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Former Piston Corliss Williamson To Join Kings' Coaching Staff


He was a member of the 2003-04 squad. He played four seasons with the PIstons from 2000-01 through 2003-04. GP 266, GS 17, PPG 12.1, RPG 3.4. In 2003-04 GP 79, GS 0, MP 19.9 PPG 9.5, RPG 3.2.

Lanier Talks About Bill Russell


The article in actual about Oden. In the video the Admiral, Russell and Lanier give some pointers to Oden sort of. Lanier's comments are at the very end of the short video. LOL Russell retired after the 68-89 season. Lanier was a Pistons rookie in 69-70

Photo of Nash With Stern When Nash Was Drafted


Nash looked like a high school kid and check out his haircut.


DJ And Advanced Stats Tell Me My D.J & EB for Aldridge Trade Idea Was Dumb.

Let me begin with. If you don't believe in the value of advanced stats you can stop reading here unless you want to troll the post. Disclaimer: Before I begin let me say that this post only...

IRS Wants Bill Davidson's Estate To Help Pay The National Debt To The Tune of $2 Billion


IRS, ex-Pistons owner's estate in tax dispute The Associated Press – Fri, Jun 21, 2013 9:29 AM EDT DETROIT (AP) -- The estate of former Detroit Pistons owner Bill Davidson is challenging the government in U.S. Tax Court over billions of dollars claimed by the IRS. The Detroit Free Press ( says the Internal Revenue Service objects to how Davidson's accountants valued stock in his company, Guardian Industries, which makes glass and parts for the auto industry. Other issues include tens of millions of dollars given to Davidson's wife and money used to help her daughter build a home. The newspaper says the IRS is seeking about $2 billion or more in estate taxes. The agency declined to comment. Davidson's estate challenged the IRS last week in a filing in U.S. Tax Court.

Ujiri gets seat on powerful competition committee


SAN ANTONIO—Masai Ujiri got a bonus new job out of his most recent move. The Raptors general manager also became a member of the NBA’s competition committee when he took on his role in Toronto and is to attend his first meeting of the powerful policy setting group here Wednesday. Ujiri replaces Bryan Colangelo on the 10-member board that comprises general managers, coaches, players and owners. There are two pressing issues the committee will have to deal with: stricter rules and fines against flopping and revisions to the in-game replay policy.

Rockets To Simultaneously Pursue Paul, Howard


Jun 09, 2013 12:12 PM EDT The Houston Rockets plan on pursuing Dwight Howard, but they will simultaneously go after Chris Paul as well. "They are targets No. 1 and 1A," said a source. Both Howard and Paul are free agents, but the former has expressed more interest in signing with the Rockets. The Rockets need to complete a few moves to offer a max contract, something they feel is likely. Houston won't have enough cap space to offer a max contract to both players. Paul is close to James Harden from their time together on USA Basketball. Via Jonathan Feigen/Houston Chronicle

Ujiri Mentions Africa As A Big Reason He Took Raptors Offer


From today's presser in Toronto ----------------- Q: Masai, do you feel pressure representing Africa? A: I do feel pressure there. For a continent that big and that great, I have no other choice but to be successful...For me, financially, that really helps me in Africa, because I can go and do more. I can go and help more people. We can build more courts. We can do more camps. We can help more kids come to school in the States, and I can continue to help with the NBA and the platform they've created for basketball without borders. ------------ Not suprising

JVG & Dave Berri Slam Dumars Coaching Changes


Without mentioning Joe Dumars by name, Van Gundy blamed Detroit’s president of basketball operations – and not Lawrence Frank, who was fired… after two seasons – for the Pistons’ failure in the past few years. -------- A lot more on the link above

Laimbeer bringing his intensity, attitude back to the WNBA

A few things about the WNBA appeal to Laimbeer, who has said he won't use this job as a springboard for another NBA coaching job. "I like [the WNBA] because there is no babysitting involved. There's no recruiting and you just draft players. They are grown adults, you treat them accordingly," Laimbeer said. "I like that they listen very well, much better than the guys, by far. The guys think they know everything. Women have egos too, but the guys think they are it because of the money." [More on link]

Zach Lowe - On VDN

Zack Lowe has a weill written, in my opinion, piece about VDN's coaching problems. I don't think there is anything in there we did not already know but I think it is worth the read. He points...

Rapotors Might Have An Interest In Weaver to Replace Colangelo


Leiweke is not conducting the search for a possible replacement on his own; multiple NBA sources say MLSE has hired a head-hunting firm to whittle down a list of possible replacements. Two names being tossed around NBA circles at the league’s annual draft combine are Kevin Pritchard, currently the general manager of the Indiana Pacers and Troy Weaver, the vice-president and assistant general manager of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Ed O'Bannon Lawsuit That Could Bring Down the NCAA


The storm that’s slowly rolling toward Indianapolis quietly gained strength this week with the filing of several devastating documents in a federal court in California. If it stays on course, it’s going to hit with biblical force, reducing the National Collegiate Athletic Association to a heap of rubble. This storm is also known as O’Bannon v. NCAA. It’s an antitrust lawsuit filed in 2009 by former UCLA All-American basketball player Ed O’Bannon and a handful of other ex-college athletes, who don’t think the NCAA should be profiting from their names and images without sharing the royalty payments. In their latest filing, O’Bannon’s lawyers argue that the case deserves class-action status. If their request is granted, the NCAA would be liable for claims brought not just by the plaintiffs but also by all former athletes. Anyone who has ever played a Division I college sport would instantly be suing for damages for every instance in which his or her image was used in a video game, highlight reel, broadcast or rebroadcast. cont on link


Former Pistons Player Amir Johnson Having Breakout Season?

Games Started - 25 MPG in Starts - 36 PPG in Starts - 13.2 RPG in Starts - 10.2 FG% in Starts .547 Last four starts MPG - 36.5 PPG - 14 RPG - 15 WP/48 - .231 before todays 18 and 18. ...

High School Player Claims He Dominated Kanter Last Summer


For what it’s worth, Okafor believes he could make it as a 17-year-old pro. "I would like to think that," Okafor said when asked if he could play in the NBA right now. "I’ve actually had the [opportunity] to play against a professional basketball player. I played against [Utah Jazz center] Enes Kanter. He came to my school over the summer and I actually dominated him.

Avast Ye Matey - Cookie To Become A Pirate


Free agent forward Brian Cook will sign with Piratas de Quebradillas of Puerto Rico this week, agent Greg Nunn told HoopsHype. His contract with the team includes an NBA out, so Cook, a nine-year NBA veteran, could still return to the league before the season is over.

Amir Johnson gives praise to Tristan Thompson


"He’s become a very good athlete,"said Johnson of Thompson. "His post moves are getting better. I think the sky’s the limit for that kid."

Kobe Bryant Nearly Traded To Pistons In 2007


Prior to the 2007-08 season, Jerry Buss invited Kobe Bryant to his home and warned he had a deal to send the Los Angeles Lakers' star to the Detroit Pistons -- a team that wasn't one of Bryant's preferred destinations as part of his trade demand. Bryant then realized he didn't want to waive his no-trade clause to leave the Lakers and, most importantly, his owner. "It hit me that I didn't really want to walk out on Dr. Buss," Bryant said Monday. The Pistons' package for Bryant included a combination of their core players and draft picks, according to sources. ------------------- Doesn't surprise me that this story didn't come out until after Dr Buss' death

Paul George Credits Former Lakers Assistant Coach Brian Shaw For Breakout Season


Paul George credits Indiana Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw for helping him become an All-Star in just his third year season. "He's really helped me out," George said of Shaw. "He's the one that gets on me. If I'm not playing well, if things aren't going right, and he knows I'm the reason for it, he'll let me hear about it." More on link

Jose Calderon Rejuvenates Pistons' Culture, Smoothens Offense


Just four games in, Calderon has already injected the Pistons with a new sense of confidence. Lawrence Frank marvels about Calderon’s calmness and leadership, and the coach has begun to rely upon the 31-year-old to smooth over the offense and, more importantly, rub his knowledge on Brandon Knight. The Pistons undoubtedly remain confident in Knight as their point guard of the future, but they realize this trade will be most successful if Knight absorbs Calderon’s pace-changing brilliance and approach toward running the offense. You can read more by clicking on the link


Why Haven't We Seen Jonas Paired With Amir?

Now I will say I only watched three of the Raptors seven preseason games but I don't recall Jonas and Amir on the court together during those three games. I have also followed the other four...

Tigers Fan Offers House In Exchange For World Series Tickets


You may wonder if the tickets or the house would be worth more, but allegedly the house would sell for $2,500 to $5,000 on the open market and that would price it above two standing room tickets currently going for $718. The seller claims he has had several interested parties and his wish to see his Tigers in person in the World Series just might come true.


What Will The Rotation Be and How Many?

It might be a bit early but by the end of next week we should know what Frank's standard rotation will be. Will he use 8, 9 or 10 players; i.e. play over 10 minutes regularly in each game? So I...

Jonny Flynn Agrees to One-Year Deal with Pistons


Sunday, September 23, 2012, 12:50pm Chris Haynes, Trail Blazers Insider (@ChrisBHaynes) Free agent point guard Jonny Flynn and the Detroit Pistons have agreed upon a one-year non-guaranteed training camp deal, has learned.

Celtics To Sign Darko


As some might recall Sheed and Darko played together for the Pistons before Sheed signed with the Celtics. I wonder if Sheed recommended Darko to Ainge? Sheed, say it ain't so

Lakers Could Spend Nearly $200M On Payroll, Tax In 13-14


The Los Angeles Lakers could spent nearly $200 million on player payroll and associated luxury taxes during the 13-14 season. The Lakers already have $79.6 million committed to eight players for the 13-14 season. Assuming they re-sign Howard next summer to a maximum contract that calls for him to make $20.5 million in the first year, they will then exceed a payroll of over $100 million.


The Lakers Have Bryan Colangelo To Thank For Obtaining D-12

As we know Bynum went to the 76ers along with Iguodala going to Denver in the trade that brought Dwight to the Lakers. August 10, 2012: As part of a 4-team trade, traded by the Orlando Magic with E...


Should The Clippers Give Ben Wallace A Training Camp Invite?

Veteran center Ben Wallace has indicated that he would like to return to the NBA but it likely won’t be with the Pistons, who have begun a youth movement and plan to go with AndreDrummond, A...

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