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Wouldn't you know it


So, the Pirates have gone out and made a minor league move to acquire the most important relief depth pitcher that one can have. Welcome back to the Bucs, Steven Jackson! _sigh_

Yankees a potential destination for Hanrahan?


It appears the Rafael Soriano signing may not be what the Yanks expected. If Soriano ends up having season ending surgery, Hanrahan should be a very attractive option for them. Again, a trade to the Yanks needs to include one blue chip prospect, since it's unlikely to get multiple. Montero? Banuelos? Betances? Sanchez? It probably also needs to include a second lower level prospect-- suggestions? rosterbation?

Fangraphs' team of the week


Your Pittsburgh Pirates. The article sort of glosses over things, and doesn't mention Jeff Karstens' fantastic work either, but the overall picture it paints is not very far from accurate.

Brent Lillibridge- defensive wizard, CWS


A couple of nice catches to save the game for the white sox!


Bucs-Marlins o'flow

Wonder if a middle of the inning thread may turn the luck around? Would like to see electric stuff continue. Here's how:  electric stuff electric stuff electric stuff electric stuffelectric stuff...

Brandon Wood FINALLY dfa-ed


How long have we been waiting for this day? Too long, I suspect, because I doubt we pick him up. Although, if we do, it will likely cost JRod his roster spot. Update: he's not on waivers, as pointed out in the comments, simply DFA-ed. I think there's a good chance he goes on waivers, though, eventually.

Pirates still looking for pitching? :-o


Apparently, the Bucs are still on the lookout for pitching? I have no idea what that means or where said pitcher would pitch, unless they have the structure of a deal to move someone already worked out, or if they expect McDonald might have to go on the DL for a bit.

Jim Negrych traded to Marlins


h/t: Pirates Prospects

18 games of Nyjer


Coming to ballparks in the NLCD facing the Bucs. Nyjer Morgan has been traded to the Brewers and it didnt come cheap. The Brewers had to give up significant name value in Cutter Dykstra, and I must admit i'm pretty surprised.

Morton being challenged by FO


Holy ****! Will you take a look at the players manning those positions? It's enough to make a grown man cry!


Kevin Correia Named Opening Day Starter

Ha. There you have it! Maholm gets the home opener, but its a pretty dismal state of affairs, what? From the link above: Hurdle also set the rotation order, which is as follows: Correia, Maholm, R...


Lincoln injured

Cannot be good.... gameday says brad lincoln left the game due to an injured arm... as far as i can make out form gameday, it seems like rollins hit a ball back toward the mound. I imagine it...

The curious case of Eric Fryer


Is there something I'm missing here? Or is MLB simply broken on the web end? I could have sworn Eric Fryer was a catcher in the Bucs system, who followed Tony Sanchez in getting his jaw rearranged. Has he been converted to pitcher now? (Apologies- I know its not the most convenient way to view an image, but I wasnt sure how else to do it!)


Baseball Prospectus 2011 Top Prospects: 4/101

Following cocktailsfor2's method of summarizing the rankings, the Pirates have 4 in BP's list of top 101 prospects in baseball. They have Jameson Taillon at 8, Stetson Allie at 39, Luis Heredia at...

Ryan Dempster on Opening Day


To be followed by Carlos Zambrano and Matt Garza in Wrigley! The season can start already. Get your brooms out :D

Bautista close to a big payday


The report suggests something in the region of 5 years/ $65 M total, aside from payments to his charities. Wow, given his past record, this is a windfall, and pretty cool. If he can't keep it up, the Blue Jays will have a ton of hurt, but it doesn't appear as though they are short of money much.

Comparing minor league pitching depth with the Royals


Sickels writes about the lesser known KC pitching prospects, which seems pretty impressive to me, when you consider that these guys are behind Montgomery, Lamb, Duffy, Dwyer, Odorizzi and Crow. We've had a couple of arguments in other threads about how our depth in the minors is better than KC's, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It appears about even to me, in terms of numbers. KC obviously has an upper hand with prospects having broken out.


Ranked prospect lists

I was going through the Keith Law rankings earlier today and then the fanpost on the topic on BD. Then, I went over to Minor League Ball, where Sickels has a review of his top 50 hitting prospects...

Steve Tolleson DFA-ed


I just saw this on MLBTR, and my first thought was, how funny would it be if Wimberley and Tolleson were to battle for a spot! Seriously though, if we didnt have Rodriguez and Wimberley already, I'd guess Tolleson would be a Buc if he passed through the AL. Anyone have info on his glove?

Delwyn Young To Philadelphia On NRI


The Phils are on a roll, following up Cliff Lee with Delwyn Young. This looks like the missing piece to their World Series bench. Kidding aside, I think DY is a good hitter off the bench, assuming he doesnt have to play the field much.


Bill Lajoie passes away

Bill Lajoie passed away today at age 76. I saw this on the PG Plus main page, but couldn't read more, since I dont have a subscription.

Donald Veal Signs Minor-League Deal With Bucs


I suppose this (via MLB Trade Rumors is probably accurate info, but I haven't seen it anywhere else yet. Good to have Veal back. Hopefully, he will make a strong push for a roster spot in the second half of this year. UPDATE by Charlie: Matt Eddy writes for Baseball America, so I'm sure this is accurate.

Pirates Talking To Lyle Overbay


This sounds like a move to spend a minimum amount of money, if it materializes. I'd really like to see them move Ryan Doumit before adding any more to the mix. Also, if the Bucs wanted to throw money to keep the union happy, I'd rather see them go after Bobby Jenks and Gregg on 5-6MM for one-year deals. Really, I'd rather just stay away from Lyle Overbay. UPDATE by Charlie: Me too. Overbay looks like another Sean Casey signing to me.


Off-Topic- Cliff Lee!

Goes to the Phils for less money and less years.   Left about $50M on the table, and took what appears to be the worst offer available. The Phils rotation is just evil now, and Washington can take...


40 man roster and other interesting non-tenders

After the cuts, there's still room on the 40 man that can be used. Chris Leroux, Joe Martinez and Dan McCutchen are all guys who could probably be put through waivers to make room, if needed. As of...


Theriot to Cards, Jose Julio Ruiz available

The Cardinals acquired Ryan Theriot for Blake Hawksworth. The idea of trading for Theriot has been discussed here, and I thought it'd be relevant to see what others thought of this deal. I think it...


Arbitration non offers

Any specific players not offered arb, that we could look at? I was looking at the list, and found the following guys interesting:   Koji Uehara: Stats Sure seems to me like he could be a back end...

Bryan Bullington heads East


A pity he didn't turn into a solid middle-of-the-rotation starter. Still, he'll always have his start against the Yankees this past season. Wish him luck!


Pitching coach option: Rick Peterson?

Milwaukee pitching coach Rick Peterson was let go today. Do people have thoughts on him as a potential pitching coach? I always thought Peterson would be a good guy to have as pitching coach, and...

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