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How long is this going to last?

I took my first peek at the Divisional standings this morning (October, 14).  You have to love the early season.  Chaos is in full control. Examples: Edmonton and Toronto are leading their...

Avs at Flyers Preview on NHL.com


"Cumiskey is nursing a sore groin." Who writes these things? That sentence should never be used to refer to an injury again.

AP reports NHL and Referees agree to 4 year deal


You think the officials are bad now, but it could have been much worse.

Puck Dady's Western Conference Review


The Avs don't get much ink, but what they do get is -- what word am I looking for here -- ignorant. Wysh thinks the Avs need more offense from the blueline, and that Shatty is the guy to bring it. Weren't the Avs the 6th highest scoring team in the NHL last year, and didn't they have the second most shots against? Seems like we need more defense from the blueline, but then I'm not an expert.

NHL Best by Numbers (find your favorite Av)


Both Sakic and Forsberg were picked as runners-up for their numbers. SoS was picked as best for 62, a number he only wore in his rookie year.

Hockey well represented in SI's "Best Hairstyles in Sports History"


By reading this you'd almost get the impression that they consider hockey a sport.


Time Value of the Average Superstar

With all of the furor over the Kovalchuk contract, I started to wonder what really makes sense as far as contract terms and duration are concerned. I decided to take a look at the top 20 scorers...


Enough Doom and Gloom

Yes kids, it sucks to be an Avs fan these days.  I almost want to tattoo on a tear drop on my cheek and curl up in my basement with my old Stanley Cup VHS tapes. No major free agent signings,...

SI's Eliot sees changes coming in goaltender pay


Is the day of the superstar goaltender behind us? The Avs current fiscal conservatism suggests that Andy may be in for a shock when it's time to renew his contract. Assuming he has another stellar season this year, will he be unpleasantly surprised at the lack of love shown by management?

A reason for hope in 2012


Maybe the NHLPA won't hire Fehr as their new Director.


Drunk Posting Guidelines

Dear MHH Staff Loathe though I am to admit it, I have not yet made a drunk posting to MHH.  I've read the classic works of An Unmitigated Disaster, and the recent newsletter from UZ, and I am truly...

Joe Sakic - History Will Be Made (parody)


Parody of Stanley Cup promo videos featuring Joe Sakic.

NHL Almost Discovers Marketing


I think KSE is leading the way for the rest of the NHL.

Bucci loves Stewie


Stewie is getting the Bucci man-crush treatment. Look down toward the end of the page. Duchene also gets some love a few lines up from Stewie.


7th Place, Good Morning

My how quickly things change.  Many of you on the East Coast went to bed with our Avalanche in 5th place.  You wake up and they are in 7th.  Wins by Nashville and the Kings pushed the Avs back to...

Galiardi Hanging with Hitmen


TJ is getting some recognition during the break. Good for him. With Duchene and O'Reilly getting the majority of the press, it's good to see him getting a bit. Arguably, he's been number 2 on the rookie hit parade for the Avs.

Should NHL quit the Olympics after Vancouver?


I agree will all of his points, and not his conclusion. The NHL should align more tightly with the Olympics for Sochi, and drop NBC as its unpaid broadcast partner in the US. This Olympics has been an incredible display of all-star hockey.

The Quarterfinal Fix Is In


NBC has the US defeating its Wednesday opponent and playing on the network feed on Friday. Get your bets in now!


Foppa on Ice

I was looking for some activity during the Sweden Germany game, but y'all are pretty quiet this evening. Some thoughts on Foppa: The hockey IQ is still there.  He really knows where he needs to...

The Baron gets some (e) ink...


SI's Darren Eliot credits Wolski with strong overall season


Trade thoughts - Ponikrovsky (TOR)?

Kovalchuk has everyone wound up, and rightly so, but maybe we can go for less and get more bang for the buck. Ryan Dixon at The Hockey News suggests Alexei Ponikrovsky as an attractive addition to...


Cheering Guide for the Avs Fan – 1/23/2010

We can’t have the MHH’ers cheering for the wrong teams in today’s games.  Here’s a guide so you can get it right.  NYR at MON – The true Avs fan doesn’t care about the Eastern Conference,...


Colorado Winter Classic Location

With the Winter Classic nearly upon us there's been quite a bit of speculation on which site will follow Fenway Park.  I think that the next game will be played at Yankee Stadium (Rangers-Devils). ...


SI's Muir - Kovalchuk to Colorado - Why?

Allan Muir at SI.com is suggesting that Colorado would be a likely landing place for Ilya Kovalchuk   "So what's the most likely landing spot if the Thrashers decide to move Kovy? Bet on...


Koci-Green, Time for a Change?

  Watching the Koci hit on Green from Tuesday’s (rumored) Avs-Capitals game got me thinking about how the NHL can get this kind of behavior out of the game.  Coaches and GMs keep goons like Koci...

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