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I am at best ever a student of the game. I enjoy communicating to learn. Communication [def: where each party understands what the other is saying] is ever a work in progress of honesty in intent and accuracy in words and reasoning. Learning [epistemology] is the classic purpose of university, as compared to all the usual deceptions [e.g. currently, "Diversity"].

Human nature [our animal self] inherently and intentionally rationalizes itself in both self-deception and deceiving others for advantage. Thus, in group dynamics, 'what goes around, comes around' in a neverending swirl.

Yet the Creator continues to give each person far more freedom and gifts...than he can handle. Some might say with a wry smile, "every person gets enough rope to hang himself". Thus the Neverending Story of Human Evolution & Progress has two primal pillars: supplant the Creator, and blame anybody/anything whenever 'appropriate'.

Yet amateur sport...even as perverted as nice people can make it... is a crucible like democracy. It is the worst form of competition...except for all the rest.

I enjoy collegiate sport in general and football in particular as a dynamic, iterative game where the purpose is greater than the individual and sacrifice and self-discipline can produce a team greater than the sum of its parts. Here relationships such as tactics and leadership thrive...defying the human desires for 'the sure way' and 'domination'. Here the competition continues, despite the animal desire for 'possessing' results. Well...i mean how i possess good results, and you possess the rest. The crucible of competition is a last redoubt in reality in a cancerous secular world where imaging and fantasy are the prime manipulative values. Put simply, it is a glory not ours that, 'when the ball is snapped, reality sets in'.

From each snap to each 'execution' instinct, anticipating, and doing... is a gift of 'reality' where merit and noble purpose thrive, where 'deception' is for noble rather than selfish purpose.

Ain't it grand?

Across the spectrum of human conflict ... any person can continue to communicate and learn from this crucible of collegiate sport - and apply it for good or ill. Who would continue to give such freedom?

Yet, be careful as you try to learn. Most folks seem to have an aversion to being questioned about whatever escapes their lips. Perhaps our content we choose often cannot stand the light of any day. One might even say it is revealing if, when questioned about one's own chosen 'content'... our respnse is to attack, censor, or ostracize the questioner.

Thus, competitive excellence always includes the question of moral excellence. Perhaps the old question helps: "is it whether you win or lose...or how you play the game"?

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