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I love John Schneider platonically


Just watch our crazy genius GM talk draft. How does he draft so well for Pete Carroll? Oh, and trade so well? And find a sasquatch in Canada to play corner? Enjoy.

Mike Holmgren will be on the radio talking Seahawks regularly for KJR! You excited?! Feel these nipples.


KJR BREAKING NEWS: We are excited to announce Mike Holmgren is joining our team as a regular contributor and NFL expert.— Sports Radio KJR (@SportsRadioKJR) April 11, 2013

The Animated Adventures of Lil Dangeruss


Let's start an email chain, please contact me at weinstein at digitalworkshopnyc dot com . Once we get our heads together, we can set up the kickstarter and shoot for the moon.

Sherman is not in the top 5 in Pro Bowl Voting


We, as Seahawk fans, need to bombard the Pro-Bowl voting ballots to ensure Mebane and Sherman are Pro Bowlers. Once a day, go over to and vote for your fellow Seahawks. Think about the amount of times on the bye week that you can do this? Sunday no funday with no game so click them into the Pro Bowl.

Russell Wilson ESPN Article


This a pretty good background story on Russell Wilson.

Most physical defense and upgraded


Gary Horton talks about the Seahawks in his article. He talks about the Seahawks being the most physical team on film. For those that do not pay for Insider, read the Seahawks excerpt below: "Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll is a defensive-oriented head coach and has worked hard to upgrade the personnel scheme of this underappreciated unit. I see the Seahawks' defense improving for several reasons. Their draft will help, but this is also simply a young unit that should improve with more coaching this offseason. The more film I watch, the more impressed I am. This now looks like a defense that can compete with the dominant San Francisco 49ers' D. While the Seahawks played good overall defense in 2011, they would like to improve their sack numbers -- and it looks like they have the personnel to get it done. They play a 4-3 scheme, but they will at times change their look to a 3-4 and mix in their "Elephant" look, which features an extra linebacker as a pass-rusher. Seattle likes to get that pressure without a lot of blitzes, although it trusts its defensive backs if forced to put them on an island in single man coverage. The Seahawks have a terrific front four lead by RDE Red Bryant, who is a great run-stopper and physical rusher, and LDE Chris Clemons, who is their best edge rusher. Now they add rookie DE/OLB Bruce Irvin to the mix. Irvin is perfect as the "Elephant" edge rusher in all their sub-packages. Plus, they can overload their pass rush on one side, almost like the old Buddy Ryan 4-6 defense. They are also excellent inside with a deep defensive tackle rotation of starters Alan Branch and Brandon Mebane, along with free-agent pickup Jason Jones. They can really get creative with their fronts and schemes because of the versatility of this group, which is perfect for Carroll. This linebacking group looks solid, with rookie MLB Bobby Wagner and OLBs Leroy Hill and K.J. Wright. They are an athletic group with good speed and range. However, they have the luxury of playing in front of a terrific secondary. Of all the film I have watched in this offseason, the Seattle secondary is the most impressive unit I didn't know about. Both safeties, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, are Pro Bowl players. They are not only physical, but elite cover guys for their size. Starting corners Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman aren't household names, but they are the biggest duo in the NFL, and that size and physicality allows them to play the aggressive press coverage on the outside that Carroll loves. This defense plays with a swagger, and is the most physical group that I have seen on film. They have great variety in their skill sets, which allows the coaches to create exotic schemes. Above all, though, they are a young defense that will be good for a long time."

Trufant to IR


Walter Thurmond chance is upon us.

Hasselbeck has hair!!


Hasselbeck has hair!!

Matt To SF?


Steve Young thinks Hasselbeck is heading to SF. I think this is to drive up the cost which is fine by me. Make resigning him as prohibitive as possible.


Not a Rumor: Osi Umenyiora to Seattle (edited title)

John Clayton providing a juicy rumor thingy mabob:   "Q: Any truth to the rumblings that Osi Umenyiora is unhappy in New York? If so, what type of compensation do you believe it would take to land...

Qwest 3rd best?


As someone who went to Dallas Stadium for the SuperBowl, I can say Qwest is better in many ways. Dallas Stadium is massive, it is hard to imagine a stadium in Washington state getting near that size. They have 5 rows of boxes but the boxes are bit far from the field so the view is not that great compared to the boxes at Qwest. Yes, I have been spoiled in my football experiences. In Dallas, I went to the box but decided my seats were better. Row 1 on 200 section directly behind Stealers endzone. The food is better at Qwest. There is nothing better than the smell of garlic fries throughout the stands at Qwest with thousands of fans screaming endlessly. Even at the loudest point during the Superbowl, I could have a conversation with the people two rows back, that can't happen at Qwest during its loudest moments. Shit, we caused an earthquake! Dallas food stands are nothing special, no Gordonbierch, nothing different or unique to the region. Beer is standard Bud Light and the likes, no microbrews. Though they did have ice luges for tequila shots but I have to assume that was SB only and gave hundreds of paying customers communicable diseases. No cell reception anywhere in Dallas Stadium while I never have problems at Qwest. Getting around the stadium is beyond tedious, there are no signs and nobody working there to assist you. The bathrooms are foul with no staff to put paper towels and toilet paper. Halfway through the first quarter, the bathroom ran out of toilet paper and paper towels. They replaced the toilet paper in the second quarter but never replaced the paper towels. Jerry Jones was woefully unprepared for the Super Bowl but his stadium was also not worthy of being ahead of Qwest! What are your Qwest experiences or your experiences at other stadiums across the country? * Scruffy's note - I'm front paging this because Seahawks news is dead right now

Hey, Adrian baby. Why not have a caption contest?


Hey, Adrian baby. Why not have a caption contest?

Jerramy, don't you say?!


Once again, our former TE is in trouble with the law. Jerramy Stevens was arrested for possession of marijuana, intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. I am guessing the intent to distribute is probably related to the quantity versus actually wanting to sell but you never know with that kid.

Drive of the Week


Interesting little segment but the move Deon Butler does on the 15 yd reception is gorgeous. I am excited for him, he shatters ankles. I would watch the video just for that.

Bringing in Brandon Jones?


It looks like Brandon Jones is on his way to Seattle. Why? I think our receivers are good and with potential.


Welcome home, Mike Reilly

Not sure how many of you were clamoring for Mike Reilly last year but now he is here in Seattle. He is a Central Washington Grad with prototypical size. We just signed him off the Rams waiver. I...


Seahawks GM is John Schneider

Seahawks hire Packers executive John Schneider to be their new general manager. Schneider is a young executive with little in the way of an individual resume. His hire confirms that head coach Pete...


Qwest Field is #9 in homefield advantage

This video brandishes the 12th man as the 9th best homefield advantage in the NFL. Obviously we concur. This is a good antidote Brendan Scolari trolling fanpost about Julius Jones where average is...


Tom Cable Flips Out, Nobody Talks Sh*t to John Marshall

News out of Oakland Tom Cable got angry at an assistant who was not so polite to Sir John Marshall and what ensued is sketchy but the assistant Randy Hanson had to go to the hospital with a jaw...

Seahawks and Toys


I came upon this Kenny Mayne excerpt with the Seahawks and almost died laughing seeing Kerney using the bobcat. I hope you guys enjoy it.


Tapp in the Nickel PackageYesN

In Danny O'Neil's Seahawks Blog , he finishes his observations of Training Camp practices with an interesting note."Changes on Tapp: Seattle showed one of the first signs of new wrinkles on...


Babineaux to challenge Russell!

According to Mike Sando in his NFC West Blog he states: "Jordan Babineaux will challenge Brian Russell for the starting job at free safety. Babineaux is focusing on one position -- safety, not...


Kelly Jennings is ranked 3rd RCB while Kevin Hobbs is ranked 2nd LCB

According to the depth chart on , it is interesting to see Kevin Hobbs ahead of Kelly Jennings. Is this a sign of things to come? What do you guys think of the CBs? Kevin Hobbs adds...


Misfit is famous!

So I was reading the Seahawks section of the Ultimate Standings on ESPN while listening to Ed "Too Tall" Jones song "Can't Stand the Heat" and of all people it quotes Misfit from Fieldgulls!  "We...


Why do people hate on Rob Sims so much?

I am constantly baffled by the people who seem to think that Rob Sims is awful. They seem to argue that he whiffs in pass protect but when he is in, Matt Hasselbeck has the best passing stats of...


Julian Peterson Might be Released.

According to Julian Peterson could be released. He was apparently asked to take a pay cut and refused.  Maybe Aaron Curry will be a member of the 4-3 West Coast Defense. I personally...

John Marshall is Raiders DC


John Marshall is being hired by the Raiders to prove that Al Davis is infected with something more than E.D.

Dwaine Board hired by the Raiders


Dwaine Board was hired by the Raiders as D-Line coach, same role as he had in Seattle. But the article also includes an that the Seahawks are interviewing John Marshall for D-Coordinator. How excited are you to see the Raiders get worse? Am I the only person who really excited see the Cryptmaster take our scraps?

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