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Non tender/declined options/MiL FA wish list

Since there were so many threads going up for individual players, I thought it might be useful to start one consolidated thread for players you think who it might be worth picking up from the...


Halloween Steelers

So, a bunch of us had gotten together to carve pumpkins for Halloween, and my roommate and I had 2 pumpkins between us to figure out what to do with. So we picked the 2 teams we follow the most-...


Halloween and the Bucs

So, a bunch of us had gotten together to carve pumpkins for Halloween, and my roommate and I had 2 pumpkins between us to figure out what to do with. So we picked the 2 teams we follow the most-...


Alvarez's future position

We've had a lot of discussion here, trying to figure out if Alvarez should be moved off 3rd base. First base is considered his final position, and I agree with that sentiment. The key question is:...

Pirates Sign Colombian Shortstop


Dilson Herrera, a 16 year old Colombian, 5 feet 10, a switch hitter, and apparently a good defensive player. He received the third highest international bonus given by the Pirates this year, after Luis Heredia and Willy Garcia.

Nyjer Morgan's Big Flop


I haven't followed Morgan at all this season, and although I knew he was having a bad year, I didn't know how bad till I saw him mentioned by Joe Posnanski as one of the ten candidates for the worst everyday player in MLB. He currently has a 644 OPS. While I never thought Morgan was a good long-term bet, I'm surprised he fell this far. Edit/Update: I was coming to edit this myself, since I realized the title might make people think it was a video, but I see Charlie (?) beat me to it!


Minor League Open Thread, 07/29

Since we had a day game today, I thought some people might be interested in one of these today? Indy up 3-0 in the 4th inning, with Jim Negrych driving in 2 and Moss 1 Rudy Owens goes for Altoona,...


Jhonny Peralta traded for Giovanni Soto

And the Indians are sending cash to the Tigers.   Strange also that Mike Lowell isn't attracting any attention, although I don't know what the Red Sox want for him. Assuming they'd be willing to...


Minor League Thread, 07/15

Pretty late, but there doesn't seem to be one up yet.  As far as I can tell, all the teams have gotten off to bad starts, but Altoona came back a bit in the 6th inning, with Gorkys Hernandez who...

Pirates Reacquire Brian Bixler For PTBNL


I don't imagine the Bucs will give anything up for him, or hopefully not, but this seems a strange move. We have Argenis Diaz at AAA, and Cedeno and Crosby at the ML level. So unless this is a precursor to a trade, which also seems strange, I don't know what the reasoning here is. UPDATE by Charlie: I don't get this, either. Brian Friday, too, is on a rehab assignment and will be back with Indianapolis soon. Dejan Kovacevic writes that the trade is merely for "future considerations," which essentially means the Bucs get Bixler for free, but still... he's horrible, and I don't know why the Pirates would waste their time with this.


Fast Tracking

Looks like Mike Crotta is the second guy to make the leap to AAA after Michael Dubee. Link   Anyone know anything at all about Crotta? This is pretty much the first season there has been any...


Van Every traded to Red Sox

Link I don't like this move at all. This may be due to a disproportionate liking for van Every on my part, but I think he had a shot in Pittsburgh. I expected to see one of the OFs-...


Lineup Optimization

It appears that the idea of optimizing lineup has caught on. Fangraphs did a post on this today and here is the link: Optimized Lineups Opening DaySo, the NL teams end up with about 0.16 runs less...


Dave Littlefield should never have been fired

There are 3 main reasons for this post: 1. As many of the naysayers have pointed out repeatedly, Huntington and his gang have been doing things for 2 years now, and there's nothing we can see. We...

Vazquez scratched from lineup today


Please, please let this be what we all hope it is, but do not want to say for fear of jinxing it...


Pirates against Twins

I just noticed there wasn't a gamethread up. I don't have access to the MLB subscription accounts, and my account wont let me access the audio as of now. But if someone wishes to discuss or do PBP,...

Brian Roberts injured, Os may look at trade market


Up the efforts to dump Vazquez/Young on them? I'd be happy to just get rid of Vazquez for what we can get, and maybe get a low-A piece for Young?

Cain, Lorin out till midseason


Some bad news, via Dejan. Colton Cain, Zac Fuesser and Brett Lorin are all out with Cain and Lorin having had surgery over the winter, and Fuesser broke a finger. That's 2 guys expected to be high on the prospect list.

BA top 100 prospects


My cursory look found only Alvarez and Sanchez in the list from the Pirates. Is this the first list to drop Tabata?

Mariners sign Ryan Garko


At $550K, I wish we'd taken him on too! That is a great deal, and Brian Sabean needs to give himself a bit of a kick, for not managing to resign him, even after non-tendering him. Although, in fairness, if he had been resigned, Sabean would have found a way to grossly overpay...

Jesus Guzman DFAed

Link to stats Looks like a decent player, and would definitely help the middle infield situation. Anyone have opinions on him?

Pirates Avoid Arbitration with Duke


It seems the two parties agreed on a one-year deal. At this point, terms are still unknown.

Donnelly, Pirates agree to terms


Surprised that this hapened before Dotel. Let's see how the clearing of roster space works out now...

Adam Laroche to Arizona


No coverage on AZSnakepit yet, or anywhere else! Seems like Heyman says 1year, $4-5M. If that's true, why on earth would someone refuse to do business with Brian Sabean?

MLB asks the Marlins to spend more


Wow, this is surprising, and I don't think this has ever happened before! It will be interesting to see if other teams (*cough, cough*) get targeted as well.

Pirates Sign Brian Bass, Luke Carlin to Minor-League Deals


Bass has a great groundball rate, but little else going for him- walks far too many. Switch-hitting catcher Carlin is a slightly more interesting add. He's a bit old at 29, but hit well at Class AAA last year.

A's DFA Tommy Everidge

Stats He's in his mid-20s, didnt have a great time in the bigs in limited PT last season, but has pretty solid MiL numbers. Does anyone know more about him, or why he could have been DFA-ed?

Coonelly chat


Quite a few intriguing comments by Coonelly. "We have made offers to several free-agent players and have continued to have dialogue with other clubs with respect to potential trades. I expect that we will be adding additional talent, particularly in the bullpen, to the Major League club before pitchers and catchers report on Feb. 17." He also speaks about OF players, which is a little strange to me. With the players we already have- Moss, Raynor, Jones in the OF mix, and with Tabata expected up in a year, I am curious to see what happens if we sign someone to a major league deal. I doubt there's anyone particularly interesting who would take a minor league deal, and be more useful than what we already have.


Free Agents remaining, and who you'd like to see as a Buc

Here is the list from when MLBTR updated their top 50 free agents last. Some of them have since signed contracts. Some, surprisingly, haven't signed yet. I commented below on a few of them who are...

New minor league co-ordinators


Steve Lombardozzi is a strange selection to me, given his lack of prior coaching experience. I am not sure how big a role the minor league fielding co-ordinator plays, and why and who we'd rather sign, but to jump from the amateurs to the pros in this manner wouldn't appear to be the best odds to take on. Benedict seems a somewhat logical choice. Anyone have opinions on them or the rest?

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