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The "Injury" List

Well, its more of an inactive list considering we have some suspensions too.  But I figured this would be a good place to keep a running list of all the players we have out of our lineup.  When I...

Brock Holt; comparible to Michael Young?


Some Q & A with prospect Brock Holt. Interestingly enough, Holt says he grew up a Michael Young fan. I wouldn't mind adding a Michael Young type plyaer to our everyday lineup. EDIT: Take a look at Young and Holts minor league stat lines respectively here. This is where I get off saying I wouldnt mind a Michael Young type in the lineup. http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=young-002mic http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=holt--001bro


Type A\B FAs and Former Buccos

The current FO has made the most of recent drafts. It's clear that a good chunk of money is being spent on the draft and have helped reshape the Pirates minor league system.  What I was wondering...


Anthony Rendon Day

Saw a fanshot about Rendon being cleared to play so I took some time to once again read over some stuff on the guy.  Once again I was not dissapointed in what I read and even found some tape of him...


Errr, there is a leak in your....pitching rotation?

Pretty good article on Pirates Prospects on the "typical" standards for a rotation.  I know on here talk of a starters potential as a #1 - 5 is thrown around loosely but we hardly have a measuring...

MLBTR on the possibility of extending Cutch


Quick little write up over on MLBTR comparing Cutch to Upton/Bruce and how the Pirates should go about handling a possible McCutchen contract extension.

Winter Ball stat update


At least Cedeno and Tabata are looking good offensively. Both Marte's are not so hot with the bat. And look out for Latimore?

Wang to Nationals for cheap price.


Well. We couldn't do this for a pitcher that has had back to back 19 win seasons. Good ground ball pitcher, proven to pitch 200 innings. Way to go Nats.....


Better options still available. We should be willing to make a splash

It's very confusing when the Pirates say they have money to spend and then use it on Matt Diaz, Scott Olsen, and Kevin Correia.  Not that I'm pushing for the Pirates to spend money for the sake of...


Yahoo Sports take on JR firing

To Y Sports Link I find it comical when people who know very little of the Pirates situation like to comment on the happenings of the organization.  Like I love the opening sentence to the link,...


Community Prospect #6

I guess we forgot to continue the community prospect list.  Anyways, Allie won the last vote.  I guess this is where things will start to get interesting.  Remember to only vote once and if there...

Jose Bautista calling out the Pirates? Really?


Bautista I guess felt the team should have spent some money to keep his pathetic butt around along with some others and bring in some experienced arms. I guess that many HomeRuns can go to a guys head.


Buccos fan here

I follow the Braves regularly and would call them my #2 team behind the Pirates.  Interesting talk at BucsDugout has us all wondering what pitchers we may or should target in the offseason to try...


Your Pittsburgh Pirates: Window of Opportunity

A brief warning as its a decently long post, so if you plan on commenting or replying please read the entire post first.  thank you


Questions for everyone!

So I got to thinking this morning and was wondering what the Pirates could do down the stretch here to improve upon this season.  Maybe I'll just throw some of these questions out there instead to...



Deadline is fast approaching and Im trying to take in exactly what the Pirates will be doing at the deadline.  There looks like a few options available to the Pirates.  I'm assuming Cutch, Alvarez,...


The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming...

- To quote TDK there. But maybe that quote holds most true to the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Lost in losing 18 of 20 is the matter of fact.  Fact, Andrew McCutchen, who is looked at and leaned heavily...


A Pirate for life, very unlikely

Nowadays players move on to several different teams as the years pass.  The Chipper Jones and Derek Jeters of the world are slowly fading as players go for the money and championships rather than...


State College Spikes

Am i reading this correctly that they play tomorrow?  Also does anyone know if ZVR is starting or what the situation is, im kinda just on their roster now and giving it a look through.  Also, any...


Yeah so how about that team

Yeah that team down there next to 'dat river right down there.  Yeah them uh buccos they call 'em eh?  Well, I was at the game tonight and it was just bad in general.  The only bright spot was...


i love this organization

so i just read a rant on how bad the pirates were and i decided i would rant about how good the pirates are becoming. they have an allstart in andrew mccutchen.  garrett jones played his career in...


And once again, people who know nothing of what they speak

Now I did a fanpost last week or so about how the Pirates should counter Strasburg with Tabata or Alvarez, but thats becuase I feel Tabata is ready, and Alvarez is wishful thinking.  But Starkey...


Should the Pirates counter Strasburg with

Tabata and Alvarez up on the squad.  This is a good chance to showcase some of our talent to the nation.  It seems like it probably won't happen (at least for Pedro) but I thought this would be a...


10 days, 10 games

The Buccos have 10 games in the next 10 days before they get themselves an offday.  I would not point to this stretch in season unless I thought it extremely important.  The next 4 games are in...


Payroll in the future

A lot of discussion recently on payroll.  My question is simple, how high do you think the Pirates future payroll will be with the likes of the future talent we currently have.  I would guess that...


Thinking of the Future is making me go Bucco

Its good to see that there is so much thought into who and when some of these future Pirates are going to be called up.  Lately, Ive been thinking about all the different scenarios that could...


Pitching, what the Pirates continue to lack

I'll continue to harp on the point that the Pirates have no future stars in the Minors in terms of Pitching.  They have a select few of guys that could contribute but nothing special.  The recent...


What to do down the road

So I am looking at the team and I am thinking of what will happen if the Pirates call up Alverez and Tabata.  What I would like the team to do is move G.Jones to 1B and send Clement down because I...


A rumor or past history?

This is just my own thought but I like to think outside of the box.  The Canadiens current starting goalie is Halak who has been very good this year.  That leaves Carey Price on the outs and well...


A good debate

Jurrjens vs Hanson.  Who is the better pitcher.  Personally, I think Jurrjens is the better pitcher but Hanson has tremendous upside, which, Jurrjens still has promising upside too.  Both are young...

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