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My parents took us away from DC when we were kids, but I always followed the Bullets from Phoenix. I was dumbfounded when the name changed to the Wizards. Why the WIZARDS? At that point, I could never go home again, and the Bullet Nation in Exile was born.

I started off thinking Mitch Richmond for Chris Webber was a good trade as a young lad, to vigorously defending the Kirk Hinrich acquisition. I love my baby boy, the Bullets, and anything that gets me pumped.

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Path to the Playoffs: Bulls Edition

Path To The Playoffs is a short series examining possible competiton for the lower seeds in the East through the eyes of a Wizards fan. Up first, surprising, or not so surprisingly, is the Chicago Bulls.

Wizards 2012/13 Narrative: The NBA Playoffs, The NFL Preseason And The Deep End Of The Pool

The 2012/13 season is right around the corner and the bar is set at seeing the playoffs. While that's a familiar refrain post-Big 3, the stakes have never been higher for the youth the Wizards are built for.

Dwight Howard Trade Reminds Washington Wizards Fans About Importance Of Timing

The Dwight Howard trade should be a big reminder of the importance of timing the leverage of trade assets. For the Wizards that time is still approaching.

Redefining The Washington Wizards Rebuild: Where 'Win-Now' Isn't A Dirty Word

'Win-now' is something of a dirty word in the NBA when connected with non-contenders. The Wizards trade for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza could be given that label, but there's more at work than first meets the eye.

Why The Washington Wizards Could Miss James Singleton

James Singleton won't return to the Wizards next season and the fans are left wondering why. If a better offer might have gotten Big Game James to sign on dotted line, should the front-office have done it? Yes.

Olympics 2012: Proposed U23 Requirement In Keeping With Spirit Of The Games

The NBA and FIBA are in talks to create a World Cup of Basketball, shifting premium talent by introducing a U23 age requirement to the Games. Whatever the motive, isn't watching transcendental dominance from unknowns what the Olympics is really about

Washington Wizards Fans Waiting For The Flop

Ted Leonsis has declared the first wave of massive change within the Wizards organization has concluded with the amnesty of Andray Blatche. While the team has covered serious ground, it's impossible to predict what they'll look like at the finish.

Summer's End: Coming To Terms With Tomas Satoransky

Summer League has concluded and Wizards Nation has had their first extended look at draft pick Tomas Satoransky. Not a popular selection at the time, it's time for your input on the Czech import following his American debut.

Washington Wizards Shooting Deficiencies Need A Holistic Cure

Why have Ted Leonsis and Ernie Grunfeld failed to secure a shooter on a multiyear deal when spacing the floor seems to be such a constant issue? There's nothing like forcing the developmental issue with your rookies via unbalanced roster construction

Washington Wizards Summer League 2012 Preview: The Competition, Part Two

The Wizards are getting ready to close out Summer League 2012. Come meet the last two opponenets they'll battle and find out what a few of those matchups might look like.

Washington Wizards Summer League 2012 Preview: The Competition, Part One

The Wizards are about to kick off Summer League and none too soon. Come meet the first two opponents they'll battle and what a few of those matchups might look like.

Washington Wizards: Contender By 2014/15 Or Bust

The acquisition of Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor's two-year deals coupled with General Manager Ernie Grunfeld's two-year extension suggests the Wizards are looking to become a contender in the 2014/15 season. Or else.

CERN Scientists Troll Dan Gilbert

It's a slow weekend, but it hasn't escaped our notice that CERN scientists presented their discovery of a new particle consistent with Higgs boson in Comic Sans. The particle apparently confirms the Higgs mechanism is at work, explaining how particles acquire mass. *** Scientists continue to work on confirming the exact nature of the particle. It's a big step towards confirming the Standard Model of particle physics. The scientists stopped short of declaring they would have a complete model of the universe before the Miami Heat win another championship.

NBA Free Agency 2012: The Upside Of Sobriety And Plan Versus Panic

The Wizards acquisition of Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor was anything but a half-court alley-oop, but may end up being the play to set up the open man. The flexibility to orchestrate an unbalanced trade using salary cap space may be gone, but the Wizards are starting to play chess, not checkers.

A Wizards Battle At Shooting Guard

Bradley Beal is the Wizards lottery pick and the DC blogosphere has heaved a sigh of relief while waiting for signs Beal is developing into a star. For my part, Iall 'm looking forward to for now is the comparative normalcy of a rookie gunning for a veteran's minutes in training camp.

NBA Draft Grades: Wizards Get Their Man In Bradley Beal, Raise Questions About The Rest

The Wizards got their man in Bradley Beal. There's an open question as to how much credit Ernie Grunfeld deserves for that, but the fact is that the Wizards have landed perhaps the second-most coveted pick in the draft at the third spot and that doesn't count for nothing.

Bullet Points: Run Up To The 2012 NBA Draft Edition

Welcome back to my irregular column,Bullet Points; where I go off about whatever grinds my gears. Today's edition looks at the run-up to the draft and a hypothetical situation that hopefully stays that way.

Wizards-Hornets Trade: Trying To Solve The Oklahoma City Model?

The Wizards-Hornets trade has massive implications for DC while also showcasing a grim commitment to starting the slow climb out of the cellar no matter the cost. There's not much to love about the trade, but there's enough to like...for now.

NBA Draft 2012: The Miami Heat, Salary Cap Penalties And The Devaluation Of First Round Picks

Are first round draft picks getting cheaper to acquire on the trade market? There's a pattern here, and it's far more disturbing than you might think.

NBA Amnesty Candidates 2012: Andray Blatche

Is it time for the Wizards to amnesty Andray Blatche? Three seasons and $23 million plus remain on the troubled forward/center's contract, and the question is a more difficult one than it seems.

NBA Free Agency 2012: Deron Williams And The Duel Of The Fates, Part Two

Part two of examining the market for Deron Williams' free agency takes a look at the rest of the NBA aside from the Nets, Mavericks and Lakers. Mostly, it illustrates how hard to is to put the right package together.

NBA Free Agency 2012: Deron Williams And The Duel Of The Fates, Part One

Free agent markets are often shaped from the top down; the big fish gets landed then all the little fish fall follow suit. Deron Williams is this year's white whale and it's anyone's guess who's going to play Captain Ahab between Mikhail Prokhorov, Mark Cuban and Jerry Buss; they all look a little crazy.

NBA Draft 2012: Targeting Extra Picks In Trade, Part Two

Salary cap penalties are coming and despite the deepest draft in years, teams may be scrambling to avoid guaranteed salary. The field of the lower to mid-first round is wide open, which should be just the way Wizards General Manager Ernie Grunfeld likes it.

NBA Draft 2012: Targeting Extra Picks In Trades, Part One

Welp, the draft order is set and the clamor amongst fans for the Wizards to acquire more first round picks has begun. As usual, the price looks to be steep and that's supposing Ted & Co. are looking to buy, part one of two.

2012 NBA Draft Lottery Countdown: Where Would You Like To See The Wizards Draft?

Just as there are players every fan wants, there are players no fan wants, or others (seemingly) begging for a reach. To this end, some fans end up rooting for a specific spot if they can't have that can't miss player, which player catches the eye of the Wizards fanbase?

2012 NBA Draft Lottery Countdown: How Will The Wizards Make A Decision Drafting Top 2-4?

The discussion for the top spot in the draft has been over for months and the debate for spots two through four is heating up. Over at Bullets Forever, it's a three horse race with Bradley Beal, Thomas Robinson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist but this is a race that may be decided by need rather than BPA.

2012 NBA Draft Lottery Countdown: Faith In Wizards Athletic Trainers?

UPDATE: We have to correct some information here. The Wizards actually replaced their assistant athletic trainer in 2008-09, before drafting John Wall, in addition to adding another staff...

2012 NBA Draft Lottery Countdown: Restricted Free Agent Market Will Reward Aggression

The Wizards, with a few simple moves, can ready some serious powder for a restricted free agent's offer sheet. With cap situations around the league the way they are, should Ernie Grunfeld & Co. decide to proceed on a such a course, expect them to do so aggresively.

2012 NBA Draft Lottery Countdown: Where 'We Plan To Be GOOD' Is Not A Promise

Ted Leonsis stated in his blog that the Wizards 'plan to be GOOD' and plenty of fans have interpreted that to mean the team will be in the mix for an impact free agent signing. Not so fast; more likely, the Wizards' loquacious owner is putting his chips on continued player development.

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