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I like to eat pancakes with my wife Aunt Jemima. When Aunt Jemima and I have sex, we like to use butter as a lubricant. It makes it taste tasty and slide in easily. Although I'm straight, when I'm on the iron, I like to get flipped and let my wife take control and spank me with her spatula. One time me and my wife wrestled in a pool of Mrs.Butterworth Syrup and it was sticky yo.

When we aren't having fun we like to eat sausage with my cousin Jimmy dean, pull pranks on Betty Crocker and spend time with our son Flip Jack. O yeah, Sarah Lee is the devil.

More to come.

User Blog

Happy Mother's Day


I love my momz. Call yo momma and say I love you too.

Mundane Monday


Sigh. Just another Monday morning.

A pancake apology


Bloggers, To anyone who saw the picture of a michigan woman under boobage I posted, I am sorry. To the Bloggers of ESPN, sorry for having a Nutty moment and not complying with the rules of OTE and whatever resulted from any action taken in your respective work places. I thought things were pretty lax on here and that it wouldn't be offensive which it turn out was not. I accept full blame for my actions and deserve to be excoriated by all. I owe BRT and fishsticks a personal apology as well, sorry. To the people of SBnation that let us ESPN refugees call this place home, I apologize for the violation of rules in relation to NSFW material. I have been issued a warning as a result of my actions, have reread the rules, and will comply with them. Feel free to issue any punishment you see fit as a result of my foolish and thoughtless actions. I will now fade away into the internet. OT: I'm behind in posting but congratulations to PSU on a fine win in defeating Michigan. Lol @ scUM.

B1G Friday: The day before the leaders division showdown


Tomorrow beer will be drunk, food will be eaten, the bands will play, we will watch Bret lose to A&M, another SEC team lose between UGA and LSU (go Dawgs) and tears will be tasted. The final saga of OSU vs. Wisconsin will take place before the game is put on break until future matchups. Let's make this one to remember and to my Badger friends, we (tOSU) not afraid to take stage so bring yo A game.... And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze and we'll drink to old Ohio til we wobble in our shoes.

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