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For your consideration: Butch Davis.

Davis was a protege of Jimmy Johnson working for him at Miami and the Dallas Cowboys. During this time he was there for not only Miami's glory days of the late 80's but also for Dallas' emergence...

Great story about Louisville FB recruit


Getting too attached to any recruit this far before signing day is usually a bad idea with how much shifting happens. Even still, you should probably give this story on Terry Ramsey a look.


The Heisman campaign that never was: a good idea, or a wasted opportunity?

I venture to say that the majority of us who are already thinking about football are in agreement that Teddy's wishes to not have his name and face tied up in a marketing blitz was an admirable...

Charlie Strong speaks after Friday's practice


Via Jody Demling. Nothing too groundbreaking but he does speak on coach Hurtt's situation toward the end of the video. He also mentions that apparently Nick Dawson continues to get bigger and likely won't be a straight linebacker as planned. He is being groomed to play the role that we see Deontrez Mount play, the hybrid DE/OLB position. I hope to see him get some good minutes this year, the guy could be a beast.

Former Louisville Cross Country Runner Elected to Parliament.


Eric Crawford writes that former Louisville Cross Country All American Wesley Korir has won election to the Kenyan Parliament. Crawford has already written a few pieces on Korir that are worth looking at if you haven't already seen them. Basically the guy has an amazing story and tremendous charitable spirit. It looks like now he will be well placed to do his humanitarian work on a bigger scale. Congrats to him and good luck.

Miami (FL) SB Nation Site "State of the U" Interviews Schnelly


Clearly it is slanted toward topics of greatest interest to Miami fans, however I thought it was worth sharing. He gets credit for establishing the trend of bringing Florida players up to Louisville (a trend that every coach has sought to continue since the 80's) and talks a little bit about the importance of recruiting from the South Florida region. Also, it is kind of cool to see his thoughts on Miami's stadium situation and how important he feels it to be for any program to have an on-campus stadium. It is obvious in seeing his train of thought that he was always more interested in building up a program the right way for long term success rather than immediate results.

Charlie Strong, Lou Holtz and the Tennessee Job Opening


C.L. Brown takes to his blog to reveal a little of Charlie's conversation with his old mentor. As a part of the Courier Journal's blog content, it isn't subscription only nor does it count toward the monthly allowance of "free" articles. I suppose that is why it isn't too long or elaborate, but still, it is cool to see. This post makes it seem that Charlie didn't really have any intention of leaving, but was rather, just trying to weight his options carefully to have a clear conscious about his decision no matter which way he went. One thing not mentioned is at which point in the process this conversation with Holtz actually happened. It would be nice to know how far before he announced his decision to stay this phone conversation took place. I don't know if that would really tell us anything, but its hard not to wonder about.

Final Four to Louisville?


The site of the 2017 has yet to be chosen. NCAA Vice President of Championships Mark Lewis has said there is an active discussion going on regarding the possibility of returning future Final Fours to basketball areas. The Michigan State AD (member of the Division I men's basketball committee) has expressed support in getting away from domes. It gets me wondering what the possibility of the Final Four some day being played in the KFC Yum Center. Thoughts?

USF set to announce Willie Taggart as new head coach


Doubtful they could have done much better than this.

Tickets for ACC Championship Game are selling for next to nothing.


Given that this might be our new conference home, this news caught my eye. I'm starting to see why Florida State and Clemson would have the idea that the conference isn't serious about football. Then again, Florida State and its fans seem at least partially to blame since they will be playing in the game. For major college football, this is kind of ridiculous: "Tickets on StubHub.com were going for as little as $4 on Monday morning..." Then later: "A tour of Bank of America Stadium, when no game is being played, much less one that will determine a trip to a BCS bowl, costs $5 for adults. So, if you were thinking of taking that tour of the empty stadium, you can save yourself a buck and just buy a ticket to see Florida State and Georgia Tech play on Saturday night." I know we need to get out of the Big East, and I have already made comments about the ACC being a good step for us. Still, I don't really know what to make of this. It doesn't seem encouraging, and perhaps could just underscore the fact that of the "five major" conferences (or whatever term people are using for them), the ACC appears the least stable of all. Speculation on it might not be worth it, but one of the things that we have talked about being an asset for Louisville over UCONN is how well our fan base traveled when we went to the Orange bowl and how badly their fans traveled to the Fiesta bowl. In this case the ACC obviously isn't showing much willingness to travel. I might be reading too much into it but I can't but think that this might undermine that argument.



Grinnell player sets new NCAA record with 138 points on 108 shot attempts in a game. Just read those numbers out loud to yourself. Despite his more in-control play this year, lets not get this news to Russ. Might see this as a challenge. Love you Russ.

Apparently Louisville is "Pushing Hard" to join Big 12


We haven't had a realignment story for a while so what the hell, why not now. If you look at point number 6 in this piece, Austin American Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls writes, "Said one Big 12 high-level administrator to me, "Louisville is really pushing us hard to join, but I don’t see the Big 12 wanting to expand." I know this topic gets old, but given that our unprecedented run is being diminished by both conference affiliation and strength of schedule, a lot of us have been grumbling about getting more high profile out of conference games to at least help our case. Jumping into a big boy conference could clear up that concern pretty quickly. While I have doubted that Jurich has been asleep at the wheel, the silence that has fallen on this topic lately has been a little bit of reminder that we are still stuck in wait-and-see mode with the future of our program. Frustrating though it may be for us to not have as much control over our future as we'd all like, it looks like some are going to bat for us to join the Big 12 in very persistent fashion.

Another God-I-love-Gorgui moment, brought to you by CL Brown.


While offering a rundown on Wednesday's practice, CL finishes up with this gem, "Gorgui Dieng was one of several basketball players who came out to football, although he was the only one there at the end of football. He stopped to shake hands with strength and conditioning coach Pat Moorer and then Will Stein before leaving." I sincerely hope a photo surfaces of Gorgs shaking hands with Will and coach Moorer. But maybe some dreams are just too big.

Andrea Adelson offers a pretty good defense of the Big East.


Aside from a snarky "welcome back" piece she wrote about Temple, for the most part she has been the only advocate for the Big East at ESPN. Granted, it is her job to cover the league and give Big East fans a space for conversation and coverage on ESPN's site, but still, she deserves some recognition for taking this opportunity to defend it in light of Louisville, Rutgers and Cincy starting the season so well. Lets hope this gets some other commentators talking, and/or changing their tune, as well (looking at you Herbstreit).

Off topic - WVU releases PSA on couch burning


I'll take a Big 12 invite any day now but I can't say I miss sharing a conference with them.

Vance Bedford continues to say all the right things.


Regarding the offensive unit he has been trying to stop in practice this preseason: "I think they're really ready," he said. "I love our offense. The offensive line has done a tremendous job. Teddy Bridgewater is a talented athlete. We have a couple of guys, you have to be honest, we have speed, we have size, we have some NFL receivers. IT reminds me of when I was at Michigan. Now it's only during camp. They have to do it in a game. But we have some talented receivers." Coach Bedford has been about as honest and unpolished as a coach can be so it is hard not to read this and smile. Tomorrow can't get here soon enough. Still, as Mike mentioned previously, savoring the anticipation can offer its own reward. Go Cards, beat Kentucky.

"Nike schools" to hold their own in-season tournament


It won't be happening for a few years, but if this is the future of college basketball I am not sure I am on board. For a couple seasons now coach Pitino has lamented the rise of "the shoe companies" in the college game and recently Dick Vitale wrote much the same calling for a need for massive reform. The sky isn't falling, but lets hope scheduling based on sponsorship doesn't become the new normal.

Report: CBS Sports Vice President Mike Aresco to be named Big East commissioner


The announcement is expected "late Tuesday afternoon." With so much talk about the upcoming tv negotiations centering on a possible deal between NBC and the Big East, it is interesting to see a CBS sports guy emerge. It should be no surprise though that the conference is picking someone with such strong tv credentials. This news along with the announcement that media negotiator Chris Bevilacqua's firm has been hired for the upcoming negotiations could mean the Big East just might get a great deal worked out after all.

Montrezl Harrell Named to USA Basketball U18 Team


Very cool news. Big congrats to Montrezl. Harrell, who signed with the Cardinals last week, and his USA teammates will compete in the 2012 FIBA Americas U18 Championship, which will be played June 16-20 in Sao Sebastiáo do Paraiso, Brazil. The U.S. team will continue to train through June 11 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., and will depart June 12 for the South American nation.

The Facebook page for U of L football was updated earlier this afternoon with some work out photos....


The Facebook page for U of L football was updated earlier this afternoon with some work out photos. Aside from the fact that our guys all seem to be wearing the same incredibly sweet work out shirt featuring the L and the text "Strong Mode," this one image caught my eye (if anyone knows if it is for sale, please comment). More importantly, note that "UK" is written on the tire they are throwing back and forth. Also correct me if I am wrong but I think that is DEs Dubose and Maudlin in this shot.

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