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Chukchansi Park to play a Movie Set with an "A-List Celebrity" on Saturday

Noah does a good job of keeping it quiet...but here's the details: "Us and Them" is the story of a Triple-A Baseball Announcer shot has to care for his grandchildren, starring Billy Crystal. The Grizz will be themselves (No Faux-logos or teams, I'm afraid) in the movie, though I don't know if the team is the team that Billy will be broadcasting for. They'll be playing the Sacramento RiverCats in that game. They'll be doing additional filming in the press box there later.


minor lines, 8/19/11

Today's Highlights: Michael Mergenthaler got three hits, all for extra bases.  Andy Reichard and Justin Fitzgerald had quality starts.  And Clayton Blackburn only allowed two base runners in the...


minor lines, 8/14/11

Highlights from the farm: Someone not named Tommy Joseph got the two-HR game for San Jose, and it was someone who got his first home runs in San Jose this season: Ehire Adrianza.  Alex Burg, J...


minor lines, 8/13/11

Today's Highlights: Pretty much, the entire San Jose team had a good day.  In particular, Tommy Joseph had his second consecutive multi-home run game, while Ryan Cavan hit a grand slam and Gary...


minor lines, 8/6/11

Saturday highlights from the Giants farm system: Francisco Peguero has a perfect day at the plate, adding a triple to the resume, while Nick Noonan, Conor Gillaspie, Bill Hall, and Chris Dominguez...


minor lines 6/24/11

Highlights from the farm tonight: Eric Surkamp has another shutout start with lots of strikeouts; Chris Dominguez hit his first Double-A home run as his hot streak continues; Ben Thomas hit a home...


minor lines, 5/20/11

Highlights from the farm on Friday: Roger Kieschnick picked up his first home run and his first triple of the year, while Gary Brown, Hector Sanchez and Adam Duvall (hmmm) also each homered again....


Augusta Pitching Coach Steve Kline Suspended

Augusta GreenJackets pitching coach Steve Kline was suspended by the South Atlantic League for at least the next two games, with the lengthening of the suspension and addition of a fine possible...


minor lines 5/6

Highlights for Friday's Games: Gary Brown and Alex Burg each tie the franchise record for hits in a game for San Jose en route to a 23-hit explosion for the team.  Jarrett Parker hits his fourth...


Minor Lines - 4/29 & 4/30

edit: Wasn't it nice for Brute to step in and do these? Don't you want to go to SF Dugout and The Lunatic Fringe and hang out for a while in appreciation? I'm sure you do. Catching up a bit,...


D.C. McCoven Meetup Thread

I just wanted to bring this back up for those of us who will be saying hey out in D.C., watching Manny Burriss play in front of his hometown crowd, and enjoying the Giants on the road.

Barry Zito Taken To The Hospital After Car Accident

Bottom lines: Zito was released after being taken to the hospital. He was injured, but not 'seriously'. The police have indicated Zito was not at fault. Bottomer Line: WTC????????

Brian Wilson: Filmmaker

Or did they (a video game company) just give a camera to the craziest World Series Champion they could find? Eh, either way, could be awesome. I hope it's somewhere I don't have to watch George Lopez to see it, though.

2011 Minor League Coaching Staffs: Same Faces, New Places

Sorry for the self-promoting link, but this is the one place where there's a complete list of all the announcements with bios (no Augusta GreenJackets). There is just a single new face among the coaches, but a lot of shuffling between levels. Here's the list: Fresno: Steve Decker-Manager; Pat Rice-Pitching; Russ Morman-Hitting Richmond: Dave Machemer-Manager; Ross Grimsley-Pitching; Ken Joyce-Hitting San Jose Giants: Andy Skeels-Manager; Brian Cooper-Pitching; Gary Davenport-Hitting Augusta (Not official yet): Lipso Nava-Manager; Steve Kline-Pitching; Jose Flores-Hitting Salem-Keizer: Tom Trebelhorn-Manager; Jerry Cram-Pitching; No Hitting Coach Announced (Derin McMains?) And I was wrong from my earlier prediction about Augusta pitching coach Steve Kline moving up the system.

Giants Opener Likely To Stay In L.A.

They are still considering moving up the actual season opener one day to March 31st, and having the teams play four straight, giving April 4th as an offday. Apparently, we'll (finally) get official word today.

MLBTR: Giants Interested in Trading For Bartlett

An interesting, if not overwhelming, option for shortstop. The price seems right, if the Rays want 'young relievers.' The Giants have options from Ray and Ramirez to minor leaguers like Edlefsen and Paterson.

Your Giants Quiz Question: Giants Rookie To Hit .300 with Double Digit Home Runs

Your quiz question, should you choose to accept it: Buster Posey became the fifth SF Giants rookie to finish the season with a .300+ batting average and double-digit home runs. Three of the other four won Rookie-of-the-Year awards. Who was the fourth, and why didn't he win the award? I know some of you will look it up rather than guess, but try to leave the answer off of the first length of the page so people can guess. :)

Dan Runzler Joins The AFL

Not much to really say. It's not all that unusual to see a player join late, nor see an occasional seventh prospect for a single team join in (usually, there's just six). It is more unusual to see a player who spent a full season in the big leagues, other than injury rehab, take part in the league.

Japan Series Game 6 Ends In A Tie

If Chunchi wins Game 7, it could be an 8-game series. So much for home-field advantage! I admit, I was looking at this because of the earlier report about Nishioka, but I saw this: Tsuyoshi Nishioka led off the game with a single but Ikuhiro Kiyota popped out while trying to move him to second with a sacrifice bunt. Nishioka went to second on a sacrifice fly by Iguchi and came home on a single from Omura. Wow. It's not unheard of, but still.

"You Kidding? The Beard Is Here For Life" - Brian Wilson

Wilson reveals the future of the Beard. Just For Men may have just decided to open up their advertising budget to try and get Wilson on board. I doubt Wilson would take any amount of money for it, though.

Did the Giants just win the spelling bee? (Apparently not. From the Giants' mailing list email...


Did the Giants just win the spelling bee? (Apparently not. From the Giants' mailing list email advertising World Series goods, sent minutes after the victory. It'll be interesting to see if they change it at the web link.)

Giants Interested In Japanese Shortstop Tsuyoshi Nishioka?

This comes from a link in Henry Schulman's latest notebook, but I've posted a link here to my story with more info about Nishioka. I know, it's hardly a time to start talking about the offseason, but how about this: Connecting the popular World Series underdog Giants to the popular Japan Series underdog Chiba Lotte Marines. (The Japan Series begins Saturday.) To be fair, the Marines have been rumored to be considering posting Nishioka for a couple of weeks, so it might not just be idle rumor, but I thought it'd be worth sharing.

The Rangers did win slightly more games this season, in the slightly better league. The Rangers did...

The Rangers did win slightly more games this season, in the slightly better league. The Rangers did have to beat slightly better teams in the first two rounds of the tournament to qualify for the finals.

Rob Neyer: Rangers Have Too Many Edges Over Giants Um....wait. The Giants had 92 wins. The Rangers had 90. I know the California Public School System sucks, but I'm pretty sure I got the gist of 'more than', and the Giants had 'more than' the Rangers. Gotta love him putting over the Rangers in a better league, but playing in a clearly weaker division. Easy to win when second place is .500, Rob. The Giants played in a division with three playoff contenders going into the final two weeks; and played both those contenders in those two weeks. Oh, and the Rangers offense? Philly scored just 15 less runs despite playing without a DH. I'm looking forward to seeing Vlad try to play left field in SF. I really am. After all, the Rangers were 39-42 on the road in the regular season. Okay, enough ranting.

Arizona Fall League Primer/Preview

Hey, we posted this on our site a little earlier, but I thought I'd share it with all of you, since we'll be a week without the big league team.  The AFL started today, with Scottsdale's game...


Second-Guess: Where Was Affeldt?

It was the question I asked my two best friends when the Beard was called from the bullpen in the eighth. And now, after reading all the initial post-game stories, and not seeing his name, I’m...

Cal Cuts Baseball, Other Sports

I doubt this is the most unexpected thing to happen, but it might be a big local sign of the fall of college sports in the face of budget cuts. Baseball's not a big moneymaker, even if you're a winner, which Cal wasn't. However, another sport that was cut, Rugby, has won 25 championships in the last 30 years. (And for another controversy, this article implies Rugby was a victim more for Title IX reasons.)

OT: The weirdest Panda-related thing I've seen on the web in a while. And that's saying...

OT: The weirdest Panda-related thing I've seen on the web in a while. And that's saying something. I'm expecting animated gifs to follow in gameday threads.

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