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Bryan Grosnick is the Managing Editor and lead blogger at saber-slanted baseball site Beyond The Box Score. He also contributes to SB Nation MLB, and has appeared on MLB Network's Clubhouse Confidential as an analyst.

He's previously contributed baseball writing to a host of other outlets, including Amazin' Avenue, RotoGraphs, The Platoon Advantage, SB Nation Tampa Bay, and more.

Bryan spends what little free time he has left with his wife and dogs, and all four can usually be found running and/or eating. Often at the same time. He's @bgrosnick on Twitter.

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  • MLB New York Mets
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User Blog

Why is every young starter amazing these days?

It seems we're like being bombarded by high-quality, youthful starters, but why is that?

The runs-to-wins conversion, revisited

For years, some sabermetricians have been using a shorthand conversion of 10 runs into 1 win. It's probably time for a change.

Austin Hedges could be next catcher-defense hero

As the importance of pitch-framing and overall backstop defense become better understood, the Padres' Austin Hedges may be the next catcher to be perceived as having great value regardless of what he does offensively.

Do the best-hitting catchers of 2013 frame well?

Offense-first catchers are a valuable rarity, but how many of them can also frame pitches? We're taking a look at the top five hitters behind the dish from 2013.

Giving Bronson Arroyo an early hook

It turns out that being a League-Average Innings-Muncher is more lame than LAIM.

Black hole positions: 2014

Which positions on which teams could be cruising for negative value in 2014? Perhaps an infield spot for the worst team in baseball? Perhaps one on the best team in baseball?

Vote for the SABR Analytics Research Awards!

If you come to Beyond the Box Score looking for great baseball writing, then you'll probably be interested in the 2014 SABR Analytics Research Awards nominees!

Basic Sabermetrics: WAR

No statistic seems to create more confusion, discussion, and aggravation than wins above replacement (WAR). There are plenty of misconceptions to clear up about the framework for one (or three) of baseball's most-discussed metrics.

2013's 'Winter Soldier'

We're looking at another fun stat that helps us determine which pitchers were most above-average at recording strikeouts and inducing grounders.

Team loyalty 2014: NL edition

Which players have spent the most time with their respective franchise in the big leagues? Check it out.

Team loyalty 2014: AL edition

Which players have spent the most time with their respective franchise in the big leagues? Check it out.

Fun with pitching correlations

Steve Staude of FanGraphs has invented a very cool tool for reviewing correlations between pitching statistics. Let's play with it.

Carlos Santana to 3B: A great idea

Carlos Santana is making an effort to try out his glove at third base, and the Indians are in a unique position to take advantage of him at the hot corner.

McEwing Scores for 2013

It's time, once again, to tabulate the McEwing Score for the year! Want a number that will tell you how many useful positions a guy played? Here it is.

BtBS and the SABR Analytics Conference Awards

Here at the site, we'll be working to help identify the best baseball research and commentary as part of the SABR Analytics Conference in 2014.

The changing state of third base defense

With strikeouts rising throughout baseball, is a good defensive third baseman still important?

Beyond the Box Score is looking for contributors

If you'd like to be a part of the Beyond the Box Score team -- now's your chance.

Phil Hughes vs. Scott Kazmir

Which of these free agent pitchers would you rather sign: Phil Hughes or Scott Kazmir?

Dan Haren returns to Los Angeles

The Dodgers are going for it, and they've got money to burn. Was it wise to spend it on Dan Haren for one year?

Basic Sabermetrics: WPA

Continuing the Basic Sabermetrics series, we're looking at a statistic used to examine the story of a game: Win Probability Added.

Moving great setup men to the role of "opener"

Relievers thrive in dedicated roles, do they? Pitchers suffer after they've been through the lineup a couple times, eh? And platoons are thriving? Fine. Let's get weird.

Cardinals acquire Bourjos, mitigate risk

The Cardinals made a big move, dealing long-time third baseman David Freese to the Angels for Peter Bourjos. Does adding an injury-prone, performance-varying outfielder make the Cardinals less risky for 2014?

Basic Sabermetrics: FIP

As part of BtBS's mission to bring objective analysis to the masses, we're introducing our Basic Sabermetrics series! We start with Fielding Independent Pitching.

All about sabermetrics

If you've got questions about particular sabermetric statistics or concepts, this is your place.

Shutdowns and meltdowns in 2013

Everyone hates saves, right? But everyone loves excellent relievers. So let's talk about the relievers who changed their team's chance of winning the most in 2013 using shutdowns and meltdowns.

Jonny Venters and The Oregon Trail

After signing a one-year deal with the Braves, Jonny Venters is hoping to return to his previous level of pitching performance. But what made him an "Oregon Trail" ballplayer?

The argument against ERA

With a ready-made replacement available, why are we still using ERA?

The cost of Mauer's move to first base

Joe Mauer is moving to first base to protect his health, but it probably won't make the Twins a better team.

SABR Defensive Index and the Gold Gloves

For the first time, Rawlings included advanced statistical analysis of defense into their Gold Glove voting methodology. Did it work? How would we know if it did?

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