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A Divisional Plan that makes The Game even separating OSU-Michigan

Right now, we're struggling with divisional alignment in the Big Ten, largely due to the fact that any East-West division would put OSU-Michigan-PSU in the same division, which seems pretty...


Why Jim Delany Rules

You want proof that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is not only playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers, but also that he's a freaking grand master at chess a la Bobby Fischer? Check...


USC punished by NCAA = 2003 Orange Bowl Championship

  Yes, I'm a fan of Northwestern (or jNorthwestern over here), and thus probably should not be posting fanposts on this website. And yes, there is a healthy amount of bile spilled between our...

Bring Your Champions, They're Our Meat


Not to take anything away from Roger here, but a small reminder to occasionally check out "Bring Your Champions, They're Our Meat," an irregularly published NU blog that this week brings us mediations on Keanu Reeves' QB names in movies, houseboats, and the death of Portuguese, English, and Spanish explorers.


Big Ten Expansion? The Chadnudj Plan

Loyal reader Chadnudj lays out a feasible expansion plan.

Big Ten Expansion? The Chadnudj Plan

Recently, Barry Alvarez caused a stir by suggesting the Big Ten was seriously exploring expansion to add a 12th team, thus allowing the Big Ten to split into divisions and play a Championship.  See...

Playing for our second consecutive National Title

I'm very proud of our team for being in contention for its second straight NCAA National Championship in football.  What, you don't believe me? Well....

Happy Birthday Fitz!

That's right, on December 2, 1974, our fearless and feared (by his opponents, particularly Iowa) leader Pat Fitzgerald was born, and immediately screamed until his face was purple....his favorite...


Big Ten-ACC Rivalry Discussion Post

Big Ten-ACC Rivalry Discussion Post

WOOT!ing Interests -- Week 12

Damn you, Colorado.

WOOT!ing Interests Week 11 Recap

Are the Cats and Corey WOOT!ton going to Disney World?


OT -- Head to Evanston to Root on Northwestern -- 11/21 v. Wisconsin

  Every year, thousands of Northwestern students skip class in the spring or fall, and head down to Wrigley to root on the Cubs.  It's practically a right of passage. Well, Northwestern needs...

WOOT!ing Interests -- Week 11

Yeah, that's right, I just renamed this fan-post in punny honor of #99 himself, the man who almost single-handedly ruined Iowa's season -- Mr. Corey Wootton. Sue me.

Week 10 -- Rooting Interests Recap

Hey Iowa, do you like apples? via Well Northwestern just ended your undefeated season, potentially cost you a Big Ten title, and has now beaten you 3 straight in Kinnick and 4...

Rooting Interests -- Week 10

So, the users of this site need to step up if Sippin' On Purple is going to work, so I present....Your NU-slanted "Rooting Interests" for Week 10.  Yes, a column to tell you what to root for in the...


Mystery Claim on Blue Jays' Alex Rios?

Interesting.....Buster Olney is reporting some mystery team has made a claim on Blue Jays' RF Alex Rios: chance this is a Cubs move? I doubt...

OT: Northwestern Extends Pat Fitzgerald


I know this is a Cubs baseball site, but I've continually beat the drum for Cubs fans to embrace Northwestern football (conveniently located directly north of Wrigley on the El line, up in Evanston). Great team, great student-athletes, free Goose Island beer pre-games, great Big Ten atmosphere, and a winning team (9-4 last year, 3 Big Ten Titles in the last 15 years). And now, they have extended their AWESOME football coach, Pat Fitzgerald, through 2015. I hope you all find some time next season to catch a Cats game...its a phenomenal team that deserves Chicago-land support for winning the right way....


Does Sosa's bust HELP the Cubs?

I know we are discussing the Sosa 2003 positive test leak elsewhere, and its effect on his legacy, Hall of Fame chances, corrupting effect on our memories, etc, so that should be talked about in...


Eruption time for Lou?

A listless team....underperforming offense...recent bad performance....getting swept...injuries...falling perilously far back in the standings....heading into June with things looking bleak.... C...


OT - Northwestern-Illinois Football at Wrigley?

Teddy Greenstein reported it...what do you think?


OT: A Northwestern Call to Arms to Cubs Fans

From Northwestern's unofficial Football Blog, Lake the Posts (, from whom I got permission to post this -- go to or call 847-491-CATS for tickets: Caveat. The...


OT: Making 2008 Even Better By Donning Purple

This is the most excited I've ever been as a sports fan.....and it's not entirely about the Cubs. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Cubs fan...but just north on the Red/Purple Line, something really...


OT: USA wins Mens 4X100 Freestyle Relay - Greatest Olympic Moment Ever?

I just wanted to post this in case people went to bed after the Cubs won last night and missed arguably the greatest Olympics moment I've ever seen. Last night, in the Men's 4X100 Freestyle Relay,...


Best news ever...

...please god, tell me the Redbirds are doing this.


OT: Bulls Draft

Okay Bulls fans, who do you think we get?


Tuesday Hall of Fame Veteran's Announcement

A place to talk about Ronnie's chances...


Monday Rumors - Unit?

Big Z and Big Unit?


Spring Training Schedules?

Can you help?


Would it save his job?

Alright, after today's victory over the Cardinals, the Cubs now stand at 42-61, with just 59 games left on the season.  These last two series they've started to play up to at least my standards -...


Why gaius is wrong and we shouldn't panic....

As gaius wrote: waiting and seeing is a difficult thing to ask for this club. 10-7 -- great. but this team is already 15th in nl obp and 13th in slugging. this follows on a year in which they were...

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