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This week in terrible headlines

On a certain sports website's main page, J. Buss apparently believes that Kobe Bryant should be a Laker for life. I completely agree, but who exactly am I agreeing with?

All salaries are not created equal

The NBA indirectly regulates the majority of contracts that players are allowed to sign through limitations on what kind of contracts its teams can offer. The result: some teams can offer players more money without actually offering them more money.

Jordan Farmar has it all

When the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Jordan Farmar, he was ecstatic to be able to play for his hometown team, but the situation was never quite right. The second time around, Farmar gets to have his cake and eat it, too.

New additions to SSR

Please welcome our newest moderators and Credits assisters, LakersFoEva, yesu_ni_mungu, and harrison24

Why I'm worried about Kobe

Kobe Bryant will probably play for the Los Angeles Lakers far sooner next season than anybody expected. That sounds great, but Kobe's history with injuries makes one worry that he might not be treating his recovery as seriously as he should be.

We aren't mad because you left, Dwight

Dwight Howard will be plying his trade in Houston next season, and the Los Angeles Lakers were left holding the bag. Still, it isn't Dwight's leaving that has us fans furious with him.

Trading Dwight to the W's actually makes sense

The Los Angeles Lakers are not interested in trading Dwight Howard, in part, because they'd rather keep their future salary cap space open for future free agents. A trade with Golden State, however, isn't such a bad idea.

We love "I love LA"

We love Randy Newman's "I love LA", because we love victory

Dwight and D'Antoni: A match made in heaven

The prevailing thinking is that Dwight Howard might leave the Los Angeles Lakers because, among other things, he does not like Mike D'Antoni as his head coach. But Dwight's game and D'Antoni's system are actually a perfect match

Dwight Howard complicates the future for LA

There are various different possible paths for the Los Angeles Lakers to re-build themselves into a championship contender once again. The easiest and most obvious path doesn't include Dwight Howard.

Might the myth of the 5th year be reality?

The "allure" of the extra year in free agency is one of the biggest myths in basketball. For Dwight Howard, however, the myth might be real, and that could be the biggest problem of all for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The next evolution of big market muscle

The Los Angeles Lakers were unable to adapt in a terrible injury-filled season because the NBA is operating on a new playing field in which throwing money at your roster isn't always a viable answer. So, why not throw money at everything else?

Dwight Howard can do whatever he wants

The centerpiece of all future plans for the Los Angeles Lakers can leave the franchise hanging and walk away for nothing. No matter what he does, it will be the best thing that can happen to the franchise.

The worst part of a failed season

So many things went wrong this season for the Los Angeles Lakers that it has become impossible to tell what should, or even can, be fixed for next year.

A moment of silence

There's nothing left to say, no analysis left to do. The end of this disappointing, almost tragic, season can not come soon enough.

Remember the Alamo

The Los Angeles Lakers have little hope for victory tonight, and even less hope for the series. But they still must fight, because there are some battles that you cannot walk away from.

How the Lakers are giving away the series

After two double digit losses, you might think the San Antonio Spurs are beating the Los Angeles Lakers in every imaginable way. But the Lakers could make things a lot more interesting with one simple step: Cut out all the turnovers.

Lakers can't escape their own stupidity

The Lakers have dealt with a lot of misfortune this season, but they have also had to deal with the ramifications of their own stupid decisions. Just when it seemed like the stupid was over, Mike D'Antoni and Kobe Bryant gave us a fresh batch.

Final Score: Spurs chill Lakers 91-79

The Los Angeles Lakers worked hard, but just could not get anything going offensively in a game that was never really close.

Western Conference 1st Round: Lakers-Spurs Predict

The Silver Screen and Roll editorial staff gazes into the crystal ball and predicts what will happen between the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs.

The Blueprint

Even with all the injuries, even with a disappointing regular season, buried within the Los Angeles Lakers is a team concept which can compete with anybody. Can the Lakers find it?

Back in familiar territory

Since Game 1, the Los Angeles Lakers have been fighting through a wilderness of struggle that none of us are familiar with. 82 games later, we're back where we belong.

Final Score: Lakers shove Rockets aside, 99-95

In a thrilling game that had a little bit of everything, the Los Angeles Lakers out-lasted the Houston Rockets for the win, the 7th seed, and as inviting a playoff path as they could possibly have hoped for.

Final Score: Lakers trump Spurs 91-86

In their first game without Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers responded exactly as you'd want them to, with a team effort highlighted by two guys stepping up in a major way.

Lakers - Spurs Preview: No expectations

Kobe Bryant is out for the season, Steve Nash is still missing, and there is no way to know how the Los Angeles Lakers will respond.

Kobe's martyrdom deserved a better cause

Kobe Bryant pushed himself beyond the boundaries of human endurance until his body could no longer take the strain. If only his sacrifice could have been for something more worthwhile.

Kobe "Probably" tears Achilles

Kobe Bryant suffered an injury that is "probably" a torn Achilles tendon.

Final Score: Kobe dumps Blazers, 113-106.

Staring another bad loss in the face, Kobe Bryant took matters into his own hands and did everything possible to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to victory. Everything.

Beast or Burden: Dead legs, no options

After a strong start, the Los Angeles Lakers never seemed a threat to the Clippers, and went down to their cross-town foes by double digits for the third time this season. As you can imagine, there wasn't a whole lot positive

Final Score: Clippers dunk Lakers, 109-95

The Los Angeles Lakers were once again laid easily aside by the cross-arena Clippers, marking the first time since the Clippers moved to Los Angeles that they have swept the Lakers in a season series.

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