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User Blog

Fantasy Football: Trade Help

Rashard Mendenhall and Tony Romo for Michael Vick and Anquan Boldin? Will Vick keep it up, the "experts" say the schedule gets harder, but from the offensive side of the ball for the Eagles I just...


Quick trade help?

Dan Haren for Jimmy Rollins and Edinson Volquez? Or Marcum for Rollins? Or neither. I like the one that gets me Volquez a little better. I currently have Furcal at SS but I'm looking to upgrade. My...

Cain's performance best of the season

Enough said. Against a potent offense.


Lilly or Wandy

Wandy is available on the waiver wire and I have a #3 pickup. Do I pick up Wandy and drop Lilly? Do I stick with Lilly? I don't like the way Houston is playing at all and Wandy looks like he could...


Quick and Easy

Ryan Ludwick for Joel Pineiro. What do you see from Pineiro the rest of the year? He has looked good in all but a couple starts. He won't be the same as last year. No keepers. I couldn't get any...


Rank These Pitchers

Some popular underachieving waiver wire pitchers. Tell me who you think will turn it around. Edwin Jackson Mark Buehrle Rick Porcello Gavin Floyd   And into July and August, Jair Jurrjens Max...


Any Advice?

My OF are stacked. 12 team Head to Head points. My SP is good, but I'm looking to bolster it. My OF are Matt Holliday, Andrew McCutchen, Justin Upton, Jason Heyward, and Chase Headley as a 3B/OF....


Intentional? Come on.

Best and Worst Contracts

Sorry if it's already been posted, look at the worst, Cisco. Then look at the best and you see our newly acquired Landry.

This Got Me Thinking

Let's make some of our own for Tyreke Evans. I'll start. I'm no good at them, but I know StR will have some good ones. Tyreke doesn't need the Rookie of the Year Award. The Rookie of the Year Award needs Tyreke.

Come on.

Either vote for him so we can see mayhem. Or vote for K-Mart. If McGrady can do it K-Mart can.


2010 Draft

This will be short and sweet. I couldn't find a link for a fanshot either. I'm very sorry. As much as I want success and I LOVE seeing the improvement and I get excited for this years games. How...

Would you?

Take any of these guys over Ishikawa/Bowker/Garko/OtherBelowAverageHitterOfChoice?


Aaron Rowand

Where to start?  I know where.  Last night.  I was watching the game with my girlfriend and I turned to her and said that Aaron Rowand will strike out on a slider that starts in the middle of...


The first two Giants are assumed, but with this really whack calculation B-Wheezy gets some love. I would scratch the VB or "Victory Bonus". That's a team stat that Lincecum has no control over how horrendous an offense may be.


I know the draft is long gone but....

I can't get over one little thing that I want McCovey Chronicles fans to help me understand/cope with. The Giants drafted a catcher in the second round.  The Giants drafted a high school catcher...


Two stories involving the Giants on the Yahoo! front page. Not the best place to be, but national attention in a positive manner is never bad. Brian Wilson, I know. Old news, but not to Yahoo! apparently.

Grant and Jerry. Are priceless.

Stumbled across this and I knew I recognized the voices.

Bengie Molina

Maybe it's changed by the time Giants fans get around to seeing it, but something about Bengie's line seems funny to me. BA .304 OBP .302??? Maybe they count home runs as not getting on base. I always have.


Looks like with some offense and get our starters some wins this may come true with unlikely pitchers...


Need a side of bacon to make your kings better? I do.

Free Agent Lineup

Is it me or is there still some decent players that could help the Giants? Also, look at the second comment and the pitching that is available. Should the Giants maybe try and sign a vet to help the young guys out? I mean other than Rich Aurilla.


Is there even a possibility?

First, I would like to apologize if somebody has already touched basis on this subject. Second, BASEBALL IS HERE! And, third, the actual post.  Here it goes, give me your thoughts. The Giants...

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