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Diehard for the Skins
Thoroughly enjoy the Wizards
Extremely enamored by the Caps, and
the young talent
at Nats park has me JUICED.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Washington Wizards
  • NFL Washington Redskins
  • NHL Washington Capitals
  • MLB Washington Nationals
  • Boxing Tyson, always. (circa 1989, of course)
  • Fantasy Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Kaley Cuoco...wait, what kind of fantasy team is this?
User Blog

Absolutely, Positively NOTHING to do with football. At all.

Like a strong dagger it knifes at whatever is in reach. As it stands tall, away from its rightful place, its very being seems to laugh at me. It is a rebel; a rogue entity; intent on making...


A little help here. I'm screwed.

via Ok, I need some help here. As some of you know, I had knee surgery back in September. Initially, my doctor said I would be out 6 weeks. While I thought that was a bit...


Mike Shanahan - Vader or Zeus?

Ok, bare with me here. I don't know how much of this is the Disarrano talking, or if I'm really this imaginative. I think it's pretty safe to say that Jim Haslett is probably on borrowed time...


How strong IS the Redskins fanbase?

I originally typed this as a comment in Parks' post about the local teams success. But, lo and behold, this new format actually allows me to create a Fanpost from my iBad. So here goes...


MYcrofracture surgery

Just thought I'd post this for anyone that's interested. If not, just kick rocks. So after dealing with this knee pain for 5+ months, I finally went in for the surgery yesterday. I...

Dallas Radio DJ sings HTTR to Jerry


Has there ever been a better radio spot?


A Dream forgotten?

I know how it sounds. I thought the same thing when my Grandfather used to tell me about the golden age of boxing. I never took him serious, until I actually watched the matches myself. Ali was the...


An inverted question

Ok, if Tiller can run a post on his capri conundrum, I figure I'm good here. Don't worry, this isn't a thread containing some sliding scale of manliness. Nor am I fishing for fashion tips....


Superbowl picture found


A few takes, and some queries, from a neophyte

Hey people, I'm pretty new to baseball. I've always "rooted" for the Nats, but never really watched them until last year. Truthfully, I could never really get into baseball. Now I'm hooked. I'll...

The Saints signed Curtis Lofton (Vilma's future in question?), and the Vikes signed Erin Henderson....


The Saints signed Curtis Lofton (Vilma's future in question?), and the Vikes signed Erin Henderson. Not many ILB's left on the market. Question is, are we gonna land one before the music stops?


OK, that's it. I'm out.

I want RG3. I want him so bad I am willing to trade up for him, which I LOATHE. I want him so bad I am willing to give up multiple high picks for him. I was hesitant at first, but I came around. It...


College football...ugh

       Sorry, I need to vent some, and didn't know where else to go.       I'm not much into college football. I don't have a specific allegiance, although I'd like Maryland to do well. Every once...

Rak calls out the MEDIA


He says THE MEDIA blew the Romo injury outta proportion.



Tom Coughlin - no audio necessary


My Two (albeit drunken) Cents

  First of all, lemme apologize beforehand for any grammar errors and/or run on sentences. As the title up top says, I am a bit inebriated and, I'm typing on an iPad, which is not Blog-friendly....

Jason Campbell - "No one ever stood up for me."


I like Campbell, but this makes him sound like a b!tch. How about letting YOUR PLAY stand up for you? I've never heard Tom Brady/Peyton Manning/Drew Brees..etc ,etc ask for someone to "stick up for them."

Rex Grossman starting Sunday?


Did Donovan steal Kyle's lunch money or something?


A First for Me

     OK, people, I'm gonna piss some of you off here. And to those of you I make happy, just know that it is not my intention. We do not share the same views. But I have slowly come to the...

Jordan responds to Lebron


An entertaining (and interesting) watch for all the Mebron haters.

Colt Brennan hurt in crash


No longer a Redskin, but worth a spot nonetheless. Hope he recovers fully. I was looking forward to seeing him star in the UFL.


This dead horse needs beating

      While I hate to clog up multiple posts with the same subject, I just can't let go of this thing. This benching has the potential to be as damaging as anything Snyder ever did to this...

lil' Dan and Plastic Man


Goddam Snyder. Just can't lay low. What the Hell is he doin hanging out with Plastic Man?

How soon they forget?


I just ran across this. It's an SI article on tight ends. Not only does it not list Vsanthe Shiancoe and Brent Celek as top 10 TE's, but Cooley isn't even MENTIONED in the article. It also mentions some "up and comers", with no mention of Davis. Typical national media. Skins never get respect.


Who am I??

OK, I've been thinking about this for awhile, so I'm prepared for all the flak I'm going to catch from you guys. I'm just amazed that I haven't even heard a WHISPER of this yet. So here goes - the...


Let's hypothesize...

Sorry, I haven't been around in awhile, and I'm sure this topic has come up on one or two posts around here. But I have been having this conversation with some buddies at work the last few days,...


Yet another Haynesworth post

 I know this conversation is getting tiring, but I'm gonna play the devil's lawyer here. Yes, I would prefer he came. But I don't think it's the end of the world. Plenty of players skip these...


QB options NOT named Campbell (or Grossman)

               OK, my curiosity here has gotten the best of me, so I've decided to get everyone's take on what they think we should do IF Shanahan decides Campbell is not "his" quarterback. (I'm...

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