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Well, another week is in the books, my darling degenerates. We had close games, blowouts, and a damn near euthanization this week. Regimes are beginning to crumble and teams we long feared were...


The Secret Life of Ron, Part Deux

Ron wiped the the sweat from Peanut Munnerlyn’s brow and handed him an electric blue, painted coconut whispering, "Good job. Good effort." "Gentleman, that was a tough loss, especially for me,"...


The Secret Life of Ron

He wakes up, ready for game day. The time is 6:59 AM. "Just beat the alarm, today is going to be a good day," he thinks to himself. 1 minute later Kenny G begins playing from his phone. "The early...

From Chico, with love.


From Chico, with love.


Epic Story Time

I just had a delightful little moment that I must share with the fine community at CSR. I’ve been in New Orleans the past few days for an interview and as I’m sitting in the airport waiting to ...


Ryan, er I mean Matt Kalil

I realize this is way too early, and purely speculative, so please don’t butt hurt me about it in the comments, but here we go… I was looking ahead to the 2012 draft class (which I would rarely do...

Newton wants to be a 'nightmare'


Great interview with our very own Cam Newton.

MP is at it again


I wasn't around for the Michael Procton days, but the more I learn the happier I am that I wasn't. Check out Gantt's Twitter account.

Seriously? Players not doing themselves any favors.


Mike Vrabel was just arrested on felony theft charges at an Indiana Casino. It's interesting, because he is one of the 10 players filing the suit against the NFL. I wonder how this will play out. P.S. I know it's not Panthers news exactly, but it's sort of player/CBA news, so I figured it was semi relevant. Forgive me if it isn't.

Ron Rivera speaks on Blaine Gabbert


Interesting read. He talks of Gabbert's presence and speaks quite glowingly of him.

Why the Panthers are relevant.


Pat Y got something right with this story.

OMFG Here's something I won't be listening to.


Mike Florio AND Mike Silver TOGETHER on WFNZ. I'd rather have my grandma find me dead from auto-erotic asphyxiation than listen to their garbage spewing, sky is falling, react before you think speech. End rant.

Dan Connor is naughty.


I love this and I'm glad Rivera will be running some 3-4. That means it's less likely this guy goes anywhere.

For those of you who can't get enough of the Riv


Really there isn't much he hasn't said already in this video, but just to get your blood pumping and man crushes rising, here's a little more of Sir Ron Rivera.

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