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Miami's Brandon Harris declares for NFL Draft


Miami was already going to have some personnel issues with not having a lot of depth in their defense. Harris leaving is going to hurt (but probably not as bad as Harris was hurt by Notre Dame's Michael Floyd. Too soon?). If this is the case, I could see Marcus Forston, Leonard Hankerson and Sean Spence leaving Coral Gables as well.

James Coley Tweets Deciphered


I forgot when, but I remember a fan once posting "you can tell when someone is going to commit based on Coley's tweets. He writes in code." So after resurrecting from my Christmas Turkey coma, I decided to give it a shot. Here we go. 1.This is the TIME...... Time: Clock: Big Ben: Benjamin: Kelvin Benjamin 2. There's this passage I have memorized. Ezekiel 25:17 "The Path of the righteous...." This either goes two ways.First, he is quoting a verse from the Bible: Religious: Reverend: Ray Drew (ordained pastor of his church) or From Samuel L. Jackson's character Marsellus Wallace: a Hitman: Arrington Jenkins' nickname (The HItman) 3. MiNDSET? 007 007: 0+0+7 = 7: Tony Steward's High School number 4. I know what you're scared of.... Its comin' BANK ON IT! BANK: On the Banks (Rutger's SB Nation site): Site that first spoke about Jose Matais. 5. We R the FUTURE....... WELCOME to the NOLE-IA No Idea. Noleia is a puerto rican pop singer, so outside of that I have no idea. I originally thought Noleia: Clavame Tu Amor: Love: Heart: Dee Hart but I think Hart is headed to Alabama. 6. "Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth......... There is no spoon." Matrix: Neo: #1: Jermauria Rasco's HS number. 7. I WANT the WORLD and everything in IT - are you with me...... WW and IT: Whirlwind: Tornadoes: elk"I"no wa"T"son That's all I see so far.

Hogtown loses 4 players for the Bowl Game


CB Janoris Jenkins RT Maurice Hurt DT Lawrence Marsh DT Terron Sanders Jenkins is really the significant loss. This probably coincides with the rumors of Jenkins going to the NFL with Will Hill. Either way, I still think Alachua Tech will probably beat Penn State.

Hudson named an ESPN All American


According to FSU coaches, Hudson was penalized only once in 832 snaps and missed only three assignments in 13 games. sic!

Umm...remember Lonnie Gosha?


If memory serves me right, Gosh was the 2nd or 3rd recruit to commit to us before his coach convinced him to look at other schools before making a decision. Well, now that Florida has imploded and Miami is trying to find its legs again, you think Gosha may re-commit?

Orangebloods: Randy Shannon is Texas' new Defensive Coordinator?


Dallas News and Orangebloods are reporting former Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon is the top candidate to replace Will Muschamp at Texas. Although he is a good Defenesive Coordinator (with head coaching experience mind you), I don't know how well he will do with Texas recruiting. Sure, they would have a great person for South Florida recruiting, but is he that much better than Muschamp? Comments: commence.

Chickillo decommits Miami.


During the UA All American preview, it was announced Chickillo has de-committed from Miami. He has named Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Tennessee and South Florida as his finalists. Seems the Bulls are making a push for his services.

Jesse Palmer's Comments on the Scott Van Pelt Show

  1. "The balance of power in Florida is now firmly in the grip of Jimbo Fisher"
  2. "FSU is killing it in Florida recruiting...and there is still over a month left before NSD"
  3. Florida has to figure out something soon before FSU creates a gap that will be almost impossible to close for the next 4 years"
  4. Dan Mullen will come to Florida; if not Charlie Strong
  5. Gators may want to give Bill Cowher a call.

GatorBait.Net: Jimbo Fisher is now the "King" of Florida.


The piece focuses more on the possible recruiting fallout, but the article hints that the firing of Randy Shannon and resignation of Urban Meyer will pave the way for FSU to once again dominate the State of Florida. ("Fisher represents that stability in the state. From here things can only get better for the Seminoles.") Article also mentions how Mike Blakely will likely commit to Auburn and how the Gator Nation is likely to sign either Dan Mullen or Charlie Strong.

The Latest Anti-Auburn video


The Latest Anti-Auburn video

The fallout begins: UF commit Jeoffrey Pagan de-commits


Pagan, who committed in April before being iffy with his decision in May and ultimately reaffirming his choice in July, told Rivals that he pulled back his commitment on Sunday because he was "missing out on some stuff and wanted to get back into everything." Pagan was unanimously considered UF’s second-best 2011 commit behind only five/four-star quarterback Jeff Driskel (Oviedo, FL). Here's looking at you Javaras McCroy, Nick Waisome, and Pop Saunders.

TCU to join the Big East


FOX Sports and ESPN have announced TCU will join the Big East in all sports. This is the fourth former Conference USA to team to join the Big East (Louisville, South Florida and Cincinatti) and yet again dwarfs any hopes of the MWC becoming an A-Q. Big East now gets the Dallas-Fort Worth market to add to the Philadelphia, New York and Tampa markets for the Big East network. This will create the new TCU v. W. Virginia rivialry and like ressurect the old C-USA TCU v. Louisville rivarly. Also, this makes the Big East is a 17 team basketball conference. Room is still left for UCF to possibly get an invitation.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Dedication to Mediocrity: Ralph Friedgen to return no matter what


Looks like Fatty Ralphy is coming back next year...again.

Dustin Hopkins doesn't sleep. He Waits.


-Dustin Hopkins once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean. -Dustin Hopkins is only person in world history to be banned from UEFA, English Premier, MLS, Bundesliga, and Le League…FOR LIFE. -If you can see Dustin Hopkins, he can see you. If you can't see Dustin Hopkins you may be only seconds away from a roundhouse kick of death. -Dustin Hopkins' roundhouse kick and Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick accidently collided on Atlantis. THAT'S what happened to that continent. -What was going through the minds of Dustin Hopkins' victims before they died? His golden shoe. -Tim Tebow was actually an atheist. Then Dustin Hopkins roundhouse kicked some sense into him. He has not been the same since. - Dustin Hopkins is actually Sebastian Janokowski from an alternate time dimension who lost about 120 pounds, got on Rogain, and arrived in the future to win the Groza Award on TWO National Championship teams from the same school. -Dustin Hopkins once got into a fight when he was 5 years old. He tried everything to avoid the confrontation, but eventually was forced to fight the kid. When the kid was on the ground, Dustin stomped his face once as hard as he possible could. The hole still exists today. We call it: The Grand Canyon.

Saw this on a friends Facebook page. Is this correct? FSU Atlantic Division Championship...


Saw this on a friends Facebook page. Is this correct? FSU Atlantic Division Championship Scenarios 1. FSU wins out, AND NC State and Maryland lose out 2. Maryland beats NC State, but loses to FSU 3. NC State beats Maryland, but lose to North Carolina OR Wake Forest AND FSU wins out

Miss. St. DE Nick Bell dead at 20 after cancer battle


Some things in life are bigger than football. I hate to read these stories.

Mike Blakley commits to Florida; Aaron Green commits to Nebraska


Mike Blakely pulled the gun today, committing to Hog Town. He was long thought to be an Auburn-lean, but FSU was out of it for him for awhile now. I think he was more of a Brandon James type, but I would take our future Pryor-Thompson-Wilder trio any day over...well...whatever UF figures to do with their players. Also, Aaron Green who had FSU in his final three said yes to Nebraska today. He eliminated FSU after Wilder pulled the trigger. No biggie. NIck O'Leary, Tony Steward, Ray Drew, and Jadevon Clowney are still at large...

Kelvin Benjamin ends High School football career


ESPN has a really nice piece on this, but its under premium content. Palm Beach Post though covered the story a while ago. Because of a FHSAA age limit rule, Kelvin Benjamin is no longer eligible to play high school football once he turned 19. He caught a TD pass in triple coverage in his finally game against Boynton Beach. Of course when you're 19, and 6-6, you should be one of the more dominant players on the team. Thoughts on the Nole bringing him in? If we did, FSU would have Rodney Smith, Wille Haulstead, AND Kelvin Benjamin making the Nole to have one of the largest WR corps in the game. Add Christian Green, Kenny Shaw and Rashard Greene in that mix and we might have the best WR corp west of England. Thoughts?

Gator and Canes Commits heading to FSU?


ESPN and Only Gators Get Out are reporting that A.C. Leonard has de-committed from Florida. He says that Alabama, Nebraska and Miami (seriously?) are his leaders, but everyone is even at this point...except UF who is 100% "out". With our massacre of Miami last week, this brings up a good point: What are the chances of top UF and UM prospects headed to Tallahassee? Jeff Driskel, Javares McRoy, Timmy Jernigan, and Nick Waisome are the main guys I want. Plus UM's Marcus Jackson...or even Teddy Bridgewater as a WR? With Kelvin Benjamin, NIck O'Leary, Tony Steward, and HaHa Clinton-Dix rumored to be hard Nole leans, what are the chances of us having a class that could lock down Florida for the next 5-6 years?

Seminole Transformation Well Ahead of Schedule


ESPN ACC Blogger Heather Dinich writes how what should have been a rebuilding year is looking more like a reestablishing year as the Noles are once again asserting their dominance in the ACC. She goes on to write the Seminoles Oct. 28 game against NC State is setting up to become the unofficial Atlantic Division Championship.

FSU has #4 Recruiting Class in the Country per Rivals


Nothing is final until the LOI 's are in, but Rivals has the Noles ranked #4 in the country behind Texas, Alabama, and LSU. Still alot of top targets on the board in Nick O'Leary, Tony Steward, Ray Drew, Timmy Jernigan. Plus with the new Hasean Clinton-Dix rumors out there, FSU's class might be one of the best of all time. The 2011 Recruiting National Championship is still a possibility....

Week 5 Coaches Poll- FSU gets no love from the Coaches


Week 5 Coaches Poll was released. Miami is still the only ranked ACC team. FSU though leads all unranked schools with 81 votes. NC State, however, is second at 80. Hopefully a win over the Wahoos will get us ranked again.

North Carolina not at full strength until Week 7


NCAA just ruled that UNC defensive back Kendric Burney is suspended for six games and safety Deunta Williams for four games this season. No word yet on whether Marvin Austin, Robert Quinn, Greg Little and seven other players will be available yet. Assuming they are only suspended until Week 7, that means UNC would not be able at 100% until the Miami game. They won't be out of the divisional race necessarily if they can beat Clemson and Virginia in that time span. But it still hurts them.

DT Tim Jernigan dominates/ Best Crop of Florida Prospects Ever?


ESPN Recruiting Blogger Corey Long has a nice piece on Tim Jernigan out of Columbia High School. Craig Howard, Columbia's head coach and the former head coach of Tim Tebow at Nease, says Jernigan is the "the defensive version of Tim Tebow". Right now he says his final fiver are FSU, Florida, LSU, Alabama and Michigan. With the Noles having a DT class already consisting of Derrick Mitchell, Niles Lawrence-Stample and the possibility of Lonnie Gosha recommitting, what do you think are the chances Noles can bring in Jernigan? Also, here's another link on how this year's crop of offensive prospects from Florida (Jeff Driskel, Nick O'Leary, James Wilder, etc...) maybe the best in the State's history.

Miami QB Jacory Harris Received Hate Message After Loss to Ohio State


What else do you expect from a bunch a fans who celebrate a win by beating up their own fans. Pathetic really. The reason "U" lost is because all of your players are undersized compared to the more developed players of Ohio St. Not the color of your quarterback's skin.

Week 4 Top 25


Florida #9 Miami #19 (The only ranked ACC team). FSU-Unranked but technically tied for #28 with Pittsburgh. If the Canes knock them off, then we'll probably move back into the Top 25. Plus since you have LSU @ West Virginia, and Alabama @ Arkansas, a win over the Deacons plus a Pittsburgh loss should be enough for us to be ranked again. Also, Texas got a first place vote after beating Texas Tech on the road. Gee, I wonder who did that (coughmackbrowncough).

Kansas City Chiefs/Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Revenue?


I was watching the MNF game and remembered that the Chiefs do the Tomahawk Chop and the Warchant at their home games. Pretty nice to hear 90,000 fans screaming the ol' battle cry again (/tear). But it got me thinking, and maybe Bud can answer this. How much a year does FSU profit off the license we grant the Chiefs and the Braves for using our Warchant? More importantly, how is that money allocated? Does it go to the football program, the athletic department, or the College of Music? Got me thinking about how much money we would need to build the new indoor facility and what other reveneue sources we can get funds from. Just curious.

Villanova to join the Big East?


Brian Bennett from ESPN, and who is the blog reporter on the Big East, reported today that Villanova is considering a proposal which would make them the 9th member of the Big East conference. This would be a good move for Villanova on many levels, but how does this affect FSU? Really, I don't think it does, but I think it will affect the ACC in the long run. With the Big East needing to expand in order to keep up with a new college football landscape nearly dominated by FBS conference championship games, the idea of adding 4 schools for a Big East Championship game is crucial to the conference's survival. I already predicted that either Villanova or Georgetown would make a move to join, but what about the next 3? Here's my prediction. I think with the way the economy is going and how it affects travel costs for their school, I could see Boston College re-joining the Big East. Assuming Villanova joins, that would be two schools. Now, If Boston College left, I really think the ACC would go after a Southern school that matches Boston College in academic prestige first, then as a athletic contender. Therefore, I could see Vanderbilt coming to the ACC. Big East still needs a traditional powerhouse in its conference for football. If the Big East can structure and offer a revenue sharing deal very similar to the one Texas is going to get in the new Big XII, it could be enough to coax Penn State into joining the Big East. The revenue sharing scheme, coupled with being the geographical odd-man out in the Big Ten, could be what they need to get Penn State to head to the Big East (i.e. something Joe Paterno wanted awhile ago). Big Ten could then recoup by either getting Notre Dame or Missouri. Thats 3. The fourth could be UCF because of the Orlando television market. With their student enrollment, large market, and the chance of reviving the War on I-4 rivalry on a national level, they seem to make some sense. But I am always "iffy" on whether UCF is really a better choice than some other program. With that, I would probably pick Georgetown since it already so entwined into the Big East in all other sports, and because of the DC market. Anywho, just my thoughts on this. Feel free to comment.

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