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What's left for the Avs?

If you look at the individual statistics of the Avalanche centers, one area does not impress - face-off percentage.



There has been a lot of hand wringing and speculation about the "structure" that Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy talked about in their press conference last week.

Avs Take Track Meet from Hawks


In an up and down the ice game, the Colorado Avalanche find the game winner over the Chicago Blackhawks on a 5 on 3 power play.


Note to self

Dear Self, I bet you didn't expect to hear from me.


The O'Reilly Contract

Looking into the negotiating positions of the Avs and Ryan O'Reilly's camp for his upcoming contract.


Trading Places

Imagining the trade scenarios for the Avalanche


Help Wanted: Top-4 Defenseman

Are you looking for a fast paced work environment in a beautiful city where your contributions will be broadly recognized, but where you can walk the streets in comfortable anonymity? Are you...


Which Coach Do You Want?

Here at MHH, the end of the Joe Sacco era is a forgone conclusion. With David Quinn taking the BU job, the only promote from within candidates are Army and Chenowyth. Maybe, just maybe, the Avs...

Lappy goes Hollywood


We all know that Lappy came to the Avs via Hollywood. He has returned with a few of his Flyer buddies to chat up Megan Fox (Puck Daddy).

The Stupidity of Losing a Full Season


The NHL owners look to lose $3.26B over the next 8 years if the NHL loses the 2012-2013 season.

Who Does the NHLPA Actually Represent?


Behavior of Donald Fehr and the constitution of the negotiating committee suggest that they are not working for the typical NHL player.

The Biggest Threat to the NHL - Life


Hockey fans are finding that there's really no reason to get locked-in. There are alternatives.

KHL's North American Division?


Could the KHL take advantage of an extended lockout to move into North America?

Which Team Wins from the Lockout?


tl;dr version: Youth wins, age loses

Learning from the Last Lockout


Does history have anything to tell us about the impact of a possible season long lockout on the competitive balance of the NHL?

Competitive Impacts of a Lost Season - The Players


Worst case scenario time... The most obvious impact on a full season NHL lockout is a year without hockey at the highest level of skill and intensity. True fans will curl up in a corner and...

Landy Love on Puck Daddy


More back story on the making of the LandesCaptain.

NHL Franchise Lifecycle - Team by Team Analysis (Northwest Division)


We've wandered from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea. It's time now to come home and take a close look at the Northwest Division. Something to note, the Northwest Division has 3 of the...

THN 2012-2013 Pre-Season Rankings (via PD)


THN doesn't think too much of your beloved Avalanche. I think that the Wings, Sharks, and Preds drop out replaced by Phoenix, Anaheim, and either Colorado or Edmonton. Minny is no 5 seed, but I do think they squeak in.

NHL Franchise Lifecycle - Team by Team Analysis (Northeast Division)


In this installment we go to the place where half of the Original 6, and a majority of the hockey media reside - the Great Northeast. Prior postings in this series: NHL Franchise Lifecycle S...


Ice Capades Presents - The NFL on ICE

OK. It's starting to look like NHL and NHLPA have their heads firmly wedged in each other's rectums; finding that they may have to destroy the game in order to save the game. I do not consider...

NHL Franchise Lifecycle - Team by Team Analysis (Pacific Division)


For this installment we'll swing across the continent and visit the Pacific Division, home of the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. Prior postings in this series: NHL Franchise Lifecycle S...

NHL Franchise Lifecycle - Team by Team Analysis (Atlantic Division)

Continuing the weekly series on the NHL Franchise lifecycle, we turn East to the highly fungible franchises of the Atlantic Division. Prior postings in this series: NHL Franchise Lifecycle S...

NHL Franchise Lifecycle - Team by Team Analysis (Central Division)

Last week we started in Bubba Country (the Southeast). This week we're swinging West. We break down the Central Division to see where they stack up in the lifecycle. The Central was the among...

NHL Franchise Lifecycle - Team by Team Analysis (Southeast Division)


[UPDATED] Alex Semin signs in Carolina for 1 year $7M. Yeah, had to be the day this went live... I recently posted a model for the lifecycle that an NHL franchise goes through in the process...


Lifecycle of the NHL Franchise in the Cap Era

The Colorado Avalanche have been working through the natural progression of an NHL franchise. After the glory years of the late '90s and early '00s it has been a difficult process watching the...

Parise coming off the UFA market?


Much of the speculation around Parise is that the Devils don't have the cash to keep him. New money on the way.

Loser Point Pops the Bubble Run


Dater makes the case in SI that the shootout is killing the race to the 8th spot. Good article, and I agree. We need to make a loss a loss and reduce the value of the shootout win. CobraAceS has the right idea (don’t know if he originated it, but I’ll give him credit): ROW: 2 points (10 min 4v4 OT) SOW: 1 point Loss of any kind: 0 points Now I could see a team leading in a bubble run (8th spot or higher) trying to drive to the shootout to prevent a team behind them from getting 2 points, and that would suck too, but I think it’s a less common scenario. And, at least one team would still be trying to score, whereas now you have neither.

O'Reilly is on Puck Daddy Radio


Listen to Radar hit the national radar.

Bafflingly Successful


Wysh isn't sure why the Avs are winning.

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