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From Warrenton, currently live in Vienna. I think about the Redskins 365 days a year.

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  • MLB Washington Nationals
  • NBA Washington Wizards
  • NFL Washington Redskins
  • NCAAB James Madison Dukes
  • NHL Washington Capitals
User Blog

A Redskins Fan Jam

My buddy (Diehard Skins fan) made this song about RG3 and the Redskins and wanted me to share the link with the HogsHaven community, so here it is. Also... COT DAMN we need to BEAT DALLAS Sunday. ...


This year is going to be so much different than last year, it's not even close...

Why do people continue to look at the Redskins record last year as a predictor for success this year? 1. We had Rex freaking Grossman as our best option behind center 2. went through 5 dif RB 3....


Overpaying contracts

Does it seem to anyone else that as soon as a player inks his contract, most people think the team overpaid? Granted, a lot of these contracts are for future production and you have no idea if the...


Bears/Packers frontloaded in 2010, where is their penalty?

Saw via @jflow78 on twitter that the Bears AND the Packers frontloaded contracts on Julius Peppers/Tramon Williams in 2010. Where are their penalties?? This is HORSESHIT. Can you say collusion?...


Continuity...We're dangerously close

I know some people are upset about the trade to #2 because we gave up three potential good players via draft but also consider this… Assuming, STL takes Luck and we get RG3. Our offense will...


if you don't like the RG3 trade...

You can go stick it where the sun don't shine. FINALLY the Redskins are taking the chance for a franchise QB.


Shanny & Stability

I hear it every freaking week and okay I get it- If Mike posts ANOTHER poor season, he ‘should’ be fired… But I don’t think he should. Hear me out. We’ve had 8 head coaches since ’92, that’s an...


Perfect Draft/FA/Resign scenario?

Picture this. Browns sign Flynn, Fins sign Manning, Skins don’t have to trade & land RG3 @ 6. Then in the 2nd, we take Peter Konz 6-5, 315 lb, C out of Wisconsin. Then we sign WR V. Jax, CB Brandon...


Underrated position that IMO MUST BE ADDRESSED

I feel like I’m on an island with this one but I strongly believe the Skins need to target someone at NT. First guy that comes to mind would be Paul Soliai from MIA. Don’t get me wrong, Cofield...


RG3 draft value getting out of control?

I’ve been reading in the paper/on twitter/etc that the Skins are prepared to offer a swap of 1s, a 2/3 this year, & next years 2,3. To me, this seems over the top for the following...

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