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Barry Bonds: Babymaker

A complicated man with undeniable baseball talent is also the king of (RECORD SCRATCH) *making babies*?!?!



Giants can't put away Padres when it counts, get knocked down for the count.

Giants zap Hunter Pence for five more years.


5 years, $90 million dollars and all the alien/insect/awkward jokes that's fit to print.



The Yankees de-pants the Giants on national television, continuing the season-long humiliation parade of last year's world champions.

TV Pilots Starring San Francisco Giants


Did you know that if you win two out of three World Series, the broadcast networks want to put you on TV? Neither did the Giants players. Five pilots were developed and filmed. Here's why none of...

Hunter Pence Hunter Pence Hunter Pence Hunter Penc


Hunter Pence hits 5 home runs in this four game series at Dodger Stadium, the first player to do so since Mike Schmidt in 1979. The Giants win a four game series for the first time since May (at...

Giants grounded by Brandon McCarthy


Matt Cain faces off against The Greatest Athlete on Twitter and loses.

The greatest four-game series in Giants history*


The 2001 San Francisco Giants will be remembered solely for Barry Bonds' historic feat (sorry, Chris Davis & Maris family), but his scrappy team was also chasing a playoff spot. Here's a look back...

Giants out-grit AZ, but Dbacks go to secret stash


Ryan Vogelsong keeps the Giants in it long enough for offense to tie it late, but Diamondbacks prove that being better overall and playing at home and facing a wobbly Giants' bullpen is enough to...

Giants are Vogel, Posel, & Pabol Strong in finale


Behind Ryan Vogelsong, Buster Posey, and Pablo Sandoval, the Giants earn a series split against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Shocker: Giants Stink In The End


Barry Zito started this game. The Red Sox win 12-1, which you had to figure would be the average score of each game in this series.

The Giants were ahead AND THEN they lost


A reference to a line from an old Nick Swardson routine to cover the lack of entertainment in a baseball game that saw the Giants jump ahead of the Orioles 2-0 only to lose big, 10-2 thanks to the...

Giants hang with Rays until they can't

David Price is so, so, so, so, so, so good and yet the Giants and Tim Lincecum are able to keep pace until the very end, when "bullpen on the road" happens.

Giants and Lincecum Dominated by Chicago's Wood

Cubs sweep Giants in San Francisco for the first time since September 1993, Tim Lincecum's phoenixy season continues as he notches 10 Ks.

Giants no longer undefeated in second half


In fact, *this* Giants team was more recognizable than the kinda winning team we've seen somewhat recently. In other words, resume your search for a new hobby, as it's going to be a rough July,...

Tim Lincecum No-Hits the Padres

The Freak Ks 13 Padres on 148 pitches in his first-ever no-hitter.

Madison Bumgarner is 87.5% perfect in Giants Win


Giants win their first game of the month and their first against the Dodgers since May 5. Madison Bumgarner continues to be The Stopper, which was probably the name of a farm animal he once knew.

Giants Remain Consistent, Lose


The Giants try to win by getting some hits and scoring runs this time out, but the result remains. A four and a half hour loss wasn't all bad, though: Pablo Sandoval got hit in the behind.

Matt Cain fails to throw a shutout.

Instead of getting greedy about the Giants and the playoffs, maybe it's time we all just rest on their laurels and not get so worked up about how bad they are now.

The Left Arm of Madison Leads Giants Over Padres


Bumgarner in control against division foes, his iron grip on our imaginations persists.

Forget It, Giants. It's Atlantatown.


The Giants usually lose two games for every win they have in Atlanta. The Giants won in Atlanta on Friday and lost via walk-off on Saturday. So...

Matt Cain gallops, but Giants kneel before Paul


A late lead gets blown because Paul Goldschmidt is awesome and the Giants thought, "Maybe he won't be awesome this time."

Giants Baseball: Remembering 1980-Thrill


Let's open up the Topps Archive set and talk about a San Francisco baseball legend: Will Clark.

Giants Swept In Doubleheader, Continue Awful Run


The Giants have been terrible over the last seventeen games. They were extra special terrible today in doubleheader sweep against St. Louis.

Pablo Sandoval Beats Nationals In Extra Innings


Washington sequester fails to account for San Francisco animal menagerie, Giants win late, take series with chance to sweep.

Tim Lincecum and the Giants in the pink vs. Braves

Moms win, Braves lose. Tim Lincecum looks Lincecum-like for the first time in a good long while.

Kickstarting the San Francisco Giants


Some of the San Francisco Giants see that they don't have to pay out of pocket for stuff and are now asking ardent fans and crowdfunding enthusiasts to help them start and complete their pet projects.



Giants blow a 5-0 lead. Dodgers blow an 8-6 lead. I blow into a paper bag.

Buster Posey Vetoes Dodgers' Bid for Victory


The reigning NL MVP hits his first career walk-off against the Giants' rival, who early today had the gall to tweet a photoshopped picture of the Golden Gate Bridge painted blue. I mean... that's...

Giants Grind Their Way to Sweep of Diamondbacks


Consecutive come from behind wins for the Giants against a division rival after suffering a sweep at the hands of another division rival provides a positive vibe for team and fans heading into an...

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