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Pirates manager Clint Hurdle adds another consideration when deciding upon September call-ups:...


Pirates manager Clint Hurdle adds another consideration when deciding upon September call-ups: cost. In Biertempfel's piece, Hurdle pointed out, "In my rookie year, if you got a call-up, you made $5,000 or $6,000 (in September). Now you’re talking about making $75,000. So if you call up 10 guys, you’re picking up $750,000 in salary and everything that goes with it."

From MLBTR. I'm surprised this is considered a real issue even, in spite of the fact that the Pirates have picked up salary in trades and whatnot. Not to mention that comparing amounts with Hurdle's rookie year makes as much sense as some of Hurdle's in-game moves (yeah, i couldn't resist, in spite of today's good showing by Hurdle)

O's to call Machado up


from AA. Hardy's not having a great season, but it seems like a tough ask for machado, though he has done well in AA.

Trade value for Greinke/Hamels based on precedent


It doesn't do the kind of analysis of trade values we are getting used to, but this is a nice look at examples from the recent past, that should dispel the notion that Hamels or Greinke would command an absolute haul, especially now that there are no compensatory picks for the trading team. On an unrelated note, here's an interesting story on Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees and sign passing.

Thread for all those other games today-- Futures, minors


There's the futures game, where Jurickson Profar just homered off Jake Odorizzi. And all the minor league games for the Bucs, which have Brandon Cumpton, Matt Benedict and Clay Holmes going.

Doumit extension coming?


Very curious to see the numbers on this one, when it gets done.

06/23 minor leagues


It's usually Chileburger or karreemofwheat starting this thread, but since there isn't any, and we have a Pirates win to celebrate and follow 5 minor league teams, I thought I'd start one.

Tommy John for Ryan Beckman


I hadn't seen it before, so not sure if this is common knowledge. He had a decent season last year, so this is unfortunate.

Brett Lawrie likely to be suspended


This post links to minorleagueball where I found out about this, but the video is available here. I have not seen the entire game so I may be missing context, but it seems pretty clear to me that Lawrie is in the wrong. The ump _might_ have been trying to show him up, but it's not clear that it was an absolutely awful call to me. Nonetheless, this is the first time I've seen an incident like this, and the thoughts on both sides were interesting to me.


Guess The Score Game 7: Pirates at Giants

Since ChuckPirate isn't around today, I'm putting up the prediction thread for the day. As always, a brief description of the rules for posting your predictions: [ A ] Please put your prediction in...

Stephen Gant death


I saw this over at minorleagueball, where the fanshots are buried under. I didn't know of Stephen Gant, but some of the people here probably did. Regardless of his playing abilities (apparently projected as a first round pick in the 2012 draft), this is shocking news. As someone who saw similar incidents while in college, my sincere condolences to his family, and may they find the strength to deal with this.

Sickels on 2012 draft catching prospects


I enjoyed this article, and it seems there's a good bit of depth in the catching department with all of those guys potentially going in the top 5 rounds. We should consider Pete O'Brien, Dane Phillips and Kevin Plawecki with the pick we got for Doumit, if not earlier. I don't know much about the college scene though, so I have no idea on how good the competition is for these guys.


Statistics: Available, accessible or required

This is something I've been thinking about writing to find out what this community thinks of these issues in general. In recent times, we've been bombarded by a plethora of advanced statistics, and...

Rinku Singh at ST (video)


Rooting for him, and not simply because he hails from the same country as me.

Spring Training is upon us


I was hoping to see some chat about what's going on in ST. I've seen a couple of people post about having seen this or that in random threads, and I was hoping we could pull in some discussion. The linked article is from Kristy Robinson's coverage of ST. I noticed the quote below, although it doesn't mean much in the scheme of things: "Josh Harrison saw time at shortstop today, and both Nick Evans and Matt Hague were at third during batting practice. Also during BP, Hague hit back-to-back bombs out of the field to left. One of them actually hit the palm tree and a piece fall off."

Greg Halman stabbed to death


He was one of those guys that had plenty of power but struck out too often to let others believe in his usefulness. That, of course, has no bearing on what happened in Rotterdam, which is shocking and a cruel reminder of the realities of the world.

Jamey Carroll nearing multiyear deal with unknown team


Who has the same feeling in the stomach as I do? (As you can tell from the MLBTR comments, this is apparently true for fans of all teams!)

Jeff Inman In Arizona


I didn't know he was in the AFL, but he turned up in today's box score. Threw an inning, two groundouts, one strikeout, with 8 of 11 pitches for strikes. I suppose he was the replacement for Phil Irwin. The Grossman-Cunningham team is getting shutout today through six at-bats, with one Cunning K. Grossman walked, of course.


Rendon not on the field yet for the Nats

A comment by a poster (gnarburger) from OBN's thread on the AFL: "The Nationals actually didn't let Rendon play in Instructs. He was there, but wasn't allowed to participate in games or even hit...

Pirates Close Venezuelan Academy


I just saw this-- anyone have any insights as to the reasons, or the implications? Update (by Vlad): The country's general instability and broad anti-US sentiment are probably the main reasons. See here and here for more information.


Minor League Thread -- What's going on in SC?

EDITED to add (08.09): State College has actually been playing well as of late, and today's game is no exception. Here's some lines from today: Pitching: Michael Jefferson: 5IP | 4H | 2BB | 3K | 0R ...



I always wanted to use that word, and I dont know if I'll ever get a better chance. Please read the linked article!

David Purcey on waivers


If this was 2010, I'd have had no hesitation in saying David Purcey would never have made it past us. In any case, being in the AL, I m guessing he'll be claimed before he reaches us, saving Neal Huntington a dilemma.


My thoughts on the rest of the season

Way back, in early July, I made a set of predictions in a comment on how the rest of the season would likely play out. Given that the July games are gone, here's the rest of it: August: 7 against C...

Friedman to the Disastros?


This would be a huge blow to the Pirates. In addition to there being 6 teams, 2 of which (STL and CHC) can sustain large budgets, and one well-stocked team (Reds) plus a currently well-built team (Brewers), the only inept team might get a top-notch GM. I don't follow Rotoworld, and didn't feel like googling for it, so if someone has the original link, do post it.


Very very late minor league thread

I know its late, but I figured I might as well put one up, since there's nothing else going on. If this doesn't get buried under a plethora of trade idea posts, we can continue to use for MiL game...

Pirates trade Cesar Valdez for PTBNL


The Bucs and Marlins continue to like each other's pitchers. This is hardly a big deal, although in the context of the season, I'm surprised they didn't keep Valdez around as an emergency long relief guy.

Joe Posnanski on Andrew McCutchen


Ok, he also talks about the ASG, but I don't care quite as much about that, as I've mentioned before. I do, however, care deeply about both Andrew McCutchen's game and Joe Posnanski's writing. I realize that the top 4-5 links in the Fanshots are already about Cutch missing the ASG, but I still decided to post this, since it should be a must-read for a Pirate fanbase that is already on a sugar-high.


Comparing the NL Central contenders-- Position players

There was a nice post on BrewCrewBall comparing the strengths of the teams contending for the NL Central. That post is here. The author considered putting the Pirates in there, but didn't (which is...

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