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Diehard for the Skins
Thoroughly enjoy the Wizards
Extremely enamored by the Caps, and
the young talent
at Nats park has me JUICED.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Washington Wizards
  • NFL Washington Redskins
  • NHL Washington Capitals
  • MLB Washington Nationals
  • Boxing Tyson, always. (circa 1989, of course)
  • Fantasy Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Kaley Cuoco...wait, what kind of fantasy team is this?
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My Draft Day scenario

OK, here's where I'm at. While Suh is my favorite player in this draft, and I think Okung would be the single player to benefit us the most, I think trading down is our best option. So I used my...


A marinated steak is worth the wait....

.....Or something like that               C'mon guys. I've heard too much whining and moaning about what's been going on here lately. Now with this stuff on Carter, it's time to step...

Carlos Rogers is an A$$!!

Mr. Butterfingers wants to drop balls somewhere else.


a different perspective on "gun-gate"

I'm getting a little sick of hearing about "Gungate". True, that is mostly do to the fact that it is sheds even more bad light on my favorite NBA team. But mostly it is because these things tend to...


I've GOT IT!!!

While reading the Wizards blog, I came across a blurb about how Gilbert Arenas used to be a "closer." No, this isn't Bullets Forever. I'm just bringing it up because that's what helped me come to...


2 steps back...

Just when this team gives you a reason to be excited and a turnaround looks evident, they take 2 steps back.  I just can't get a handle on this team. Does ANYONE doubt that we have the TALENT of a...


if it walks like a duck....

I hate to say it, but we may have just overshot in our expectations with this team. I was as guilty as anyone in thinking that our depth and overall talent would push us into the upper crust this...



I did not watch the entire Spurs game. Sadly, I predicted what would happen. I had a choice between watching this game or earning some extra money at work, and chose the latter. If I thought it...


Boy was I wrong

     Obviously I know Jamison is an important player in our rotation, but I didn't think he'd have THIS type of impact. Especially not this quickly. I was very happy with his shot selection,...

Holmgren sticks up for Zorn

Maybe NOW Snyder will realize that he has no clue of how things work in the NFL. That is, if he WAS considering trying to woo Holmgren.


a Reason for Optimism....with fingers crossed

OK fellas, I started to put this on Sugar's "Dash of Hope" post, but it was starting to take a wrong turn into the abyss. I KNOW everyone is tired of the drama and futility of this team. I am as...


Million Fan March

Let me begin by apologizing. I know everyone, including myself, hates redundant posts. But I am kind of doing it here anyway, piggy-backing a little off of Sugar's Revolution post, which I admit is...

Do we EVER just use the guys we have?

We have 5 RB's on the roster, but no faith in any of them to step up? In particular, I find this to be an indictment on their confidence in Betts.


Well, we yam what we yam and that's all what we yam

I don't see spinach really helping us here, so I think it's time to face the muzack. No more booing after a 2 point win, no matter who it's to. No more Armageddon  attitude after losing to a bad...


Out with the new, in with the old

OK, it's almost game time, so I am in all-out HHTR mode. No bury Blache, no zap Zorn, no smack Snyder, and no viscerate Vinny. It's al about the field, and the guys taking it. I'm not gonna pummel...


Portis Listed As Questionable for Sunday Top back Clinton Portis was held out of practice again because of bone spurs on his ankles and was listed as questionable for Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

The U2 360 Tour is coming to FedExField on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

I wonder if Robert Henson will warn Bono about the inherent dangers of playing at FedEx. Also, what are the odds on the band crossing the goal line during their performance?


The Answer(s)?

OK, one thing I HATE is criticism with no suggestions for solutions. I have been pretty critical of Jim Zorn's play calling over the past 2 weeks. And Blache's as well. While Blache gets a pass...


The Blache report/Redskins OUTsider

OK, I just got finished reading Redskins Insider, and was reminded again why I hate when some out of town ninny gets the enviable task of procuring and providing the "Inside Scoop" on all things...

An outsiders perspective on our playcalling/selection

Redskins running back Clinton Portis said Jim Zorn's offense would be "bombs over Baghdad," but that never materialized. Jason Campbell only took one deep shot, and he overthrew Santana Moss. Once the Giants realized the Skins were not going to throw the ball downfield, it made things a lot easier on them. I was impressed with how Campbell kept his composure when everything was falling apart in the first half.


Shot glass half full...

OK, so I meander downstairs this morning, and I find last night's mess. Beer bottles all over, empty chip bags strewn about, pizza crust all over the place. Well, right before I call my wife down...


Here Comes Big Albert

Now THIS is the Albert I've been waiting for. When we first signed Haynesworth, I , like most everyone I talked to, was a little taken aback at how calm his demeanor was, and how well thought out...


What's up with Devin?

I don't want to make this a DT-bashing post, but I just read the RI, and something jumped out at me. The reason I'm bringing it up is because it is not the 1st time I've heard stuff like this. If...

Cowboy Love

This is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen. Apparently Dallas fans don't even like each other.


So who makes the practice squad?

Obviously this is way premature, since they will be scanning the waiver wire as well, but at first glance, just going off of the guys we had in camp, I'm thinking


another backup QB

OK, I'm gonna make this short, because I know A) it's not likely and B) the direction the conversation will probably go. I apologize in advance for B.  


One last push to free Mason

from the constant worry of when the Turk will come calling. I KNOW I've beat this horse to a pulp by now, but I want to get one last word in before final cuts. The reason I'm saying this is because...


My Man Greg

Greg Blache is THE MAN!! The way he left Trevor Matich stuttering (and called him out on it) made me want to suit up for the guy. Last week I talked about him being old school, and this is another...


No big surprise

So I just got my Sporting News, and it has the preseason rankings. Of course, these are taken with a grain of salt. I realize that. I mean, they DID pick the Cowgals to win last year. (HA!) So...

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