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APC Open Thread 82: DIS IS HOW WE DO

Oh hai thar BLAS? You back bro? Bro? I died and was banished to a land where people would post threads without any moderator intervention. No banhammer. No justice. NO BLAS4MOD. I experienced...


March Madness Open Thread and Pool Info

Join the community's bracket pool (just a few hours to closing) and discuss all of the weekend's March Madness here.


Divisional Strength and Playoff Scenarios

Divisional Strength Hey APC! I just wanted to share some information. This is up-to-date as for 12/4 with the conclusion of the Redskins win over the Giants. I usually keep track of the...


I Was Chopping Onions, I Swear. Aaron Rodgers is the Man.

Every weekend, we get to see our favorite players put on the Green and Gold to battle opponents on the gridiron. It gives us a chance to get away from the menial day-to-day goings of our lives. ...

Woodson, Rodgers among most liked NFL players


Charles Woodson and Aaron Rodgers are in the top 5 most-liked players in the NFL. Contrast that with Suh, Cutler, and Vick as the most hated players.

Jim Irwin--Voice of the Packers--dies at 77.


Irwin passed away from complications with kidney cancer. He is a staple in Wisconsin sports and will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace

Philbin is officially the HC in Miami

ESPN Link Heard this break on the radio, which I believe they heard it break from Twitter

Fan Calls into Sports Talk Radio show and hilarity ensues...

Normally, I would just put these types of links in the FanShot format or place them in the dark alleyway of APC, but this is just too golden to not elevate this to FanPost status.

Phillies reportedly acquire Papelbon for 4-year, $50 million deal


In the first big move of the off season, sure seems like a lot for a reliever. Keith Law says it is a bad move. (Need ESPN Insider to view preceding link)

Raiders get Carson Palmer; Bengals get Draft Picks.


The Raiders have agreed to terms on a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals that would send quarterback Carson Palmer to Oakland for a 2012 first-round draft pick and a conditional pick that could become an additional first-rounder in the future, Fox Sports Insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer reported Tuesday, via Twitter.


The Hunt for Brew October

I often don't write many FanPosts, but I think this is a good time to start up again.  I've been a pretty avid listener of talk radio and pay attention to blogs.  One common theme that is struck is...

For the other football Packer fans...


The Packer soccer jerseys look pretty sweet. I also like the Seahawks.


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in the Stagg Bowl Saturday.

I know this is primarily a Badger site, but it could be good to show some love to the Whitewater program.  They are in the championship game again making it the 6th straight appearance.  They will...


Profile: Vote for the Next Profile!

I recently did a profile on Brandon Jackson with some reasonable readership and commentary.  I would like to do another, but I would like to see what Packer or unit I should take on.  In doing a...


Profile: Brandon Jackson's Season

After Ryan Grant's big injury, it left a lot of us wondering how we are going to fill his shoes. Grant added a dimension to the Packer offense that kept opposing defenses honest with his big play...

Packers have tryouts for 5 Linebackers and a home town Running Back...


Packers are trying out a handful of LB's that I am not familiar with and Green Bay's own Aaron Stecker.

Baseball God and former Brewer are on SN's Smartest Athletes List!


Baseball God Craig Counsell and former Brewer Jody Gerut have the brain powah!


SNF Thread: Bears vs. Giants

Let's discuss the 9, 10 or 982 sacks against the Bears so far!

THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! The biography of Jason Kendall as he stars in...TRUE...


THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! The biography of Jason Kendall as he stars in...TRUE GRIT

Ahman Green going to the UFL team with Packer connection.


Ahman Green joins the UFL Omaha Nighthawks coached by Jeff Jagodzinski

Dog Taking a Stroll...on a Minor League Field!


Cute dog. Just watch as the hilarity ensues! The dog does what dogs do!


MLB Predictions!

The regular season starts tomorrow (forget that Red Sox win!), and it sounds like a good time to offer up our predictions on the year.  For bragging rights at the end of the year, let's see who is...


Week 16 comes to a close with Bears win over Vikings, what does the playoff picture look like now?

With the OT win by the Bears, the Vikings now have no chance for the 1st spot and have lost their firm grasp on the 2nd spot.  Right now the Eagles would have the 2nd spot making the Vikings have...

Eagles' fans pelt 49er fans with snowballs. Fans say they thought it was Mr. and Mrs. Clause.


Eagles' fans pelt 49er fans with snowballs. Fans say they thought it was Mr. and Mrs. Clause.



With many of the former Packers coming out to speak their peace on the Favre situation, Gilbert Brown drops a gem. You have to listen to it to believe it. It is pure AWESOME in a bag.

Jason Kendall is not going to resign with the Brewers :(


Instead, his grit has been challenged and will train non-stop to get the title of the most grittiest person (and wife) ever.


Brewers Series Wins vs. Losses

I put together a small, but simple chart showing the series wins vs. losses.  It adds how many times they met that opponent throughout the year.  This is probably somewhere else on the web, but I...


My Heart goes to Bill Hall (pictoral)

First FanPost.  So it may be messy! Bill Hall.  You stole our hearts in 2006.  35 Jacks, 85 RBI, 270 Avg!!!  We fell in love!   Your sorcery, though, blinded us into signing you to a back breaker...

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