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User Blog

Berkeley's Brittany Boyd Buoys Bears


Brittany Boyd talks about her spectacular freshman campaign at Cal.

Volleyball Glory: #1 Cal defeats Stanford in Big Spike


Volleyball Glory: #1 Cal Volleyball defeats Stanford in Big Spike. A report!

Cal versus Colorado: A Trip Report


Cal versus Colorado: A Trip Report!


Help CBKWit gamble

So every year I fill out a bracket, and every year RemorsefulBruinBabe makes picks based on colors and mascots and ends up crushing my bracket.  This year, I'm going to try something different;...

Interview with former Cal guard Lauren Greif


CBKWit interviews 3 year Cal captain/All-Pac 10 Academic selection and current Stanford assistant Lauren Greif at the California Golden Blogs.

Venoy Overton anyone?


I know the cougs are sucking right now, but take solace: at least The Onion is not satirizing your douchebag player.


Managing Disappointment the CBKWit Way

Let's face reality Cal fans: there's a pretty decent chance we're going to lose on Saturday.  I'm not saying it's a certainty, but we're approximately three touchdown underdogs for a reason. ...


DBD 11-2-10: Vote

For all you die-hard Giants Fans (Zoonews) and you band-wagoners (the rest of you), this should be a day of celebration.  The City's first world series, and the team's first championship since...

Reveling in Victory - What's a bruin anyway? edition


I conceived of and started writing Reveling in Victory a few years ago as a celebratory post game recap.  Since we now publish approximately 17 in game and recap threads, it has become redundant,...

Interview with the Mike Tepper


CBKWit interviews All-Pac 10 Left Tackle/Dallas Cowboy Mike Tepper at the California Golden Blogs


Andy Sutton Encounter

So my girlfriend and I are going out for dinner and a few beers when she gets a text message from her dad, a finance manager for BMW in greater Los Angeles: "I just sold Andrew Sutton a car."  My...

2006 Cal vs Oregon: 5th Best Non Big Game of the Decade


Cal vs Oregon 2006 - Why Cal is the best university on the Planet


Kovalchuk on the Pens - what couldn't have been

Note: this exercise is completely ludicrous, because there was a 0% chance of it happening in reality.  But what if... Although he signed a $100 million contract, Kovalchuk's cap hit is only $6...


Need something to cheer you up?

I am kind of a rare breed, being a Pens fan and a Cal fan.  It's a pretty easy explanation (my dad is from Pittsburgh and I grew up cheering for the Pens, and I went to Berkeley for college), but...


DBD 5/14/10: Twist and I agree!

Twist and I don't often see eye to eye.  It's not that we're mortal enemies, exactly; there's no Lex Luthor in this relationship.  More accurately, I'm the Brain, and he's Pinky.  I'm Modern Family,...


DBD 3/19/10: Fair-weather Asshats

Hey DBD circle-jerkers!  Guess What?  Cal has a game tonight!  6:55 against Louisville.  Of course, this will come as a surprise to many of you (Carp, Rishi, Twist, for starters) because you...

CBKWitness - Randle makes good


Oh Happy Day - Cal beats ucla

CBKWitness - Jerome Randle owes Theo a beer


Cal beats OSU in a stern rebuke to Obama's Health Care Agenda

CBKWitness - Cal goes as Randle goes


Jerome Randle scores 39 with no TV coverage, 5 on National TV

CBKWitness - Cal splits against evil schools to the south


Cal somehow loses to ucla but rebounds to take out usc.

CBKWitness - Cal rolls outmanned Furd "team"


Cal beats rival Stanford by the most points since 1986

CBKWitness - Cal crushes Golden Bear Classic


Cal wins the Golden Bear Classic

CBKWitness - Cal turns a corner, sings


Cal Basketball beats Iowa State, sings Jingle Bells

The Onion on Tiger


Because piling on doesn't apply to Stanfurd "grads"

CBKWitness - at least we're not ucla


Cal basketball recap - Cal beats Jacksonville, Princeton

CBKWitness - Bears vs Bears, Bears in the Big Apple


A recap of 3 Cal Basketball blowouts

Reveling in Victory - The CBKWit is out on the field!


Cal beats Stanfurd in a classic Big Game



A summary of Cal Basketball, thus far

Reveling in Victory - Payback, Arizona


Cal says to Arizona, "If we can't go to the Rose Bowl, neither can you."

Reveling in Victory - Escape from Tempe


Cal beats ASU, now tied with USC (sort of) in the Pac-10

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