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Bumgarner is Dback's Doom, Panda is Giants' Boom


Both starters are dominate, but with one swing of the bat Pablo Sandoval lords over the entire game.

Matt Is Flat, But Brandon Is Outstandin'

Giants' losing streak finally ends, but Matt Cain's Wellemeyeresque start to 2013 continues. Meanwhile, Brandon Belt de-grits a nest of snakes after he's taken down a peg.

Tim Lincecum was just Freakin on a Saturday night


The original title was "The Freak with two backs", but I figured I'd save the use of "back" for the post proper since, you know, that's all we want to talk about. Is Tim Lincecum back? Was he ever...

Giants Rally Again, Lose Again


The pitching held for the most part, the offense made up another deficit, but in the end neither the pitching nor the hitting could make the big play to swing the game their way. Oh, and then the...

Post game placeholder.


Hey, the Giants lost! That's dumb. I'm thinking of something more to say than that, but in the meantime, feel free to chew on another series loss to an NL Central team.

Giants Use A Shaky Hand to Steady the Rockies


The World Champs do just enough to slow Colorado's fast start.

Sponsored post: Get Paid to Pitch Like Matt Cain


A familiar contest returns, offering an unfamiliar lump sum of cash for most people.

Sponsored post: the Giants and your fantasies

Will Tim Lincecum soar or plummet in 2013?

Major League Baseball fights PEDs with PIPs


Baseball Nation's own Grant Brisbee has turned his internet celebrity and baseball knowledge into television appearances, but the cost could be his soul... and Major League Baseball territorial...

A Blogger Apologizes to Brian Sabean

Bryan Murphy has never won a World Series and will never win a World Series, but that didn't stop him from criticizing Brian Sabean for never having won one. Brian Sabean has now won two World...

1,000 Words About Aubrey Huff


The water buffalo's inclusion on the playoff roster doesn't signal the end times for the Giants, but reminds us all that time is ending for a World Series hero.

The Bumgarner Home Run Club Expands Its Membership


The Surly Southpaw joins the elite ranks of Russ Ortiz, Livan Hernandez, Kirk Rueter, Matt Morris, Barry Zito, and Matt Cain in allowing at least 22 home runs as a starting pitcher in the AT&T Park...

Ryan Vogelsong Makes Another Comeback Once Again


Giants win again, thanks to the guy who helped them win before but then stopped helping them win for a little while. Just in time for the playoffs.

Giants Take Walk of Shame, Nearly Make It Home Without Being Seen

You know how in the last two minutes of a blowout basketball game where the kid with asthma and the prescription glasses gets subbed in because the coach knows it’s over? And then that kid...

Kid Cain Clobbers Colorado in Climactic Contest

I'm under the weather, so I've asked my time-traveling cousin from the 1920's, Tip McMurphy, to help out with the post-gamer. Dateline: San Francisco. September 19, 2012. Hot dog! A contest for...

Giants Use Shane Loux, Avoid Sweep

FOOTBALL GAMEDAY THREAD HERE The Giants were due for a letdown of some kind. They did win another road trip, though. But, my goodness, that was a bad game. That was, perhaps, more than a letdown,...

Giants Score in Colorado, High Five One Another

Madison Bumgarner is tired, yall. Just plumb tuckered. Gassed. But madblastit, he's still hossing it up out there. Still mule-ing about. Carving hitters from time to time with a cutter that says,...

Xiants Xin in Xindy Xity Xhanks xo Xim Xincecum and Xavier Nady

Sabes, this is Bochy. I might sound crazy, but we need some thump, so call up Nady. He heard it in his mind, but was it a dream or merely the sound of a parody song on its death bed? He couldn't be...

Giants Reveal Ghost of the Haunted Astrodome to be Old Man Astros

The Giants defeated the Astros tonight and it wasn't particularly difficult. Sure, there was some drama and a thimbleful of uncertainty added to the goblet, but the wine of victory was poured early...

Giants Take Surface Streets, Avoid Sweep


There are days when you question the value of everything. Surely, the team you root for that gets completely and utterly dominated by a lowly Padres team as led by Clayton Richard, Everth Cabrera,...

Barry Zito Leaves Work Early to Watch the Fireworks


It’s too hot for pitching. The energy required focusing on command, control, pitch selection, game situation, and sequencing cannot withstand the warm glowing warming glow of the summer sun. A hot...

Giants Granted Half-Game Lead In Standings After Testing Positive for Matt Cain


I can think of no better counterpoint to the Apocmelkypse than watching the other heralded, semi-heralded, and totally forgotten players acquired during and prior to the season play a game as...

Post-Game Thread: JV Team Loses to Varsity Squad

The St. Louis Cardinals have scored more runs than the Giants this season, they have allowed fewer runs than the Giants this season, they get on base at a better rate than the Giants, they hit for...

One Pitch to Rule Them All, One Pence to Bind Them; Oh, and the Giants Finally Win

This afternoon I was afforded the privilege (thanks SB Nation!) of a working lunch with Louis C.K., Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, Conan O'Brien, and Ellen DeGeneres. The purpose of this meeting was to...

Giants Get 12 Hits (or 12 Padres Wins vs. The Giants) in Win vs. Padres


Brandon Crawford was ejected from tonight’s game and it felt like watching an episode of Family Guy in high-definition for the first time: I recognized what was happening as familiar but the...

Giants Employ the "Rope-A-Dope", the Grift From "The Sting", and Home Runs to Defeat, Baffle Phillies and Astound Us All

A full and proper write-up is forthcoming as I try to piece together the madness of this game which I must time shift. Suffice it to say, this game had more twists and turns than the last 90...

Post-Game and Overnight Thread: You Saw It, But Did That Really Happen?

By the time Barry William Zito hit the ball through the 40-hole it was clear that a magical night was in store for the San Francisco Giants. Buster Posey enchanted the state of Georgia with a...

Giants Scouting Mercurial Starting Pitchers?


Jon Heyman (sorry) writes: "Scouts from at least the Orioles, Rangers, Braves, Diamondbacks, Giants and Blue Jays were in Houston for the game, though one or more of those teams may also have interest in Astros' starter Wandy Rodriguez, who opposed Greinke, or may simply have been performing regular coverage." It's really late, so, I'm hearing Greinke and Wandy like the Uma-Oprah Letterman bit from the Academy Awards.

Giants Look Like That Pink Glop They Use to Make McNuggets With Against McDonald

Well, here's your problem: I can't believe Bruce Bochy would sign this in good conscience, but it would seem as though he had no other choice. Somehow, Clint Hurdle and his thugs were able to...

Giants Take Advantage of Rare Red Error; Buster Posey Americas All Over All-Star Game

If you really cared about this team you’d be smiling in the same way that Dr. Peter Venkman smiled when EPA representative Walter Peck was hauled out of the mayor’s office. Here were the vaunted C...

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