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The Giants and Sacramento: a primer


There were reports that the Sacramento River Cats might be interested in hooking up with the San Francisco Giants. Here are a few answers to clear up some of the mess.

minor lines, 5/18/14


Sunday highlights from the Giants' farm system: Richmond's Mario Lisson got on base four times, while a rehabbing Mark Minicozzi got on base three times for the second time in his rehab. ...

minor lines, 5/17/14


asdfasdfSaturday Highlights from the Giants' farm system: Joe Panik had a three-hit night in Fresno, as did Richmond's Ryan Lollis.

minor lines, 5/16/14


Friday highlights from the Giants' farm system: Kyle Crick looked like the Kyle Crick most Giants fans envision him being, with six innings of shutout ball, and more importantly, just one walk. ...

minor lines, 5/15/14


Thursday highlights from the Giants farm system: Brett Krill got on base five times for the San Jose Giants, while Adam Duvall hit a home run to tie him for the minor league lead, and Juan Perez...

minor lines, 5/14/14


Wednesday highlights from the Giants' farm: Shawn Payne had two home runs for the San Jose Giants, while Mitch Delfino reached base three times.

minor lines, 5/13/14


Tuesday highlights in the Giants system: Homers! Fresno hits four home runs, including two by catcher Andrew Susac and others by Adam Duvall and Joe Panik, while Augusta knocked out three,...

minor lines, 5/12/14


Monday highlights from the Giants' farm: Jeremy Sy broke a slump with a three-hit game and his first home run of the year, and Tony Abreu picked up a double and a home run for Fresno. Also, San...

Come See Clayton Blackburn Make His San Jose Debut in the Playoffs Tonight!


I don't know if it's been posted yet, but San Jose is bringing up Clayton Blackburn to pitch tonight in Game 1 of the 3-game series against the Modesto Nuts. (Games 2 & 3 will be in Modesto, and no starters have been announced for those games) Clayton had a 2.54 ERA in 22 starts in Augusta, with 143 strikeouts and 18 walks. He was arguably the system's best pitcher this year. Plus there's Joe Panik down there as well. Go Giants!

Rick Reilly calls Sunday's game with the Reds "can-somebody-please-stick-two-forks-in-my-eyes snore-a-palooza"


A game that saw a blown save, and a win in the final at-bat. I wouldn't call it a good game, but boring? I get Reilly wants to make another point, but the guy who made his name vilifying Barry Bonds obviously hates baseball. Dude, seriously, stop fucking writing about it, then. Golf needs more writers.

We Need To Talk About Timmy - from a former Giants pitcher


This is a few days old, but it's on a new site and I hadn't seen anyone post it yet. It's by former Giants pitcher and 1974 Rookie of the Year John D'Acquisto. He seems new to the blogging scene, and he's had a tough (and somewhat shady) post-playing career, but his experience as a major leaguer makes him a perspective that was worth reading. Beat the Dodgers today, Timmy.


minor lines, 6/22/12

Tonight's Highlights: The top prospects heat up, as Gary Brown gets two hits and two stolen bases, and Joe Panik hits hits a home run in a three-hit game for the second game in a row. Also, home...


minor lines, 5/11/12

Highlights from the Giants farm on Friday: Chris Dominguez hit a grand slam for Richmond, while Francisco Peguero and Justin Christian put up three-hit games for Fresno. Meanwhile, Bryce Bandilla...


minor lines, 5/10/12

Highlights from the Giants farm on Thursday: Shawn Payne continues to rule Augusta, hitting a grand slam in a three-hit performance. Clayton Blackburn had a season-high eight strikeouts.


minor lines, 5/9/12

Highlights from the Giants Farm on Wednesday: Todd Linden has a walk off double on a three-hit day, Craig Westcott homers in more runs than he allows. Also, guess what Giants farmhand is...


minor lines, 5/8/12

Highlights from the Giants farm on Tuesday: Home runs were collected by Justin Christian and Roger Kieschnick in Fresno, and Ricky Oropesa in San Jose. Meanwhile, Kelby Tomlinson got on base every...


minor lines, 5/7/12

Highlight from the Giants farm on Monday: Justin Fitzgerald threw 8 1/3 innings shutout innings for Richmond. AAA: Fresno and Colorado Springs Postponed This game will be made up on Sunday,...


minor lines, 5/6/12

Highlights from the Giants farm on Sunday: Kyle Crick had his best start yet, giving up one hit in six innings. Jarrett Parker homered to extend his team lead with San Jose. Gary Brown picked up...


minor lines, 5/5/12

Highlights from the Giants farm: Todd Linden homered in a Fresno victory, while Adam Duvall homered in a San Jose win. Chris Heston and Brett Bochy combined for an eight-inning shutout for...


minor lines, 5/4/12

Friday Highlights from the Giants' farm: Joe Panik got on base every time he went to the plate. Gary Brown got on base four times out of five. Fresno's Roger Kieschnick hits a ninth inning,...

Cutting the Razor: Barbieri 'Let Go' by KNBR


I never really cared for him, but boy this seems sudden.

Bochy: Posey can no longer block the plate


Yay, some real REAL Giants-oriented news worthy of posting and debating (other than Vogelsong tweaking his back). This is going to be fun tomorrow!

The Tampa Bay Rays just don't care what you think of them.


The Tampa Bay Rays just don't care what you think of them.

Remember 'Special Agent' Jack Taschner?


Huh, maybe he was more agent than we thought. He's now a police officer in Appleton, Wisconsin. (per an Extra Baggs tweet) Also, more special. He's doing a Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics. Good for him. I hope he doesn't get hypothermia.

A Sense of Pixellated Scale


Grant's articles on the....thing in left-center at the new Marlins ballpark have been the sensation of the internet. Well, now we have a new look, thanks to Sony's The Show video game. And still.....gah.

Waiting (Officially) Done


Bonser's officially a SF Giant Fresno Grizzly. I'm sure that'll be good for a few laughs this season.


Giants add Kiesh, Culby, Otero, Correa, Graham and....Villalona???

So far, no link, just posts from Baggs on Twitter. In preparation for the Rule 5 draft in a couple of weeks, the Giants protected six players on the 40-man roster while dropping two.  They are:

Former Giant Mike Matheny Named New Cardinals Manager


On one hand, good for him. Matheny was a polarizing Giant after he was signed, but even if he wasn't a great offensive force, he was a good catcher and a good Giant. I have nothing but good memories of him, other than the way his career had to end. On the other hand, what are the Cardinals doing? A guy with no management experience at any level, only some minor league instructor experience. Interesting choice to say the least.

Former Giants Prospect Acquitted of Murder Charges


No, not the one suing to not be a 'former' Giants prospect. Alfredo Simon, who last was in the Orioles organization.

Mychal Urban is no longer your Giants Insider


Suggestions of 'Personality Conflicts.' Hm. No word on a replacement.

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