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What a move to Cleveland means for Love


Grantland has an excellent look at the progression of Love's game throughout his NBA career so far and how that might change after joining LeBron and the Cavs. Love has taken more 3-point shots each year in Minnesota, which reduces his impact as a rebounder, because he wasn't surrounded with good perimeter shooters on that team. But in Cleveland with Irving, Waiters, and Miller surrounding him, Love should be spending more time in the post and become even more of a maniac on the boards than he was before.


LGT Fantasy Football

LGT Fantasy Football is back for its fifth year of competition but we're in need of more members. So far only four teams from last year have signed up so if you played last year and missed the...

Miguel Montero calls out Trevor Bauer


After the trade of Bauer to Cleveland we heard a lot of talk from Arizona that the coaches and management weren't happy with his approach and that Bauer resisted instruction from the team. Well, catcher Miguel Montero voiced those comments recently to a reporter in Arizona. This link is from Craig Calcaterra of HardballTalk, who gives his thoughts on the subject. Craig compares Bauer's attitude in Arizona to his own attitude when he was starting out as a young lawyer and he resisted many of the old way of doing things. I hope that the Indians management is more willing to work with Bauer and let him follow his own approach than Arizona did. From what I hear so far, I think they are willing to do that. With the attrition rate of young pitchers, I think taking a new approach is certainly worth a try to see how his arm holds up as the innings mount.

The return of Shaun Livingston


Grantland has a nice article about Shaun Livingston's return from the gruesome knee injury he suffered with the Clippers a few years ago and where his career has gone from there. Not only is he helping the Cavs this year but it's nice to see him having success after almost losing his career like that.

Lofton for the Hall of Fame?


Jonah Keri writes on Grantland to give his Hall of Fame ballot and gives the analysis you'd expect from a writer of his background. He argues for the inclusion of Bonds, McGwire and Clemens -- and it's almost impossible to claim that they shouldn't be elected without some moral baloney full of hypocrisy and ignorance -- but Indians fans might be most surprised by his inclusion of Kenny Lofton. Lofton won't get much support from the writers because his skill set (getting on base, scoring runs, great baserunning and defense) isn't what catches the attention of the media and because he didn't have many outstanding seasons, but he was a very good player for a long time and ranks career-wise as one of the best CF of all time. I don't think even most Indians fans realize what a great career he's had. Unfortunately, like Tim Raines and many players before him, he's going to wait a long time to get support from the majority of baseball writers while the stat guys make his case for the Hall.

Ball Don't Lie Cavs preview


Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie blog previews the Cavs season and predicts a 34-48 record. They rave about Kyrie, of course, and discuss questions about the rest of the Cavs' young roster.


LGT Fantasy Football

It's that time of year for fantasy football! This is our fourth season of an LGT fantasy football league and I'm inviting anyone new to join who'd like to participate. So far we have six...

Interview with Shapiro


The PD has an interview with Mark Shapiro where he discusses the progress of the team this season, attendance issues, criticisms of the Dolans, and other topics. On the topic of Fauxberto, Shapiro said the team is basically waiting for the state department to resolve the issue but Manny Acta has been talking to him frequently.

Pluto on Nick Hamilton


Terry Pluto writes a nice article about Nick Hamilton and the KSU baseball team. Nick was born with an ear problem which has caused him to be partially deaf but that hasn't held back his baseball career. Good story.

ESPN Insider: Not the same Indians as last year


Ben Lindbergh from Baseball Prospectus has a post on ESPN Insider comparing the Indians' good start this year to last year's start and explains why this year is different. Last year the Indians were playing well with performances that were unsustainable and that led to regression after the first two months. The article explains why this year's team is winning without too many players exceeding expectations; he says the offense could be expected to stay the same or even get better but the pitching might be due for some regression. Even so, their PECOTA projections forecasts a .522 winning percentage for the Indians the rest of this season. Their projections give the Indians a slightly larger than 50% chance of winning the division and about a 60% chance of making the playoffs.

Scott Radinsky and Chris Perez on FanGraphs audio


FanGraphs has an interview with Scott Radinsky and Chris Perez talking about various topics. I didn't realize that Radinsky is in a band but they discuss that along with getting a interesting perspective of what players and coaches experience at the ballpark. With Chris Perez they talk about throwing and how some of his Indians teammates can throw. It's interesting that Carlos Carrasco can throw a ball further with his left hand than with his right even though he's a right-handed pitcher. By the way, this interview was done before Perez' comments this past weekend so there is no discussion about that topic.

Kyrie and his father


This is a really nice story from Jackie MacMullan at ESPN.com about Kyrie Iriving's childhood and his family, specifically his relationship with his father. His father was a former basketball player who saw Kyrie's potential at a young age. The story also details how Kyrie's father, who is a financial broker, worked in the World Trade Center but changed jobs just a few weeks before 9/11. He still worked nearby, though, and was in the lobby of the WTC during the attacks. She writes about his experiences that day, trying to leave the city and get to his children at school. It's a very moving story.

Kyrie leads Grantland's Rookie Rankings


[Editor's note: FP'd Sebestain Pruiti at Grantland has posted rookie rankings throughout the season and Kyrie Irving has moved to first place this week. I had never read his work before it appeared on Grantland but it seems to be very well done. He uses advanced metrics to analyze players and gives pictorial evidence and detailed breakdowns in his rankings. Tristan Thompson was in the top 10 earlier this season but has fallen to just outside the rankings now as other players have stepped up.


Week 9 Picks

I apologize for missing my post last week so I want to give props to the winner from the past two weeks.  For week 7, the best performers were DaveDawg09, Large Russians, and SBP with 10 wins...


Week 7 Picks

Last week's best score was posted by Red-Right-88 at 12-1, followed by badrat, beeware19, and Dawg Nuts at 11-2.  badrat continues his impressive streak of double-digit wins every week and leads...


Week 6 picks

Last week was another bad week as I finished 7-6; I'm just glad that I'm not betting on any of these games or I'd be losing big money.  Overall I'm 45-32 and near the bottom of the DBN standings --...


Week 5 Picks

Last week was another bad week for my picks as I finished 8-8.  The weekend looked like it was starting out well for me but I had 4 of my teams -- Buffalo, Dallas, Philadelphia, Arizona -- blow 2nd...


Week 4 Picks

Last week there were two members who put up 14-2 records to lead the group -- Dawg Nuts and UnderDawgPound.  The overall leader is badrat, who has put up an impressive 13, 12, and 12 wins in the...


Week 3 Picks

The second week of this NFL season resulted in fewer upsets so the scores were much better last week.  I rebounded from my poor 7-9 start to post a 12-4 record.  I only lost one early game but a...


Week 2 picks

The first week of the NFL season had quite a few upsets which hurt many team's picks -- including mine -- but congrats to badrat as he finished 13-3 to lead after week 1.  Five other members...


Week 1 Picks

The NFL season kicks off tonight so it's time to post my picks for the first week.  These are the picks that I entered in our Yahoo Pick'em League and every week I'll try to post them here with a...

Browns pick up OL Cousins, Steinbach out for the season


The Browns have been awarded offensive lineman Oniel Cousins off waivers from Baltimore. Cousins entered the season as the Ravens' starting RT but was moved to guard because of poor performance then cut when they picked up Bryant McKennie. Ravens coach John Harbaugh has said that Cousins' future is at guard. Mary Kay Cabot tweeted today that the Browns need to make a roster move by 4 pm today to make room for Cousins so we may see Eric Steinbach moved to the IR.


DBN Pick'em League

Those of you who were around last year may remember my short-lived attempt to have a weekly NFL picks contest to choose the winners of every NFL game.  Having members post their picks and records...


LGT Fantasy Football returns

We are beginning our third year of having an LGT Fantasy Football league through Yahoo and we're in need of a few members to replace owners not returning from last year.  Currently we have seven...

The "West Coast Offense" returns home to Cleveland


Tony Grossi has a pretty good article in the PD today breaking down the so-called West Coast Offense and its origins in Cleveland under Paul Brown. There is a nice picture showing the coaches who followed Brown and Bill Walsh that have used some form of the offense in their coaching. The article also gives some description of what the offense entails and how it will be used in Cleveland. I know rufio has given a more detailed description of the offense on this board but this is a nice breakdown for fans to read in the newspaper.

Phil Taylor signed


MKC tweets that the Browns have signed Taylor to a 4-year deal. All our draft picks will now be in camp.

Jimenez debuts Friday in Texas


The Indians' twitter feed said today that Ubaldo Jimenez will make his Indians debut on Friday night against the Rangers. That means he'll have five days off since his 1-inning, 45-pitch start on Saturday as the trade was being finalized. He is expected to join the team in Boston this week.

Browns resign Dawson and other FA's


MKC is reporting that the Browns have resigned Phil Dawson, who had the Browns' franchise tag, to a 1-year contract. They've also resigned RFA's Evan Moore, Brian Shaefering, Billy Yates, and Marcus Bernard. All of their draft picks have now been signed except for Phil Taylor, although reports are that his signing is expected today.

FBO ranks top organizations for young talent


On ESPN.com (Insider required), Football Outsiders ranked the top NFL organizations based on their under-25 talent to see which teams are building best for the future and the Browns ranked 6th on their list. Their top five were Bucs, Chiefs, Patriots, Rams, and Lions. Other AFC North members were Bengals at 9th, Steelers at 15th, and Ravens at 28th. The writers from FBO were impressed with the talent the Browns have assembled since Holmgren and Heckert took over two years ago (they were 8th in last year's rankings) and see the team improving quickly, especially with a new coaching staff. Thank you to CoyG Biv for also posting a link to this article. I didn't see his when I posted mine, but since this one has all the comments I'll leave it up.

Houston moving to AL if realignment occurs


FSN Arizona is reporting that MLB has told the D'backs they won't be moving to the AL if baseball realigns. Arizona and Houston have both been talked about as candidates to move to the AL but the report states that the move of the Astros to the AL West is a precondition of the sale of the team to Jim Crane. This would also create a natural Texas-Houston rivalry and give the Rangers another team in their division in the same time zone, so this move seems to make the most sense. Selig said yesterday that realignment isn't on the table at the moment so this likely won't happen until 2013 at the earliest.

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