to me Seeking founts of laughter, let it be Well, the past two weeks in football certainly qualify...


A therapeutic lampooning in seventeen-syllable bites of UCLA's tone-deaf and out of touch Chancellor who appears to have not interest in maintaing the rich tradition of Bruin athletics.


Soul for Sale, Part 4: Name That Boondoggle!

So, in conclusion, ... It's time, or more likely, past time, to wrap up this series. What better way to end it than with snark? Given that the "Hey, I know! Let's build a hotel!" project at UCLA is...


Soul for Sale, Part 3: Walk with Mad Dog

PrologueNOTE: Well, it has been fun, but judging from the response to the previous post in this series, it doesn't seem that fiction is in great demand on BN. Nevertheless, I started this...


Soul for Sale, Part 2: A New Regime

This Fanpost is a bit of an experiment. It's a continuation of Part 1 of this series, but this one is all fiction. For a sports blog that prides itself on reasoned and factual discussion, there is...


Soul for Sale, Part 1: Reality Trumps Fiction, and Then Some

ForewordI've been thinking about this looming Luskin Conference and Guest Center at UCLA, and the thinking hasn't helped my blood pressure. I am a mix of saddened, disappointed, and despairing,...


Explosions of the Perverted Kind

Warning to Fox, 66, luv, Bruingirl, Mexi, and other practitioners of the English language: This post contains perverted grammar. And, you should also know that the world is ending. Some of you...


Haikus dedicated to the worst athletic director in America.

Meet THE kid in the Jackie Robinson photo


Cool story by Keith Olbermann, returning to his former profession as sports writer to help celebrate Jackie Robinson's momentous debut. Some nice photos, too. In his byline, Olbermann refers to himself as "Writer, Baseball Nerd."

Program Reminder


Tomorrow (Sat. 4/13/2013) at 6:00 am PT, the Big 10 Network is showing "NCAA Football Classics"--a replay of UCLA vs. Illinois -- 2011 kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. This program reminder comes to Bruin fans as a courtesy, so that they can make sure that they're as far away from a TV as possible tomorrow morning.

Repugnant with a Capital R

A Bruin alum writes to UCLA chancellor urging immediate termination of Dan Guerrero following UCLA's incompetent, clowning "search" for a new basketball coach resulting in the hire of Steve Alford.

What Dan Did Right

Dan Guerrero masters the playbook: The Bamboozler's Guide to Athletic Administration.


Best in Show

[Apologies for the start-stop beginning to this post. In a bit of self-censorship, I deleted the first version over concern for its tastefulness on a family blog. This second version, then, is...

Howland Haiku

Saying a lot with a little--this is the stuff of poetry.

Teachable Moments, Part 4

"Coach Wooden was a spectacular teacher, because he didn’t just mouth the words. He lived the lessons."

Teachable Moments, Part 3

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope that 2013 brings all of us good health, good fortune, and the peace of mind in knowing that we did our best to become the best we are capable of becoming. May each...


Preserving Traditions, Redux

This fanpost is a follow-up to Preserving Traditions, a post in which I tried to have a little sophomoric fun about a subject that, in truth, affected me in a vaguely nauseating way. The subject of...


Preserving Traditions

We've been pretty hard on our Athletic Director, in general. We've derided his lack of grasp for UCLA traditions, such as football shoulder stripes and basketball center-court circles. We've...

Front-Pagers Get Faces, and Voices


When you've gotten to know people strictly through cyber networks, it's always refreshing to see them in person. For me, the encounter occurred at a presentation of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. T&C is a play about the Trojan Wars. The OSF has placed the action in modern-day Baghdad. From Shakespeare's original castings, the Greeks become American GIs and the Trojans are Iraqi soldiers. So, our fearless BN leaders were decked out in desert-storm camo garb. It was rather handy, really, in that the GIs had nametags on their breast pockets--almost like players' names on the backs of jerseys. Anyway, it was my good fortune to "meet" from the third row several BN illuminaries, including Ajax, Nestor, Patroclus, Achilles, and Menelaus. Frankly, I don't know how you guys contribute so much to BN, what with rehearsals and all.


What Adjustments?

Two of the things I like best about BruinsNation are (1) Contributors, front-pagers and commenters alike, express themselves well; (2) Contributors have good knowledge about the "inside" of sports....

Stripe Stubs

UCLA's tweaking of its football uniforms has been a massive fail due to total incompetence from the Bruin athletic department.

When 80 Is a Failing Grade

A long time member of BruinsNation and a UCLA alum from the 60s blasts UCLA athletic director's lack of commitment to excellence in Westwood - specifically when it comes to improving Bruin athletic...

Another honor for Nestor


On this first day of May, "nestor" is the word of the day at I think you'll agree that this honor is prestigious and deserved. Sorry about the "old" crack, N, but at least they made you "wise." Incidentally, the anagram server at the web site is fun to play with. For example, you learn that two anagrams of "nestor" are "tenors" and "stoner." PRONUNCIATION: (NES-tuhr) MEANING: noun: A wise old man. ETYMOLOGY: From Nestor, king of Pylos, who was the oldest and wisest of the Greeks and served as a counselor in the Trojan War. Earliest documented use: around 1510.

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